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Monday, October 17, 2011

2 year old girl ran over by van twice and no one cared.

On Thursday afternoon in Foshan, Guangdong province, a two-year-old toddler was run over by a van outside a hardware market. The first passerby, who is very likely to have witnessed what happened, walked around the girl, without even looking down to see what happened to her. Behind him was another man, who apparently also witnessed the accident, but decided to make a u-turn so he wouldn't have to come up close to the girl lying on the road. One cyclist took a brief look at the girl, but decided to cycle away as if nothing happened, and a fourth passerby also walked around the toddler.

At this moment, another van appeared in the scene, and the driver rolled over the girl for a second time, apparently not realising that there was a body on the ground. Within the next five minutes, a dozen or so bystanders would walk by the girl, who by this time was a bloody mess. They would maybe take a glance or two at her, then walk away. One woman, with her daughter in hand, walked briskly away when she realised there was another little girl lying on the ground.

A few precious minutes ticked by one after the other before someone decided to do something. A female trash collector saw the injured toddler, laid aside her day's collection, carried the girl to the side of the road to prevent her from getting run over by the next vehicle, and asked around to see who the girl belonged to. At this time, the girl's mother appeared, and rushed her to the hospital.

All of this was captured on a CCTV camera, and the girl's parents were inconsolable when they saw with their own eyes what had happened to their daughter. The driver of the second vehicle has since been apprehended by Foshan police, but the first driver who knocked down the girl remains at large. The vehicle plate number of the first van was, unfortunately, not visible from the footage because of the reflection. The girl remains in critical condition under intensive care, and her parents are now appealing to the eye-witnesses to step forward.

Seven minutes, 18 passersby, and not one person decided to lift a finger. Most likely they think it wasn't their loved ones and it's none of their business. The only Good Samaritan, as it turned out, was a trash collector.

The video containg graphic images not suitable for all viewers. If you're not absolutely sure you want to watch this, it is advisable that you don't. Video link is here.

News Source: shanghaiist.com


  1. salam..

    tak tahu laa jenis manusia apa??..kejamnya..pemandu van pun tak tolong..yg lalu lalang pun x tolong..tak faham betul..

    mungkin kalau kena pada family dia orang sendiri baru tahu..

    ** sori emo sikit baca entri ni..

  2. tak nak tgk klip tu... x sampai hati...

  3. I hope that the van driver dies soon and all the people that walked by have bad luck all there lifes, does this show us what the chinese people are like really? hard hearted and very cold!

  4. NON HUIMAN. by the way please write about your own non human Malaysian Chinese. the man are act smart. the girl think they are pretty but ugly.