Monday, December 31, 2012

23 year old Indian woman raped and murdered

It was disheartening to read about the rape and murder of a 23 year old Indian woman, Damini, in New Delhi, India.

For those who doesn't know the story, this poor lady and her boyfriend was beaten with iron rods and raped for an hour in a bus by the bus driver and his friends after throwing her boyfriend out of the bus. After raping her, she was brutally beaten and they shoved an iron rod up her vagina till it tore and injured her intestines. They then threw her our of the bus naked and bleeding. Her injuries was so severe that she was flew to Singapore to receive treatment in ICU. She did not survive the ordeal and she died in Singapore hospital. Her body was flew back to New Delhi and cremated in a private ceremony.

I cannot imagine the pain she has to go through during the attack which made worst by this merciless barbaric animals left her to die by the road. New Delhi has the highest sex crime rate among India's major cities. This men has no respect or regards for women. I support the protest of the Indians that is currently in New Delhi as it is time for the government to step up and protect the women's rights. There are too many rape cases that has gone unreported and many offenders are still at large. The 6 rapists and murderers are ought to be whipped and put to death. This will deter future rapists and they will think twice or even trice before committing to this hideous crime. If the Indian government is not taking any proactive solution to this injustice, it is time for Indian citizens to rise up as one voice during their 2014 election and vote for a change.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Man loses penis in an attempt to enlarge it

A 50-year-old Thai man developed cancer in his genitals, after he injected himself with olive oil to enlarge his penis. He required emergency surgery to remove his genitals to stop cancer spreading. He had been injecting his penis with olive oil over a number of years and it had become infected which caused the cancer.

The un-named man had injected his penis with olive oil in a bid to make it bigger. The procedure is quite common in Thailand, other substances also used include; bees wax, silicone or even paraffin. There have been reports from one Bangkok hospital that they see up to 40 patients a month suffering from side-effects of this treatment.

The procedure is carried out in back-street clinics across the country and after the latest incident, health officials have rushed to reassure men that size isn’t everything.

Sirikul Jiraranaikhajorn, spokeswoman for the Police General Hospital in Bangkok said: “This is the biggest genital surgery we have ever done as we found cancer. “ She also warned other men away from the procedure; however she never mentioned that the practice actually caused cancer but that infections were common, from the use of backstreet clinics. She added: “It only brings bad results – people misunderstand [that is works]. A woman will love a man not because of the size.”

Does size really matter? Well, I believe many married couples are happy out there and able to live with whichever size that they have. What do you think?

News source:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Is your boss a horrible one?

This morning on my way to work, the radio DJ was announcing how horrible some bosses are.

A New York woman who donated a kidney so her ailing boss to save her boss’ life was fired shortly after the operation. I remembered I had a horrible boss too when I just started work. My boss required me to work 6 days a week and putting in 15 hours of work every day. I had to forgo my friends and family. When I voiced out my concern, she wasn’t too please and wanted me to leave the job.

I believe somehow or another, there are many horrible bosses out there. Some bosses are good tai chi where they push all the junk to you and get the credit. Some have unrealistic demand where it is impossible to achieve, while some bosses are weak in their leadership resulting their subordinates and the entire department under his/her leadership got trashed by other departments. Worst of all are bosses that are not appreciative and treat their subordinates like dirt. These type of bosses are slave drivers.

For those of you are already a boss out there, do treat your staffs nice. We're humans too and respect has to be earned. Respect your staffs and you will be highly respected in return. Relationship always build 2-ways. Remember your root where you were once at the lower food chain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kurus dengan lemon

Saya beli lemon. Satu je sebab nya.. nak maintain kurus.. Tapi kenapa lemon? Well, today saya nak share the benefits of amazing lemon J
Okey, sebelum tu nak bagi tau yang paling baik ialah di waktu pagi sebelum makan apa apa, is the best time for you to drink a hot lemon juice. Btw for me, saya memang hantu coffee.. so sorry lah untuk ambil lemon early in the morning. Selalunya saya ambil after lunch or before lunch...

Khasiat lemon :
1) improve keupayaan badan anda agar boleh absorb nutrient nutrien penting dengan lebih baik. Kegagalan badan anda berbuat demikian boleh menyebabkan cepat berasa lapar walupun sebenarnya badan tu tak lapar pun lagi.
2) lemon kaya dengan vitamin c... of course boleh boost your immune system.
3) lemon juice juga boleh flushed out apa apa yang tidak diperlukan oleh badan kita dan juga toxin. So process menguruskan badan lebih mudah dan cepat selepas kita buat detox ni. 
4) anti penuaaan.. pasni dah tak yah risau pasal wrinkles or what so ever. For me, yang saya perasan, blackheads hilang. Kulit lebih clear.
5)Selain itu, ia juga sangat berkesan untuk memperbaiki bau nafas anda...

Okey... tak silap saya juga, beyonce juga kurus dengan lemon detox.
So kesimpulannya dengan minum lemon juice, bukan sahaja boleh kurus malah kulit pun cantik... anda kekal muda . suami pun sayang

gambar ambil dari google

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tips hilangkan ruam dan bintik hitam di muka

Hi comel…. Today nak share satu tips kecantikan yang saya cuba sendiri di rumah.
Pernah tak kulit u all naik ruam atau bintik bintik kecil? happens to me.. tak tahu kenapa.. tiba tiba je.. btw, one of my fren bagi tips ni… senang je tapi melecehkan sikit … but… if u see the result… no regret…
Tips nya sangat mudah dan tak mahal sangat…
1)      Segenggam oat..
2)      Air secukupnya
That’s it…tak percaya ke??? Yeah hanya dua benda ni… u will get beautiful glowing skin…

Cara cara nya sangat senang.. basahkan oat, kalau boleh picit picit sikit sampai keluar air berwarna putih, then terus lah gosok ke muka… jangan kuat sangat lah.. perlahan lahan sudah…
Btw… nak tambah sikit… semenjak guna tips ni, bintik bintik hitam pun hilang… amazing kan?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Woman receives €11,721,000,000,000,000 phone bill

Solenne San Jose, a former teaching assistant who lives in France, recently received a phone bill for €11,721,000,000,000,000. Upon receiving the bill, she “almost had a heart attack.” There were so many zeroes I couldn’t even work out how much it was,” she told BBC.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not, considering they didn’t catch the mistake to begin with) the company, Bouygues Telecom, told her that nothing could be done about it, and later offered to set up installments to pay off her bill–which was nearly “6,000 times France’s annual economic output.”

The company later acknowledged the printing error, admitting that the true amount of the bill should have been €117.21. In the end, they retracted the bill completely.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 is here!

Apple’s next iPhone is official, and despite being the sixth iPhone model (technically), we know it’s officially the iPhone 5.

Over the last year, we've heard a ton of rumors about what it might deliver with LTE, a taller display, and a redesigned connector being the most likely tidbits. Fortunately, we now can put all that speculation to rest as Apple spilled the secrets.

Taller, thinner, and a metal back
As expected, the new iPhone is 18 percent thinner (0.30 inch vs. 0.37 inch thick) than the iPhone 4S. Apple says it's the thinnest handset around, but that's a race that changes often. That means it's also 20 percent lighter for a total of 3.95 ounces. The Retina Display expands from 3.5 inches (its size since the original iPhone) to 4 inches. The total resolution remains the same, though, at 326 pixels per inch. The total pixel count is 1,136x640, and we now have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

To the user, that means a fifth row of icons on the home screen. That's pretty nice since it will let you cut down on the number of home screens. You'll also get a full five-day week view in the calendar, the calendar will show more events, and all iWork apps will take advantage of the bigger display. Third-party apps that haven't been updated will continue to work, but you'll see black borders on each side (so they won't be stretched or scaled). Apple also promises that wide-screen movies will look better, with 44 percent more color saturation than on the iPhone 4S.

Touch sensors are now built into the display itself, which makes it 30 percent thinner as a result and less prone to glare.

The iPhone 5 also fixes a design flaw that we first saw in the iPhone 4. Apple replaced the glass back with one that's mostly metal. Too many people (us included) cracked an iPhone 4 or 4S after dropping it accidentally. We don't think the change negatively affects the iPhone's aesthetics. In fact, many might see it as an improvement. A return to a metal back reminds one of the original iPhone, and the crisp, clean-cut back has a bit of the feel of other Apple devices like the iPad.

All of the design changes result in a new iPhone that's surprisingly light to hold. Think 20 percent lighter isn't a big deal? Pick one of these up and you'll feel the difference: the iPhone 4 may have been dense, but the iPhone 5 is a featherweight.

The screen is big, bright, and crisp, too, not shockingly so, but a subtly improved experience. It's akin to being the extrawide comfy chair of iPhone screens. Stay tuned for more, but this new iPhone has a good hand feel.

LTE and carriers
Not a shocker either, but the iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE networks. That's in addition to the current support for GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, and HSPA data networks. LTE has a single chip for voice and data, a single radio chip, and a "dynamic antenna" that will switch connections between different networks automatically.

So which carriers will support an LTE iPhone 5? Well, in the United States that means AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. So again, T-Mobile loses out. In Canada it's Bell, Telus, Fido, Virgin, and Kudo. In Asia the providers will be SoftBank, SmarTone, SingTel, and SK Telecom. For Australia there's Telstra, Optus, and Virgin Mobile, and in Europe it will go to Deutsche Telekom and EE. On carriers without LTE, the iPhone 5 will run on dual-band 3.5G HDPA+.

A faster chip
The iPhone 5 will offer an A6 chip, which is two times faster than the current A5 chip. Graphics will get faster speeds, as well. Yet, despite the speedier performance, the new chip will be 22 percent smaller than the A5. According to Apple's specs, users will see Web pages load 2.1 times faster, and the Music app with songs will load 1.9 times faster.

More battery life
LTE tends to be a power hog, but the iPhone 5 is set to deliver respectable battery life. Of course, the real story may differ, but here's what Apple is promising for now. We're supposed to get 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of 3G browsing, 8 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback, and 225 hours of standby time. You can be sure that CNET will put these promises to the test when we get a device in our hands.

The main shooter, or the "iSight" camera, stays at 8 megapixels (with the best resolution being 3,264x2,448 pixels) with a feature list that includes backside illumination, a hybrid IR filter, a five-element lens, and a f2.4 aperture. A dynamic light mode is new, and you should be able to launch photography apps up to 2.1 times faster. Another addition is an image signal processor in the A6 chip. That will bring spatial noise reduction and a "smart filter" that produces better low-light performance and captures photos faster. Finally, there's a built-in panorama mode that stitches shots together for one large 28-megapixel photo.

The secondary front camera now can shoot 720p HD video and it gets a backside illuminated sensor. And as we heard at the announcement of iOS 6 back in June, FaceTime will work over 3G cellular networks. Some carriers like AT&T have already announced restrictions for that feature, so be sure to check with your provider first.

Video resolution remains at 1080p HD, though image stabilization has been improved and face detection is now available in clips for up to 10 people. And in a nice move, you can take photos while you're shooting video.

The iPhone 5 gets an additional microphone for a total of three. You'll find one on the bottom, one on the handset's front face, and one on its rear side. What's more, the speaker now has five magnets (so up from two), which is apparently better and it's supposed to use 20 percent less space. The noise-canceling feature should be improved, as well, and there's a new wideband audio feature that promises more-natural-sounding voices. Twenty percent of carriers will support wideband audio, but so far we only know that Orange in the United Kingdom will be among them.

Smaller dock connector, smaller SIM card
On the bottom of the iPhone 5, there's that new and long-anticipated smaller dock connector. Called "Lightning," it has an all-digital, eight-signal design and an "adaptive interface" (we're not quite sure what that means yet). It's 80 percent smaller, and since it's reversible, both ends will be the same (that's kind of nice).

By all means, it's bound to annoy owners of current speaker docks, accessories, and charger/syncing cables since it will render them obsolete. Apple will offer an adapter and adapter cables (of course it will), which range from $19 to $39. We imagine, though, that the adapter may be awkward to use with some current accessories like a bedside alarm clock/music player. For new accessories, Apple says that manufacturers like Bose, JBL, and Bowers are working on new products.

Though we welcome the idea of a smaller connector, we're miffed that Apple couldn't just adopt the semi-industry standard of Micro-USB. That would make things easier for smartphone users across the globe. Yet, even so, the smaller connector may be a smart move for the future. The 30-pin connector has been around since 2003, long before the iPhone even existed: frankly, it's a dust magnet. A smaller connector helps shave extra space to achieve a smaller phone with perhaps a bigger battery. The new connector cable will mainly be used for syncing and charging by most people who own an Apple TV or Bluetooth/AirPlay accessories.

iOS 6
Inside, the iPhone 5 will debut with iOS 6 already onboard. Highlights include the new Apple Maps app, Passbook, shared photo streams, Siri updates, and the aforementioned FaceTime over 3G. For more on Apple's newest mobile OS update, check out our iOS 6 First Take. iOS 6 will be available for download next Wednesday, September 19.

Release date and pricing
The iPhone 5 will be available in three capacity models, all of which will come in black and white versions. The 16GB is $199, the 32GB $299, and the 64GB $399. On September 21, it will go on sale in nine countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Anyone in that first batch of countries can preorder starting September 14. More countries will follow by the end of this month, and by the end of the year, the iPhone 5 will land at 240 carriers in 100 countries. As a reminder, the U.S. carriers are the Big Three: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

Is this the iPhone you've been looking for?
During very brief hands-on time with the iPhone 5, this much is clear: it's the weight you'll remember more than its thinner profile. The iPhone 4S is already a svelte device: most people probably won't spot the difference if they see the new iPhone from the side.

The screen size, also, is more of a subtle improvement. This isn't a jaw-dropping leap from the iPhone 4S: it's a gradual increase, done almost so cleverly that the front face of the iPhone 5 might, with the screen turned off, look very much like the iPhone 4S. The proof will be in the pudding for how app developers and iOS 6 take full advantage of that extra screen real estate, but the bottom line is this: more screen size and more pixels are good things.

The real killer app on this phone -- no surprise -- might be the iPhone's 4G LTE, as well as the promised battery life. If data speeds and battery life can live up to the promises, those alone will make many want to upgrade.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chinese Pensioner Lifts 14 Bricks Whit His Horn

But his studies took a new direction after a 5cm long tumour grew on his forehead. Doctors told him they could not operate on the tumour because of its location. So Wang has incorporated it into his Qi routine.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chinese police mistakenly rescued "drowning" sex doll

A major operation was launched to rescue a woman in the waters of a river in Shandong Province, with 18 police officer involved in the dramatic events. They responded after reports from the public of a woman in distress in the river.

However when the ‘woman’ was pulled from the water by officer, it became apparent that it was actually a sex doll the officers had rescued and not a woman. Around 1000 people had gathered by the riverside during the hour long rescue and according to when the officer realised what they had rescued they presented the doll to the crowd. Parents covered their children’s eyes before leaving the scene which turned out to be less exciting than they thought it would be.

A spokesman for the police said that they were forced to act because the toy was so similar in size and appearance to an adult female. The incident, which happened in the region, is not the first of its kind involving sex toys. Because Shandong Province which is major manufacturing centre for sex toys some can go amiss, last month a young Chinese reporter was left red faced when she mistook a sex toy for a rare mushroom. The ‘mushroom’ had been discovered by Villagers from Liucunbu, a rural community outside western Chinese city of Xi’an when they were drilling a new mine shaft.

Apparently the sex toy, designed for women resembles a rare mushroom so it can be easy to mistake, well until it starts vibrating!

News Source:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Man survives crocodile attack during toilet break.

A CONSTRUCTION worker's been bitten by a crocodile during a toilet break in Malaysian Borneo but fought the huge reptile off and escaped with his life.


Pai reportedly punched the two-metre crocodile in the eye after it bit him just above his right buttock, and despite being in incredible pain and soaked in blood managed to summon help.

The attack happened early on Friday, when the 32-year-old decided to take his chances in a river in Sarawak state despite knowing it was infested with crocodiles.

The labourer, who works at a nearby construction site, had just finished relieving himself under a bridge when the animal bit him from behind.

"Fortune favoured me when the crocodile let go after I punched it in the eye," he was quoted as saying by Malay tabloid Harian Metro.

"After being freed from the jaws of the crocodile, I found extraordinary strength to run and call for help even though my waist was extremely painful."

Several newspapers ran pictures of Pai, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, lying on his stomach at the Sarawak General Hospital with bandages on his waist and hip area.

Crocodile attacks have been a constant problem in Malaysia, with several deaths reported in the past few years.

Moral of the story: Use a proper toilet and stop polluting the river!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taylor 210CE guitar review

Recently I upgraded my guitar to a Taylor 210CE guitar. Prior before that I was playing a Takamine EG530C which has a laminated top, back and sides. I love the Takamine because of its versatile pickup but I eventually chose to let it go for a Taylor because of its distinctive “Taylor sound”.
Taylor guitars are one of the finest guitar in the higher range price tag which competes with CF Martin & Co, Gibson, Jean Larrivee and Takamine. Taylor Guitars are made in Mexico for the 100 and 200 series and while the higher end which are the 300 series onwards are made in USA. Notable players for Taylor guitars are Rascal Flatts, Christina Perri, Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Plain White T's, Richie Sambora, Rob Thomas, Rolling Stones, Switchfoot, Taylor Swift and Train, just to name a few.
Billed as the series that "redefines what a mid-price guitar can be", Taylor's 200 range seeks to bridge the gap between the 100 Series and the main USA product line.
In the case of the 210CE dreadnought this means the price tag is RM4,100 and the guitar comes with a hard bag.
The Taylor 210CE features a glossy solid Sitka spruce top, gorgeous Indian rosewood laminate back and sides, and a venetian cutaway for full fingerboard access. At this price tag, it is a disappointment that it features the laminated back and sides. The 210CE comes with a built-in Taylor ES-T under-saddle transducer pickup with individual elements for each string. It features an onboard preamp and the same active controls found on the full ES. Featuring a custom-voiced EQ and dynamic response, the system is powered by a 9-volt battery, with a battery life LED power indicator (which is lit when the battery is being used). The pickup also has a Phase switch for feedback control, which is located on the preamp board inside the soundhole.. The 210ce guitar has an extremely rich and versatile voice and delivers an experience of sight, sound and touch that's unmistakably Taylor.
The finish is uniformly tidy - Taylor is famed for the consistency of its production.
This is a comfortable player, with a not-too-deep feel to the profile that encourages flatpicking and fingers, and a generous cutaway that lets you fret chord fragments - not just single notes - at the top end. A great all-rounder.
It'd be short-sighted to categorically declare rosewood 'better' than sapele, but for guitarists who want their snap 'n' pop lead lines underpinned by the warmest of thumbed low notes, the combination of timbers offered by the 210CE means it deserves serious investigation.
Even when trying to build guitars for the less wealthy among us, it seems Taylor can't help but knock out instruments of the highest quality.
Coming with a price tag of RM4100, there's no doubt the 210CE is still a serious investment, but you're rewarded with some of the sweetest tones and best playability in this price bracket. If you are looking for a guitar, you will never go wrong with a Taylor.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

10 Surah yang baik diamalkan


Sedikit perkongsian untuk semua. Di bawah adalah di antara surah surah dari AlQuran yang bagus dia amalkan.

1) Surah Al-Fatihah: Memadam Kemurkaan Allah
2) Surah Yasin: Menghilangkan rasa dahaga dan haus di hari Kiamat
3) Surah Dukhan: Membantu menghadapi Ujian Allah di Hari Kiamat
4) Surah Al-Waqiah: Melindungi diri dari kesusahan dan fakir
5) Surah Al-Mulk: Meringankan Azab Kubur
6) Surah Al-Kauthar: Merelaikan segala perbalahan
7) Surah Al-Kafirun: Menghalang menjadi kafir ketika menghadapi kematian
8) Surah Al-Ikhlas: Melindungi diri daripada menjadi golongan munafiq
9) Surah Al-Falq: Menghapuskan perasaan hasad dengki
10) Surah An-Nas: Melindungi diri dari penyakit was-was

Selamat beramal :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dancer's tube slipped during soccer match between First XI and the S-League All-Stars

Football fans watching a pre-match dance item before last night's showpiece final between the First XI and the S-League All-Stars, were stunned after one of the dancers left the pitch following a wardrobe malfunction which exposed her nipples.

The performer, who could not be identified, was nearing the end of her dance routine when her silver-coloured tube top slipped.

She immediately pulled her top back up and hurriedly left the field in front of more than 7,000 spectators at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Most of the spectators whom The New Paper interviewed said the incident was over in almost an instant.

One fan, Mr Muhd Ismail, 21, said: "At first, all I noticed was that her wig had dropped off and she continued performing without it.

"A while later, she started adjusting and fiddling with her (top) like there was something wrong with it.

"The next thing, her shirt was down, although she immediately covered herself.
"But from where I was seated, it didn't look like anything was revealed."

Another spectator, who declined to be named, said: "She looked uneasy with the performance throughout, as though there was something wrong with her attire.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orang jatuh kat First Avenue, Bandar Utama

This morning kat our PJ Branch at building First Avenue Bandar Utama ada orang jatuh. Tak tahulah terjatuh atau bunuh diri

emm.. serius takut... Kawan saya cakap masa dia datang tu, masih ada serpihan otak berguguran...

ada seorang lelaki tu nak turun hisap rokok pun tak jadi..dah turun, nampak body terus naik balik.. hilang selera awak ye????

Apa apapun kalau Islam, saya doakan moga roh di cucuri rahmat. If not, RIP yah...

Gambar kat bawah took from my Friend Azlina Facebook.. She must very early.. sempat lagi ambil gambar ..

Update: 9:35 pm - Tadi cuba tanya despatch. Dia kata dengar cerita yang jatuh tu India. Maybe stress atau rindukan ibu dia yang baru je lepas meninggal dunia. Wallahualam..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kenapa mesti makan ikan

Beri saya satu sebab kenapa awak tak suka makan ikan?

Dan saya beri satu sebab kenapa awak mesti makan ikan..

Nak tau sebabnya?

Ini adalah kerana ikan mengandungi Lemak Omega 3.

So?? So what?

dan menurut kajian, Minyak Omega 3 ni boleh kurangkan tekanan darah malah 

kurangkan risiko diserang sakit jantung.. wow besar faedah dia rupanya.

No wonder kucing jarang sakit jantung kot.. meow meow..

Tapi............. mati mati pun awak tak suka ikan? malang lah nasib kau tak tau makan ikan..

eh eh .. jap....

Oppss.. ada pulak kajian mengatakan.. (jangan main main .. ni kajian dari England tau)

Ok... kalau tak suka makan ikan takpe.. so awak boleh lah gantikan dengan makan kacang walnut,

minyak soya bean, taufu dan juga flaxseed.. vegeeeee lah konon...

Source: Reader's Digest.. 
Cute Fish photo: Google

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ayat Pendinding drp sihir manusia, Iblis & syaitan

Dapat ni dari seorang sahabat.. yelah kenalah berjaga jaga kan..
Tapi janga lah buat dua tiga hari nak nampak kesan.. kenalah istiqamah.
selalunya saya amalkan membaca Ayat Ayat Manzil.... alhamdulillah... tapi kadang kadang takda masa just amalkan ayat di bawah lepas sembahyang atau sebelum tidur.kalau takda masa jugak... bila bila pun boleh Allah Maha Mendengar

Al-Fatihah - 3x
3 Qul - 3x setiap satu
Ayat Qursi - 3x

5 Vitamin Untuk kulit cantik

Tau tak kulit yang sihat perlulah dijaga dari dalam. Kita selalu sibuk nak cari krim kecantikan ataupun pencuci muka yang terbaik malah harganya sampai ratusan ringgit demi mendapatkan hasil yang terbaik …. Tapi kadang kadang kita terlupa yang pemakanan adalah paling penting dalam menjaga kesihatan kulit kita.. Selain dari perlu minum air mineral dengan jumlah yang banyak, kita juga need some vitamins yang boleh membantu kita mendapatkan kulit yang halus mulus J

1)      Vitamin A
Ia sangat diperlukan untuk meperbaiki tisu kulit dan sangat penting unutk kulit yang sihat… sekiranya kita kurang vitamin A, selalunya kulit akan menjadi kering dan mengelupas. Kat mana pula nak dapat Vitamin A ni? Kalau tak nak ambil dalam bentuk kapsul, kita juga boleh dapat dari keledek, carrot atau dari sayur yang berdaun. Ada juga kajian dari American Academy of Dermatology kata, kalau guna lotion yang mengandungi Vitamin A boleh tolong control jerawat, kurangkan garisan halur dan juga kedutan kedutan .

2)      Vitamin  B Complex

Ia boleh didapati dari oat, beras, telur dan juga buah pisang . Kalau kurang Vitamin B, boleh buat rambut kita gugur dan penyakit kulit yang bernama dermatitis. Vitamin B Complex ni mengandungi biotin yang sangta diperlukan oleh kuku, sel rambut dan kulit. Kalau nak kulit glowing, kita kena lah ambil Vitamin B complex

3)      Vitamin C

Ni vitamin sangat popular unutk kecantikan kulit. Yelah kalau tak,, takkan sampai ada yang pergi inject Vitamin C kat muka kan? Ia boleh didapati dari bua buahn citrus macam orange, lemon , juga sayuran hijau dan kobis bunga. Selain ianya sangat  bagus dalam melawan selsema, ia juga boleh digunakan untuk kesihatan kulit kerana Vitamin C membantu membina collagen dalam kulit. Ia juga boleh menolong mengurangkan kedutan, dan juga improve our skin texture . One of my friend also said that she believe her skin sangat fair because she consume Vitamin C everyday since middle school lagi.

4)      Vitamin E

Kalau ada scar, kulit kasar atau pun mengalami kekeringan kulitambil lah Vitamin E. kalau nak kulit lembut, supple cuba makan lebih banyak kekacang, olives dan juga bayam. Selain dari melembutkan kulit wajah, Vitamin E juga boleh menguatkan rambut.

5)      Vitamin K

Ni yang best ni.. sesaiapa yanga ada dark circles kat bawah mata, ataupun lebam lebam kat badan kenalah ambil Vitamin K.  Boleh didapati dari sayur hijau. Ekceli sayur hijau ni memang banyak vitamin kan? So makan sayur hijau memang boleh dapat beberapa vitamin sekaligus. So mulai sekarang kena lah makan sayur tiap tiap hari k. Kalau nak cantik lah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Vampire Diaries - Vampire yang hot

Tiba tiba rasa rindu gila nak tengok cerita THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Cerita nil ah satu satunya cerita vampire yang buat saya terasa.. macam bestnya kalau kena gigit.. ngan vampire… hahahah.. sebab vampire dia memang hot..Cuba tengok ni antara pelakon pelakon yang memegang watak dalam cerita vampire diaries ni.. wowowo.. hottie

Btw, drama ni dah pun sampai ke part 3. Dan finale pun Cuma nak tunggu Season 4 bulan October.. seriously memang rasa tak sabar sangat.

Cerita ni mengisahkan.. macam biasa lah manusia cinta sangat ngan vampire.. tapi nak kata sama dengan Twilight jauh beza.
Bagi saya, cerita ni selain percintaan yang tulus, ia juga mengajar erti persahabatan yang erat..dimana mereka sanggup buat apa je demi seorang sahabat , malah juga menonjolkan nilai nilai murni seperti ikatan kekeluargaan yang bagai air dicincang takkan putus.. dan berkorban nyawa demi menyelamatkan darah daging sendiri 

Sesiapa yang belum tengok cerita ni…. Kalau bosan bosan tu, trylah tengok.. Cuma sila abaikan bab bab cium dan atas katil tu.. (serious banyak gak tapi  sebab jalan cerita best , tutup sebelah mata.. aik kenapa sebelah mata je eh ?heheheheh )

Ahmad Uzair Bin Ahmad Hakimi - rentetan kemalangan ngeri Mitshubishi

Saya dapat dari email.Saya tak tahu lah kalau ianya di copy dari blog mana mana.Kalau ada, minta maaf sebab tak tahu. Cuma, saya just nak share sebab nak tolong baby ni.. kesian dia... kalau ada sesiapa sudi share pun bagus juga... :)

Firman Allah yang maksudnya

Dan ketahuilah bahawa harta benda kamu dan anak-anak kamu itu hanyalah menjadi ujian dan sesungguhnya di sisi Allah jualah pahala yang besar.

Surah ke 8 Al Anfal ayat ke 28

Rentetan dari kemalangan ngeri ke atas pasangan dalam kereta Lancer Mitsubishi di LPT tempoh hari .. di sini di perturunkan nama baby kecil yang terpelanting keluar dari kereta dan terselamat dari menjadi korban kemalangan. Ada beberapa orang sebenarnya, yang menghubungi saya bertanya serta meluahkan rasa simpati serta ingin menyumbang sekadar termampu. Berkat usaha beberapa sahabat, syukur Alhamdulillah di perturunkan di sini saluran untuk menyumbang kepada anak bertuah tersebut

Nama Baby: Ahmad Uzair Bin Ahmad Hakimi

Banker: Maybank
No Akaun: 158 118 099 846
Nama Akaun: Nur Fatimah Laili Bt Ahmad Puad
No hp utk di hubungi: 012-5325221

Bagi sahabat sahabat yg bukan bankers tapi ada kad atm, paling mudah untuk membantu ialah dengan berkunjung mesin atm dan pilih pindahan wang antara bank … pilih lagi maybank .. dan mesin atm akan memberi arahan untuk teruskan transaksi … over the counter atau pun secara online sahaja melalui internet

Apa pun cara nya … bila dah sumbang ke dalam akaun maybank tersebut, harap hubungi Nur Fatimah Laili samada dengan panggilan atau sms utk memberitahu sumbangan yg telah di beri untuk memudahkan pengesahan pihak penerima (Nur Fatimah Laili bagi pihak baby Ahmad Uzair).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hukum kurung kucing

Hi.. rasa lega tengok penjelasan ustaz Azhar Idrus... 


Seriously, dari malam tadi nangis teruk.
kenapa ye? ada dugaan teruk.. tapi orang tak tau
kadang kadang happy tengok orang lain happy..
kadang kadang happy tengok orang lain happy tengok kita happy
tapi sebenarnya orang tak tau dalam hati ni bukan ada taman tapi dalam hati ada duri..
orang nampak kita senyum tapi sebanarnya dalam senyuman ada tangisan
orang nampak kita ketawa tapi sebenarnya tawa menutup sendu...
seriously, rasa macam nak gila tapi nasib baik kan.. iman masih di dada?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Aku dan Dia..

Sebenarnya dia hanya seekor kucing jalanan.. emm.. jap.. tak kot.. sebab masa mula mula saya jumpa dia, dia tersesat atau dibuang keluarga oleh tuan dia.. sebab masa saya jumpa dia, dia pakai loceng.. kesian tau.. masa tu dia kelaparan sangat.. Saya faham perasaan orang yang ada kucing pasti rasa risau sangat kalau kucing dia hilang..

So saya tolonglah bagi kucing ni makan.... Tapi saya tetap tak senang hati.. so saya siap letak poster kat semua blok area rumah saya, blok sebelah.. tapi still takda siapa call.. ada lah orang call, tapi nak main main.. pada muka.. saya buat suara pontianak sundal malam baru stop call..

Okeylah.. oleh kerana tuan dia tak heran pon pasal dia, saya je yang perasan lebih .... siap nak iklan bagai.. so.. saya pun plan buat tak tau je.. tapi peliklah.. dia mesti tunggu saya.. bukan sehari tau.. berhari hari.. mesti tunggu saya balik kerja dan hantar saya kat rumah.. pastu, saya nampak ramai je tolong bagi dia makan.. tapi dia still tunggu saya juga. tak terusik pun food yang jiran saya bagi.. bila saya bagi,dia makan macam tak makan satu hari.. then, kalau saya bukak pintu dia mesti minta saya manjakan dia.. tapi yang cutenya, bila saya lepas sapu dan mop lantai, dia mesti tak berani nak masuk.. dia duduk luar jer.. macam faham yang lantai dah bersih.. cute kan perangai dia?

Cute lah dia.. dia buat saya melting.. so... now saya terasa.. yang saya dan dia ditakdirkan bersama... perkenalkan.. Ateh.....

1st GiveAway by Nabila Medan

Assalamualaikum... pagi pagi lagi dah kena tag ngan 
budak comel : Amy Fendi

Hi Just so u know that this is THE first give away entry that i've ever join K.... 
Hadiah menarik dan paling best ialah lagu kat dalam blog COMEL Nabila Medan... 
Everything syarat marat semua nya DONE...
Now tunggu hadiah je... Insyallah kalau ada rezeki unutuk penyertaan pertama in my life :)

Now... thinking and thinking so i choose these 3 cute aweks : DIA, DIA dan DIA

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luncheon: Bonney Grey

Bila ada orang nak ajak makan free, memang lah teruja bagai. Lebih lebih lagi pelawaaan tu datangnya dari adik saya. Tetiba je kata.. datang lah sini aku belanja...

Apa lagi... kalau bab makan... memang saya nombor satu. patutlah bertambah bulat. Tapi rezeki jangan ditolak kan? musuh pula jangan dicari.

Ekceli, adik saya ialah cafe Manager kat Bonne Grey kat Menara Hap Seng Jalan P.Ramlee . Tak tau? Menara ni kat sebelah The Weld KL.

Cafe... bersih.. hiasan dalaman... pergh menarik... ala ala modern campur english style sikit.. Makanan? japlah..nak bagitau lah ni.. kenalah rasa dulu...

Okey.. Untuk minuman.. well, as usual, coffeholic macam saya, mestilah pilih coffee.. walaupun adik saya suggest the best drink yang ada kat situ... but i still pilih coffee.. nama nya Iced Latte.. Rasa? hahahha... pahit giler.. adik saya kata dah letak gula, tapi bisalah tekak melayu memang lah kalau tak rasa manis tak sah.. so kena tambah gula.. tak faham.. kenapa kata dah letak??? Pahit derr...

Food, adik saya suggest Spagethi Marinara with prawns, mussels and squids..Mula mula tu sentap gak lah.. sebab nampak menu ni ada dalam offer for this week...(dalam hati kedekut adik aku)hihi... tapi lepas rasa, baru tau... sedap nya... nyum nyum...

Okeylah since adik saya tahu yang saya nak blog kan kisah dia belanja saya today, so dia pesan ... kepada Standard Chrtered card holder, ada 15 percent discount from first June until 30 June next year.. Lama tu.... So... Mailah singgah Bonne Grey.. Pasti menjilat jari tangan dan kaki...

Aikk? tak nak letak sebenarnya muka kekenyangan plus control ayu melampau... hihihi... sebenarnya nak ambik gambar adik saya, tapi dia marah marah,.... dia kata tunggulah masa customer takde.. lorr... customer takder tu masa tutup kedai lah kan? takpelah.. muka dia ala ala cam ni lah... pipi macam pumpkin...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kisah Pakcik Hasbullah

Pakcik Hasbullah adalah kawan karib ayah saya. Dia bukanlah lelaki yang biasa.. Dia memang luar biasa. Kerana setiap kali saya melihat dia, saya amat kagum dengan ciptaan Allah. Saya amat kagum dengan kekuasaan Allah.

Pakcik Hasbullah seorang India Muslim. Baru masuk Islam dan bukanlah India yang biasa.. benar... dia lain dari yang lain.. Bayangkan Tok Sami India yang kuat pegangan agamanya dan yang sangat besar pengaruhnya akhirnya menerima Hidayah dari Allah.. Masyallah besarnya kuasa Mu Ya Allah.Cerita macam mana dia tergerak hati memeluk Agama Islam? Saya pernah tanya pada ayah, tapi ayah kata.. “Lah.. dah dapat hidayah masuklah Islam”.. mesti masa tu ayah malas nak layan kan.. Takkan lah takder cerita di sebaliknya kan..

Okey, berbalik pada cerita Pakcik Hasbullah.. menurut sumber yang boleh dipercayai, Bukannya mudah menjadi seorang muallaf. Sewaktu mula mula Pakcik Hasbullah memeluk agama Islam, banyak pancarobanya. Tak ramai yang ingin menolong  tapi ramai yang mempersenda.. Pakcik Hasbullah,moga Allah berkati Pakcik...

Kenapa Pakcik Hasbullah rapat dengan ayah saya, kerana ayah saya sangat rajin mengajaknya ke surau. Mengajar cara cara kehidupan sebagai seorang Islam . alhamdulillah Pakcik Hasbullah sampai sekarang kekal Islam dan dah pun sampai ke tanah Suci Mekah menunaikan Umrah.

Sebelum Pakcik Hasbullah memeluk Islam, dia ada seorang isteri dan seorang anak gadis, namun sayangnya Hidayah hanya milik pakcik Hasbullah bukan milik keluarganya. Pakcik Hasbullah redha. Dia tetap meneruskan kehidupannya dengan sabar walaupun tanpa ditemani isteri anak..  

Sampailah jempuatan Allah buat Pakcik Hasbullah. Umrah ditunaikan. Dan dikesempatan itu, Dihadapan pintu Kaabah, Dia mengangkat tangan dan berdoa agar isteri dan anak nya memeluk agama Islam.

Alhamdulillah.. sekembalinya beliau dari menunaikan ibadah umrah... berita yang amat tak disangka sangka diterima.. isteri dan anak nya telahpun menerima hidayah.Mereka memeluk Agama Islam dan akhirnya hidup bahagia.. Dan di sudut sanubari saya terdetik: Cepatnya doa dia dikabulkan.Aku ?

Tapi Siapalah kita unutk menyangkal kekuasaan Allah kan.. Kadang kadang, saya terfikir, kenapa ye doanya senang dimakbulkan tapi saya, bertahun menadah tangan masih Allah tidak memberikan jawapan.. tapi mana boleh sama sekali saya bersangka buruk pada Allah kan..

Pasti ada sebabnya. Adakah Allah juga rindu pada rayuan saya? Adakah Allah masih belum merasakan keikhlasan hati saya. Atau adakah ini dugaan buat saya agar saya lebih kuat.. agar saya lebih tekun unutk berdoa.. berdoa dan berdoa... Ya Allah.. kabulkan lah segala hajatku.. Hanya padamu tempat aku mengadu.. Sesungguhnya aku tidak berdaya tapi tidak Engkau Ya Allah... Amin

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sabun Ajaib

Hai just nak share pasal satu sabun ni, yang saya rasa sangatn berkesan buat diri saya. Saya ulangi Buat diri SAYA.. So mana tau kalau ada yang teringin nak mencuba product ni , pastu tak berkesan nanti kata saya ni penipu lah pulak. Well, Nak tau tak khasiat Sabun yang dinamakan Swiss Beauty Transparent Soap ni?
First of all, sabun ni dirumus khas dengan ekstrak manggis semulajadi, Gamat, Kolagen dan Vitamin E. Ia bukan sahaja dapat membersihkan liang liang roma yang tersumbat,malah memeberi kelembapan pada kulit yang sangat important untuk mencegah proses penuaan kulit. Ianya membantu untuk menanggalkan sel sel kulit mati seterusnya menjadikan kulit cerah dan berseri.
Antara Keistimewaan:

Mengecilkan saiz liang roma

Memberi kelembapan berpanjangan pada kulit ( memang saya alaminya. Cuma masa mula mula tu rasa kulit mengelupas halus. Terasa kasar sikit but then tak lah obvious sangat)

Membantu unutk mengurangkan pigmentasi dan masalah jeragat (ni mak saya lak yang rasa. Dia kata bintik bintik coklat kat muka mama dah kurangkan? Masa dia tanya tu.. tak perasan pun. Tapi honestly sekarang nampak gak lah perbezaan nya)

Mencerahkan kulit kerana ia meningkatkan proses pembaruan kulit.(Yes.. memang betul.. tapi taklah putih cam pakai product kopek kopek kulit tu)

Membantu untuk mengurangkan kedutan halus dan menjadikan kulit tegang dan halus(tak sure Cuma muka saya yang tembam macam dah ada shape sikit. Tak taulah perasaan je atau betul)

Ada teruja? Sesiapa yang rasa nak mencuba product ni bolehlah emailkan ke
Harga tu seriously harga kawan kawan. Tak niat nak berniaga pon Cuma memang beli banyak kononnya nak dapat murah.. last last guna sampai nak muntah

P/S : Gambar model sebelah tak der edit edit k...

BERSIH ialah seekor kucing?

Masa mula mula Kes Perhimpunan Bersih ni, Serius saya buat orang confuse. Setiap kali saya nak cakap pasal Isu Bersih mesti orang akan ingat saya cakap pasal kucing saya yang namanya Bersih... hihihi.. comel kan.. semua orang tahu dan kenal Sih aka bersih.. Sebab Saya sangat sayang Bersih...

Okeylah.. tak naklah komen sangat pasal Isu Bersih ni sebab hati saya tak cukup Bersih untuk komen Isu Bersih.. Tapi Bersih ke juga hati orang orang Bersih? Tu pun saya tak tau juga.. tepuk dada tanyalah selera. Okeylah saja nak share gambar kat bawah ni. Ambik dalam FB saya. Satu sokong Bersih dan satu lagi tak sokong bersih...
Hihihihihihi... Comel gak kan? Pasal isu Bersih ni siap ada yang berpuak puak dalam FB.. hihihi..

Ni kucing saya bersih.. saya malas nak sibuk pasal bersih sebab diorang tak bayar gaji saya unutk komen dan blog pasal diorang.. tapi bersih saya bagi kasih sayang kat saya tau kalau saya cakap pasal dia.. comel bucuk bersih ni

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saya ada Breast Lump

Today saya MC. Satu minggu tau.. sebab baru je buat biopsi iatu nak remove lump dari breast saya. Emm.. sebut pasal breast memang ramai yang malu nak sebut atau cerita, lebih lebih lagi saya memang belum kahwin dan sepatutnya malu unutk cerita tapi, rasanya sebagai wanita yang sayangkan kaum wanita lain... saya nak ingatkan semua....... semua tau... mesti selalu check breast tu... Dulu saya pernah buat entry pasal officemate saya yang kena breast cancer.. seriously sekarang dia memang sedang depression. Breast dia dah buang sebelah tapi kena infection lah pulak... sangat kesian.. Hari tu dia datang kerja rambut pun dah gugur gugur...

Ok .. berbalik pada kisah lump in my breast, actually breast lump ada beberapa jenis.. Yang paling common ialah fibroadenomas. this lump are non-cancerous. Tapi saya pulak ialah Intraductal pappilomas. Ni pulak bila saya baca, memang ada lah menakutkan diri sendiri. sebab ada doctor berpendapat ni memang takda kena mengena dengan cancer but ada pendapat mengatakan this is early stage of cancer. Dunno which one is true but for my safety, I dah pun buang. Cost is about RM 4500 dengan Doctor patricia Gomez, Pantai Bangsar Hospital

Doctor Pat memang terbaik.. I sangat suka dia. Ingat lepas dah sembuh ni nak bagi something tanda appreciate kat dia.. Tapi nak bagi apa ye? any idea ?

Oklah.. enough for today.. wanna have a rest.. Rasa sengal bila gerak..

Ladies, Please have a regular breast check up k.... Dont be too late because any type of lump it can cause a cancer kalau tak buang..OK take care ya...