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Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry citizens stripped woman thief to street

Chinese citizens nabbed a woman when she was burgling, hit her and forcibly took her to the street. Did this violate human rights? Chinese netizens argued pro and con over the case.

Chinese media reported Tuesday that citizens in Taizhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province, caught the woman suspect, hit her, stripped her and took her to the street.

A picture, which was made public on a Chinese community site, shows the woman is being taken away by police.

Witnesses said the woman was arrested while she was burgling, and hit by citizens with her underwear being torn.

Citizens wrote four Chinese characters on her back which read “I’m a thief,” before taking her to the streets, according to the report.

The human rights abuse allegedly committed by citizens triggered controversy among netizens.

Some people said some may tolerate the violence, but it is unthinkable that the stripped woman was taken to the street, noting that a suspect has human rights. He said it’s like being tried in a people’s court

But some others defended the citizens, claiming that the suspect received “due” penalties.

As the controversy grew, the authorities of Taizhou City said, “To date, no police box has received any report on the case. Now, we are doing our best to identify the suspect and secure witnesses.”

A similar incident occurred in China in April. Citizens caught a man when he intruded into a store, wrote Chinese characters on his face, which read a "thief,” and took him to the street.

News Source: www.koreatimes.co.kr


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