Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woman wastes 98 tons of water by flushing the toilet

A 68-year-old rural woman who went to the city for the first time in her life wasted 98 tons of water over two months by flushing the toilet in her son's home, the Dalian-based Bandao Morning Post reported on March 26.

The lady, surnamed Song, flushed the toilet almost every five minutes because she found it interesting, the paper said.

Song told the paper that she thought flushing the toilet was different from running water, and didn't cost any money.

Song was brought to Dalian, a city in Northeast China's Liaoning province, by her son in January to spend the lunar Chinese New Year and has stayed with him ever since, according to the paper.

Taiwanese woman commits suicide on Facebook

A woman in Taiwan killed herself by inhaling poisonous fumes while chatting with friends on Facebook and none of them alerted authorities, police said Tuesday.

Claire Lin killed herself on her 31st birthday, March 18, and family members who reported her suicide were unaware of the Facebook conversations that accompanied it, Taipei police officer Hsieh Ku-ming said.

Lin's last Facebook entries show her chatting with nine friends, alerting them to her gradual asphyxiation. One picture uploaded from her mobile phone depicts a charcoal barbecue burning next to two stuffed animals. Another shows the room filled with fumes.

One friend identified as Chung Hsin, told Lin, "Be calm, open the window, put out the charcoal fire, please, I beg you."

Lin replied: "The fumes are suffocating. They fill my eyes with tears. Don't write me anymore."

A few of the Facebook friends chatting with her tried to stop her and track her down on their own, but none called police. Chung did not respond to attempts to reach him for comment.

Lin's last words, in Chinese, were: "Too late. My room is filled with fumes. I just posted another picture. Even while I'm dying, I still want FB (Facebook). Must be FB poison. Haha."

Lin's Facebook postings indicated she was unhappy because her boyfriend was ignoring her, and had failed to return home to be with her on her birthday. Her boyfriend found her body the next morning and alerted her family, Hsieh said.

Hsieh said he regretted that none of her friends called police to help her during the 67-minute episode, but he added it may have been difficult for them to know her whereabouts because of the nature of social media.

"It could be true that it would be hard to track down a Facebook friend without her address or phone contact," Chen said.

Chai Ben-rei, a sociologist at Taiwan's Feng Chia University, said the incident reflected social isolation in the Internet age.

"People may have doubts about what they see on the Internet because of its virtual nature, and fail to take action on it," he said.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Couple divorced after married for 1 hour.

Marriage that last only 1 year is bad. Imagine a marriage that last only 1 hour. This happens to a couple in Taiwan.

A Taiwanese couple were married only for one hour, until the husband dithered over his wife's request for a new car.

The wife, known only as Wang, had brought her husband, known only as Lee, to a car dealer soon after registering their marriage, as she wanted her husband to buy an imported car for her.

But when Lee, 23, said he would consider it, Wang, 27, immediately snapped.

"Divorce me if you do not want to buy!" the Star Online quoted her as saying.

They then went back to the registration department to file for a divorce.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Man kills vendor after realising he bought a fake iPhone

A 29-year-old man, surnamed Feng, stabbed a street peddler to death in Zhengzhou City, Heinan Province on February 28, after he realized that he was sold a fake iPhone.

According to the street monitoring camera footage, the 29-year-old with a knife in hand chased after the vendor along the street at the Two-Seven Square, in Zhengzhou. The vendor fell onto the ground after he was stabbed in his thigh, but he struggled to pick himself up soon running again.

When they ran to the front of a shopping mall, the vendor fell one more time. In order to stop the knife-wielding offender coming close to him, the man kept kicking his legs. The offender waved the knife over him for a while and then left. But, unfortunately, the vendor failed to stand up this time. When the ambulance arrived, he has died from blood loss as the artery in his right leg has broken open.

After 2 hours hunting, the local police successfully arrested Feng, who is a chef in a kindergarten of the city, and seized the knife too on the day.

It was learned the criminal suspect bought an iPhone with “a good discount” at 2,000 yuan only from two street peddlers near the Rail Station of Zhengzhou City on February 25. When he thought he was hit by good luck that day and happily opened the phone to use, he realized he was fooled: the peddlers showed him a real iPhone in demonstration, but eventually gave him a fake one after the “good deal”.

Feng was furious, and rushed back to the original place where he was tricked. For fear the fact that these kinds of street vendors often came as a group, Feng prepared a knife to defend himself and threaten others.

But after several days of searching, Feng did not find the vendors who sold the fake iPhone to him, but ran into another group of vendors.

Physical conflict aroused between them after argument, and Feng was consequently group beaten by the gang. Under such a pressing circumstance, Feng took out the knife and desperately stabbed to them, forcing the gang to stay back.

One of them sustained the stab wound and Feng took the opportunity to fight back and chase after the injured, which finally led to the death of this vendor.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Chinese men on crawling with a leash to promote gender equality

February 8th, on Guanggu Road in Wuhan, a woman leads three men chained in a leash crawling on the ground. Amongst them is a man crawling prostrate on the ground, licking the shoe on the woman’s foot. The organizer claims this performance art is to show opposition against a male society, and call for equality between men and women.

25-year-old Kang Yi (center) majored in oil painting in college. In 2005, he got involved into creating contemporary art, and in recent years has been exhibiting throughout the country various thematic performance art. Amongst them includes exchanging slaps with someone who was suffers paralysis of the face and kneeling on the ground thanking sanitation workers.

According to reports, these 4 people are all young artists studying fine arts, and got their inspiration for this performance from the Li Yang wife-beating incident, their goal is to promote “respect for females”.

Kang Yi explained, that females are vulnerable to domestic violence, sexism, and other undesirable phenomenon. Their work is to create awareness against men thinking that they are superior over women, and call for safeguarding women's legal rights and interests. When Kang Yi's team was questioned if his demonstration was too extreme, Kang Yi replied honestly: “Art is always exaggerated, and only in this way can it attract attention”.

Kang Yi and his team's “performance” drew many curious passerbys. Some expressed that they didn’t understand what they saw. One of the passerby, an old man directly expressed his disgust, saying “simply sensationalism, too disgusting”.