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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Price increase for Engine Oil

Changing engine oil in our vehicles has become costlier after the increase of crude oil globally. I felt the brunt of it when I purchased a pack of lubricant.

I serviced my car today and I've been searching high and low for a reasonable priced of branded engine oil. Usually I will settle for my car manufacturer's engine oil but since my car's warranty is over, I will use engine oils such as Mobil, Castrol, Shell or Petronas which I will buy from the petrol station or hypermarkets. I'm always wary of where I buy my engine oils as there are cases of recycled engine oils in the market. Just in case you don't know what it is, recycled engine oil is where used oils are being processed and repack as new and sold to unsuspecting buyers. Recycled engine oils are of low quality and it is harmful to your car after prolong use.

With the rise in crude oil price globally, I bought a pack of 4 litres Shell HX 7 semi-synthetic engine oil (I use semi-synthetic only) for RM103.80 from a nearby Shell petrol station. I remembered that I bought a pack of 4 litres Mobil S semi-synthetic for only RM79 last year. Maintaining a car is getting costlier besides the additional burden from the rising prices of food and petrol in our homeland.

The price increase in lubricants has dented my monthly budget and I need to change my lifestyle like what our government has asked its people to do. If you'll excuse me, I'm cycling out to buy a packet of instant noodle for my dinner.


  1. minyak naik lagi..
    gaji x naik2 T__T

  2. setuju with this.. setiap hari pasti barang akan naik harga.. nilai duit pun semakin turun.. tunggu harap2 gaji akan semakin naik..

  3. wah baguz pandai usaha sendiri unt service keter ni...bkn snang nak jpa pompuan cam ni...hehheheh klu cik soami sy dia tukar sendiri minyak itam tu..dr kata2nya unt keta melisia tak perlu pakai minyak yg mahal beratus tp klu keta luonegara mmg kn pakai yg mahal sbb enjin nya mmg memerlukan kita buat camtu

  4. Assalamualaikum...

    stakat ni ada baca pasal kenaikan harga bagi petrol RON97, ada la 2-3 kali. harga RON95 stakat ni masih maintain mcm sblm ni...

    happy blogging :-)


  5. anamizu: tulah kalau gaji naik kan seronok
    nur:betul tu nur. barang semua naik .rasa macam nak bercucuk tanam pulak
    qlah: meh sini, kita bagi maggie sikit. hihi
    dyea: terpaksa... :)
    blade:harap harap maintainlah lama lama.. kalau tak mau naik basikal

  6. Lepas ni boleh cuba guna minyak masak

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