Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Woman drowned cat in bathtub (Video)

A sick video of a cat being drowned in a bath has been posted on the internet — by the same sadist behind footage of a kitten being fed to a python.
The latest video — uncovered by The Sun — shows the terrified pet taped to a broom handle being slowly lowered into the water by a woman.
Bubbles can be seen rising as it struggles frantically before losing its fight for life.
The footage, called "Bathtime lol" was posted on YouTube at the weekend by a user called jasminethecat666.
The same sicko posted a video exposed by The Sun last week, which showed a tiny kitten being fed to a Burmese python — as the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy played in the background.
The video has been taken down from youtube but you can still watch a copy of the video here.
The oddball is linked to a film posted last Christmas in which a man kills two kittens by putting them in a bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner.
Disgusted readers contacted The Sun about the python video. Anna King said: "This scumbag needs to be caught."
Welfare group PETA offered a reward of £2,000 last night for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

News Souce: thesun.co.uk

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