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Friday, October 21, 2011

Woman asking for money to go back to the past

A Chinese woman has been asking for money on the street, insisting that she has to go back to the past where she comes from, local media reported.

The woman has sold flowers in Kaifeng, Hunan Province located in the central part of the country. What she sells are potted chrysanthemums, which have high price tags as much as 10,000 yuan, almost 1.8 million won, each.

She has insisted that she comes from the Sung Dynasty, the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279, noted for art, literature and philosophy. To prove she really comes from that time, she performs a traditional dance of the era, wearing its costume. She has a panel that contains a poem of the Sung dynasty, which she recites sadly.

“The flower does not wither although it was planted in the Sung Dynasty,” she said, explaining the reason why it was so expensive. “I have no choice but to sell the flower because I am too poor to go back to the past.”

Meanwhile, there was a similar case in China last July. A woman in a celestial robe of a fairy asked for money at a subway station in Shanghai, saying that she wanted to go back 500 years.
“She may have read too many novels or watched a lot of dramas,” “That’s so pathetic!” and “Don’t mention Sung Dynasty. Just ask for some money” are a few of the comments from netizens.

Giving this lady the benefit of the doubt, probably she needs some money to buy a time machine just exactly like the movie, Back To The Future to return to her era. What do you think?

News Source: Koreatimes


  1. she looks gorgeus hehe..pengaruh drama ngn novel nie..org china memang pelik2 sikit hehe

  2. salam..

    memang pelik...budak kena langgar pun x ada sape nak tolong..

  3. a very extra ordinary way to make some money.