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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sales Of Human Organs

Sell A Kidney To Buy An Engagement Ring

Sale of Human Organs-Willing to die for love. Apparently that’s what makes a man from Ukraine desperate to do sale of human organs. He sell his kidney to buy an engagement ring worth £ 12,300, as quoted by mirror.co.uk.

The man may think his girlfriend will more love him when he spoken in love with a expensive beautiful ring . Instead of making her lover happy, she had severed her lover. The lover was angry with the decision that endanger health.

Trend of Human Organs Selling

Street Journal said that the sales of human organs has become a lucrative business in some countries, since the global economic recession.

In England for example, it is not surprising if we find a kidney selling advertising on the internet. Some even determine the prospective buyer must be prepared to pay at least £ 1,000 for travel expenses abroad, plus plane tickets and £ 1,200 extra cost because many surgeons are reluctant to do so for legal reasons and risk factors ..

Some investigation revealed that kidney sales have exceeded £ 25,000. Most of the players desperate to sell a kidney due to economic factors. Although not denying the economic factors become the primary motivation, but they also argued to contribute to save the patients who need an organ transplant.

Another Case, Lose Kidney To Get iPad2

In June, cases sales of human organs could also make a scene. A teenager of 17 years from China was willing to sell his kidney for £ 2,000 to buy a tablet computer iPad 2. He does kidney removal surgery at a hospital in the northern city of Chenzhou, Hunan Province.

Organ trade in China is still plural, even though the local government repeatedly tried to eradicate the practice. Last year, a Japanese television station revealed that a group of ‘transplant tourist’ managed to get a new kidney in China for £ 5,000.


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