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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fast response from passersby saved kid's life

In the morning of 9 December, along the Hangbiao Road in the city of Wenzhou, a child was ran over and trapped under a SUV driven by a woman. The female driver alighted from her vehicle and she ran to check on the child. The accident caught the attention of passersby and people started to gather. The crowd decided to lift the SUV to save the kid. The frightened child was carried out and unhurt. The fast response and help from these people saved the child’s life.
With the China’s economic boom, people started to pay attention on its social values which are being debated especially with the recent incident of a woman being stabbed in public and a child ran over twice by a van in which no one came forward to help. The people Wenzhou, China has shown that they still have apathy and their actions are highly appreciated.