Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How Can I Stop Liking You?

How can I stop liking you when I see you all the time? Our friends are mutual, which means you’re at the same bar, at the same house parties, and at the same dinners. When you’re shuffling your feet to the music, or sitting on the couch sipping a beer, even when you’re stuffing your face with a burger, I can’t seem to concentrate on anyone else. It’s not your fault our social circles overlap, but you’ll never know how frustrating it feels. It’s not that I dislike seeing you frequently. On the contrary, I always look forward to it. Your presence makes my knees go numb and my tongue tie in a knot. But I’ll never get over you if I see you all the time.
How can I stop liking you when the sound of your voice gives me the most pleasant chills? All you need to do is speak to me, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. When we’re talking, people around us fade from my conscious, and I envision that we are alone, completely wrapped up in our conversation. Of course, in reality, our dialogues are utterly normal, far from anything special, but they always make me feel good nonetheless. How is it that you asking me the most basic question, such as how I am, can bring such a palpable joy? I’m sorry, but I’ll never get over you if we keep on speaking.
How can I stop liking you when you smile? I don’t mean when you smile at me — although that, of course, is a wonderful sensation, too — rather, just when you find something amusing, I like how your lips curl up and your teeth start to show. In all honesty, your smile is probably like a thousand other smiles, but for some reason, I notice yours. I used to think about how I could make you smile. I used to wonder if I would ever be the person who makes you happy. I try not to dwell on it anymore, since I am trying to get over you. But will I ever, if you keep smiling?
I like the color in your eyes, it’s a shade that I wouldn’t call smoldering, but it’s not subtle either. I like the way you dress. Your soft, worn sweaters are always so inviting. I like how smooth your skin looks and the length of your hair. I laugh at myself that I even notice something like the cut of your hair. But it’s true. Right now, your hair looks perfect.
I like your sense of humor. I like your taste in music. I like the fact that you’re nice and welcoming with everyone — you’re a genuinely sweet person. You’re just good.
But how can I stop liking you when your touch, and only yours, gives me electric shocks? I savor the moments when we hug, because I never want our embrace to end. When you put your arm around me in a friendly gesture, I feel warmer and safer. When we’re both out, and a great song comes on, and you take my hand and pull me into a twist (because neither of us like to let a great song go to waste), my head continues to spin long after our silly dance is over.
The tone of your voice, your simple smile, your playful touch, and your overall company — it all brings such happiness to my heart. But I am trying to get over you. I need to stop liking you and start seeing you as just my good companion. I need to stop wishing that we could be more. I like you very much as a friend, so I am hoping that sooner rather than later, my feelings for you will eventually end there. 

by : Catie Prendergast

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Romance and Honeymoons

Most Romantic And Popular Honeymoon Destinations

You've spent months planning every detail of your dream wedding. You've stressed over seating charts. Lost sleep over place settings. Finally, your chance to relax has arrived. It's honeymoon time. Do not waste your chance and make your honeymoon really special. Just pick the most romantic honeymoon destination!


Few places in the world blend history and culture with romance like Italy. Couples may find themselves meandering the streets of Rome and tossing coins over their shoulders into the Trevi Fountain, being serenaded on a gondola ride along Venice's canals, snapping photos overlooking Florence's Arno River, or simply taking pause to tuck into a sweet gelato and sipping a steaming espresso. History and arts lovers will want to explore the ruins of Rome's ancient Forum and Colosseum, ogle some of the world's finest art and sculpture in the halls of Florence's extraordinary museums or discover wonders of the ancient world so perfectly preserved by volcanic eruption at Pompeii. And for honeymooners seeking the chance to unwind by the sea, the sunny shores of the Amalfi Coast provide respite from these larger, bustling cities.

Whether you stay in cities, villages or along the coast, you both will suffer no shortage of romantic accommodations in bella Italia. You'll feel every bit like Audrey Hepburn on Roman holiday at the Inn at the Spanish Steps, located in Rome’s city center at -- you guessed it -- the Spanish Steps. Guests can stay in rooms with views of the famed stairs, and will be steps away from one of Rome's most luxe shopping streets, Via del Babuino. Head to the rooftop terrace to enjoy an apertivo at sunset, and embrace the City of Love. Or if you’re in Florence, book a stay at the ultra-mod Hotel Continentale. The hotel offers guests a honeymoon special that includes 2 nights’ accommodations, a cocktail at the Sky Lounge Bar overlooking the Ponte Vecchio and Arno River, a 3-course dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants, and a massage treatment at the hotel’s new White Iris Spa.

Maui, Hawaii

Say “aloha” to love and romance on this magical island where you will spend your days lounging by the pool or beach or exploring the many natural wonders of this tropical heaven. Then spend your nights dancing in the moonlight enjoying fabulous foods, culture and romance in these islands that many say were created for lovers. Most hotel in the Hawaiian Islands even cater to honeymooners offering a slew of packages, making this destination an easy, “no brainer” place of choice for honeymoon travel. There’s nothing more romantic then long walks on the beach, sunsets and the sounds of guitars softly playing as you relax the night away. These islands don’t only offer beaches and romance they also offer culture, adventure and diversity which is why couples discover that researching each island before you book is the way to go. 

Once you research the many islands & choices of Hawaii, you will see they offer newlyweds both the post-wedding escape they need combined with the romance and peaceful atmosphere a honeymoon demands. We love six Islands of Aloha that are home to treasures unlike any others on the planet: including the extraordinary cliffs of the Napali Coast on Kauai, to the vibrant & gorgeous shores of Waikiki Beach on Oahu.  Let’s not forget the miles & miles of white sands of the Papohaku Beach on Molokai to the tranquil waters of Hulopoe Bay in Lanai. There is also the summit ofHaleakala Crater on Maui and then don’t miss the primal energy of Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. The Four Seasons Hotel offers The Ultimate Honeymoon Package that offers a rental car for your entire stay, a romantic private dinner on the beach (one night only) and breakfast daily. Honeymooners can indulge their senses and unwind at sunset with a mai tai at one of many places to watch the sun set and enjoy an intimate first-class dinner overlooking the ocean at many of the island’s well-known and wonderful restaurants. 


With 322 pristine islands, Fiji offers as much (or as little) to do as you desire. Enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving or snorkeling; get your adrenaline pumping whitewater rafting or windsurfing, or simply hike along rugged cliffs or explore a native village and watch a traditional fire-walking ceremony.

At night, check into of the Fiji's premier resorts -- trust us, you can hardly go wrong at any of the islands' luxurious resorts, and will be delighted to discover a true paradise on earth near bursting with sun-soaked silken sands, surrounded by sapphire and cerulean waters, and covered with lush palm trees, plus the occasional set of jagged cliffs to lend to the postcard-worthy setting. Among the must-stay places is the Royal Davui Island Resort, an adults-only island resort with a mission of making your romantic dreams come true. The resort offers the utmost in privacy; a mere 16 villas dot the 10-acre island tucked into Beqa Lagoon.

Enjoy intimate moments in your villa's private outdoor plunge pools, or seek solace in an in-room couples' spa massage. The resort offers a series of honeymoon packages, including the “Romance Honeymoon,” complete with his and hers sarongs, private beach picnics and a 1-hour couples’ massage; the “Adventure Honeymoon,” featuring a scuba course, zip-line adventure and private beach picnic; and the “Indulgence Honeymoon,” where each day you're treated to an indulgence such as a 60-minute massage, 30-minute facial or body scrub.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Perfect white-sandy beaches surrounded by emerald waters could be easily be described as the center of the romantic universe or to those who love basking in the sun; heaven. To make this “center” true to the description, luxury resorts and spas strategically placed around the island with overwater bungalows, thatched roof villas, and fabled ambiance makes Bora Bora one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

These resorts have been welcoming couples for over 40 years and their unique and special services have been perfected and deemed unforgettable. From dusk to dawn, each resort has created their own blend of romantic experiences & these fabulous encounters that their guests can choose from to create a trip that’s memories last forever. Located on an island in the lagoon of Bora Bora, Bora Bora Lagoon Resort invites newlyweds to reminisce in post-wedding privacy nestled in a bungalow perched on high stilts above the lagoon. 

The Canoe Breakfast brings the morning nosh to new levels as breakfast and fresh flowers are loaded into a canoe and delivered to your room. While the resort offers many evening entertainment options and group activities, honeymooners can escape the crowds with a private barbecue for two on a secluded island. Guests can snorkel and relax while their personal chef prepares an island feast served on fine china and linens in the great outdoors. This is just one of many ways couples find the resorts on Bora Bora amazing and each one works hard to come up with ways to ensure both a remarkable experience but one you will want to return to again and again.


 Maldives are quite possibly the most romantic archipelago on earth, with perfectly placed, palm tree-cloaked islands, pearly white beaches -- surrounded by crystal-clear, warm turquoise waters, no less -- along with private, overwater bungalows strung over the sea. Many of the Maldives tiny islands have been converted into luxury resorts, where your every whim is met, and where romance seems to blaze out from each tiki torch that lines the beach.

While it's difficult to find a resort in the Maldives that isn't exceptional, seek out an adults-only accommodation, such as Komandoo Maldives Island Resort, and thank us later when your daily swims aren't interrupted by screaming, splashing children. Upon arriving on the island via float plane, you'll be greeted by the entire staff singing a traditional welcome song, and given a delightful cup of coconut ice cream as you wait for your paperwork and room key to be assigned. Be sure to ditch your shoes -- you'll never wear them -- grab a bikini, and head for your own private bungalow, set behind your private strip of beach (unless of course, you've chosen one of the overwater bungalows), then dip into the ocean straight from your private porch.

For the ultimate romantic evening in the Maldives, plan a private, beachside, candlelit dinner, designing the menu with the resort's executive chef. Then relax as you sip cocktails with your spouse while looking upon a blazing pink and orange sunset in barefooted bliss, recalling the extraordinary snorkeling trip you took together earlier that afternoon.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kenapa Dr. Maurice Bucaille Memeluk Islam Selepas Bedah Mumia Firaun?

Presiden Perancis menawarkan kerajaan Mesir bantuan untuk meneliti, mempelajari dan menganalisis mumia Firaun, Ramsess II yang sangat terkenal pada tahun 1976.

Firaun yang dikatakan hidup di zaman Nabi Musa yang akhirnya mati tenggelam dalam Laut Merah ketika mengejar Musa dan para pengikut baginda yang melarikan diri daripada kekejamannya.

Mesir menyambut baik tawaran itu dan membenarkan mumia itu diterbangkan ke Paris.

Malah ketika sampai di sana kedatangan mumia itu disambut dengan pesta dan keramaian.

Ini termasuklah apabila Presiden Mitterand dan para pemimpin Perancis yang lain tunduk hormat ketika mumia itu dibawa lalu di hadapan mereka.

Mumia itu kemudiannya diletakkan di ruang khas di Pusat Arkeologi Perancis.

Di situ ia bakal diperiksa sekali gus membongkar rahsianya oleh para pakar, doktor bedah dan autopsi Perancis yang dipimpin oleh doktor yang sangat terkenal, Prof. Dr. Maurice Bucaille.

Bucaille seorang pakar bedah kenamaan Perancis yang dilahirkan di Pont-L’Eveque pada 19 Julai 1920. Memulakan kerjaya di bidang perubatan am dan pada tahun 1945 beliau diiktiraf sebagai pakar di bidang gastroentorologi.

Ramai kerabat diraja dan keluarga pemimpin dunia menggunakan khidmat Dr. Bucaille, termasuk Raja Faisal Arab Saudi dan pemimpin Mesir, Anwar Sadat.

Lalu kesempatan beliau untuk membedah dan menyiasat mumia Firaun, mengerah seluruh tenaga dan mindanya untuk menguak misteri di sebalik penyebab kematian raja Mesir kuno itu.

Ternyata, hasilnya sangat mengejutkan.

Dr. Bucaille menemukan sisa-sisa garam yang masih melekat pada jasad mumia tersebut sebagai bukti terbesar bahawa Firaun itu mati akibat tenggelam di dalam laut.

Iaitu jasadnya segera dikeluarkan dari laut, ‘dirawat’ segera dan dijadikan mumia supaya jasad itu kekal awet.

Namun penemuan itu menimbulkan persoalan yang sangat besar kepada Dr. Bucaille.

Bagaimana jasad tersebut masih dalam keadaan sangat baik berbanding jasad-jasad yang lazimnya tenggelam dan dikeluarkan daripada laut?

Lalu beliau menyiapkan sebuah laporan akhir yang diyakininya sebagai penemuan baru, iaitu proses menyelamatkan mayat Firaun dari laut dan kaedah pengawetannya.

Laporan tersebut diterbitkan dengan tajuk; Mumia Firaun: Sebuah Penelitian Perubatan Moden (judul asalnya; Les Momies Des Pharaons Et La Midecine).

Ekoran penerbitan laporan itu, Dr Bucaille dianugerah penghargaan tertinggi kerajaan iaitu Le Prix Diane Potier-Boes (Penghargaan Dalam Sejarah) oleh Academie Frantaise dan anugerah Prix General daripada Academie Nationale De Medicine, Perancis.


mumia ramses

Namun seorang rakan sempat membisikkan kepada Dr. Bucaille bahawa penemuan ini sebenarnya bukan sesuatu yang baru.

“Jangan tergesa-gesa kerana sesungguhnya umat Islam telah berbicara mengenai peristiwa Firaun yang mati lemas dan mayatnya dipelihara sehingga hari ini!”

Namun kata-kata itu ditentang keras oleh Dr. Bucaille kerana beliau menganggap sangat mustahil.

Baginya membongkar sesebuah misteri yang lama tidak mungkin dapat diketahui kecuali dengan perkembangan teknologi moden, peralatan dan makmal canggih yang mutakhir dan tepat.

Dr. Bucaille menjadi serba salah dan bingung apabila diberitahu bahawa al-Quran yang diyakini dan dipercayai oleh umat Islam telahpun meriwayatkan kisah tenggelamnya Firaun dan kemudian mayatnya diselamatkan.

Beliau semakin tertanya-tanya, bagaimana perkara seperti itu dapat diterima oleh akal kerana mumia itu baru sahaja ditemui sekitar tahun 1898.

Sedangkan al-Quran telah ada di tangan umat Islam sejak ribuan tahun sebelumnya.

Sambil mata tidak lepas memandang mumia Firauan yang terbujur di hadapannya, Dr. Bucaille terus tertanya-tanya bagaimana al-Quran dapat membicarakan kisah Firaun yang jasadnya diselamatkan dari hancur sejak ribuan tahun lalu.

“Apakah masuk akal di hadapanku ini adalah Firaun yang cuba menangkap Musa (Nabi)? Apakah masuk akal Muhammad (Nabi) mengetahui hal sejarah ini? Pada hal kejadian Musa dikejar Firaun telah berlaku sebelum al-Quran diturunkan,” bicara hatinya sendirian.

Lalu beliau mendapatkan kitab Injil yang di dalamnya hanya membicarakan Firaun yang tenggelam di tengah laut saat mengejar Nabi Musa tetapi tidak diceritakan mengenai mayat Firaun.

Sementara dalam Kitab Perjanjian Lama (Injil Lama) pula yang diceritakan dalam kitab itu hanyalah: “Air (laut) pun kembali seperti sebuah lautan yang berombak dan beralun, menenggelamkan kereta-kereta (chariot) kuda, pasukan berkuda dan seluruh bala tentera Firaun tanpa ada seorang pun yang berjaya menyelamatkan diri. Tetapi anak-anak Israel dapat menyelamatkan diri atas daratan kering di tengah-tengah laut itu”. (Exodus 14:28 dan Psalm 136:15)

Dr. Bucaille sangat terkejut kerana tidak ada disebut langsung mengenai apa yang terjadi seterusnya kepada mayat Firaun selepas tenggelam itu.

Ini menjadikan beliau semakin kebingungan.

Apabila mumia dikembalikan semula ke Mesir, Dr. Bucaille terus mendapatkan kepastian mengenai mumia itu.

Lalu beliau memutuskan untuk bertemu dengan para ilmuwan Islam mengenai sejarah Nabi Musa, kekejaman Firaun sehinggalah Bani Israel meninggalkan Mesir dan dikejar Firaun dengan seluruh bala tentera di belakang mereka.

Maka salah seorang mereka terus bangun dan membaca ayat al-Quran berhubung sejarah tersebut untuk Dr. Bucaille mendengarkannya sendiri:

“Maka pada hari ini Kami selamatkan badan kamu supaya kamu dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi orang-orang yang datang sesudah kamu dan sesungguhnya kebanyakan manusia lengah dari tanda-tanda kekuasaan Kami.” (Yunus: 92)

Apabila mendengar ayat ini, hati Dr. Bucaille benar-benar tersentuh. Beliau akhirnya mengakui kebenaran ayat itu kerana ia dapat diterima akal dan memberikan satu inspirasi serta dorongan kepada sains untuk maju meneroka lebih jauh lagi.

Lalu dengan hati yang begitu bergetaran dalam menahan sebak dan keharuan, beliau pun bangun dan dengan suara yang lantang berkata: “Sesungguhnya aku masuk Islam dan beriman dengan al-Quran ini.”

Tidak sekadar beliau mengakui kebenaran dan memeluk Islam tetapi beliau kemudiannya pulang ke Perancis dengan menggali seluruh isi al-Quran.

Akhirnya beliau berjaya menerbitkan buku yang sangat mengejutkan seluruh dunia dan sehingga kini telah diterjemahkan dalam pelbagai bahasa pada tahun 1976, iaitu The Bible, the Qur’an, and Science : The Holy Scriptures Examined in the Light of Modern Knowledge.

Melalui buku ini, Dr. Bucaille yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai Dr. Yahya Maurice Bucaille berjaya membuktikan bahawa al-Quran adalah selari dengan fakta-fakta sains sementara kitab Injil adalah sebaliknya.

“Sains dan Islam umpama saudara kembar yang tidak boleh berpisah. Ini kerana dalam Injil terdapat pelbagai kesilapan dari aspek saintifik tetapi tiada sedikitpun kesilapan seperti itu ada dalam al-Quran. “Al-Quran yang di dalamnya diceritakan segala penjelasan mengenai fenomena alam semula jadi yang sangat bertepatan dengan sains moden,” katanya.

Beliau memberikan kesimpulan bahawa tidak syak lagi al-Quran benar-benar kalam Allah