Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Man loses penis in an attempt to enlarge it

A 50-year-old Thai man developed cancer in his genitals, after he injected himself with olive oil to enlarge his penis. He required emergency surgery to remove his genitals to stop cancer spreading. He had been injecting his penis with olive oil over a number of years and it had become infected which caused the cancer.

The un-named man had injected his penis with olive oil in a bid to make it bigger. The procedure is quite common in Thailand, other substances also used include; bees wax, silicone or even paraffin. There have been reports from one Bangkok hospital that they see up to 40 patients a month suffering from side-effects of this treatment.

The procedure is carried out in back-street clinics across the country and after the latest incident, health officials have rushed to reassure men that size isn’t everything.

Sirikul Jiraranaikhajorn, spokeswoman for the Police General Hospital in Bangkok said: “This is the biggest genital surgery we have ever done as we found cancer. “ She also warned other men away from the procedure; however she never mentioned that the practice actually caused cancer but that infections were common, from the use of backstreet clinics. She added: “It only brings bad results – people misunderstand [that is works]. A woman will love a man not because of the size.”

Does size really matter? Well, I believe many married couples are happy out there and able to live with whichever size that they have. What do you think?

News source: shockingtimes.co.uk

Monday, November 19, 2012

Is your boss a horrible one?

This morning on my way to work, the radio DJ was announcing how horrible some bosses are.

A New York woman who donated a kidney so her ailing boss to save her boss’ life was fired shortly after the operation. I remembered I had a horrible boss too when I just started work. My boss required me to work 6 days a week and putting in 15 hours of work every day. I had to forgo my friends and family. When I voiced out my concern, she wasn’t too please and wanted me to leave the job.

I believe somehow or another, there are many horrible bosses out there. Some bosses are good tai chi where they push all the junk to you and get the credit. Some have unrealistic demand where it is impossible to achieve, while some bosses are weak in their leadership resulting their subordinates and the entire department under his/her leadership got trashed by other departments. Worst of all are bosses that are not appreciative and treat their subordinates like dirt. These type of bosses are slave drivers.

For those of you are already a boss out there, do treat your staffs nice. We're humans too and respect has to be earned. Respect your staffs and you will be highly respected in return. Relationship always build 2-ways. Remember your root where you were once at the lower food chain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kurus dengan lemon

Saya beli lemon. Satu je sebab nya.. nak maintain kurus.. Tapi kenapa lemon? Well, today saya nak share the benefits of amazing lemon J
Okey, sebelum tu nak bagi tau yang paling baik ialah di waktu pagi sebelum makan apa apa, is the best time for you to drink a hot lemon juice. Btw for me, saya memang hantu coffee.. so sorry lah untuk ambil lemon early in the morning. Selalunya saya ambil after lunch or before lunch...

Khasiat lemon :
1) improve keupayaan badan anda agar boleh absorb nutrient nutrien penting dengan lebih baik. Kegagalan badan anda berbuat demikian boleh menyebabkan cepat berasa lapar walupun sebenarnya badan tu tak lapar pun lagi.
2) lemon kaya dengan vitamin c... of course boleh boost your immune system.
3) lemon juice juga boleh flushed out apa apa yang tidak diperlukan oleh badan kita dan juga toxin. So process menguruskan badan lebih mudah dan cepat selepas kita buat detox ni. 
4) anti penuaaan.. pasni dah tak yah risau pasal wrinkles or what so ever. For me, yang saya perasan, blackheads hilang. Kulit lebih clear.
5)Selain itu, ia juga sangat berkesan untuk memperbaiki bau nafas anda...

Okey... tak silap saya juga, beyonce juga kurus dengan lemon detox.
So kesimpulannya dengan minum lemon juice, bukan sahaja boleh kurus malah kulit pun cantik... anda kekal muda . suami pun sayang

gambar ambil dari google

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tips hilangkan ruam dan bintik hitam di muka

Hi comel…. Today nak share satu tips kecantikan yang saya cuba sendiri di rumah.
Pernah tak kulit u all naik ruam atau bintik bintik kecil? Emm..it happens to me.. tak tahu kenapa.. tiba tiba je.. btw, one of my fren bagi tips ni… senang je tapi melecehkan sikit … but… if u see the result… no regret…
Tips nya sangat mudah dan tak mahal sangat…
1)      Segenggam oat..
2)      Air secukupnya
That’s it…tak percaya ke??? Yeah hanya dua benda ni… u will get beautiful glowing skin…

Cara cara nya sangat senang.. basahkan oat, kalau boleh picit picit sikit sampai keluar air berwarna putih, then terus lah gosok ke muka… jangan kuat sangat lah.. perlahan lahan sudah…
Btw… nak tambah sikit… semenjak guna tips ni, bintik bintik hitam pun hilang… amazing kan?