Monday, October 31, 2011

Driver cheated death by dodging metal rods

On Oct 26 in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a dark grey Volvo bumped into a taxi head-on then got a truck up the rear, causing hundreds of steel rods on the truck to thrust into the Volvo’s windshield. Surprisingly the driver managed to dodge all the flying steel rods that turn his car into a porcupine.

24-year-old driver Yang was driving a Volvo downtown when he suddenly spot road block police at the front. Thinking that the car didn’t have a plate yet, Yang quickly turned the car around and moved onto the opposite lane only to meet an upcoming taxi. Volvo hit the taxi at the side and was immediately pushed away to tail a truck loaded with steel rods.

“I was panic because the car was going at over 60 km/h. But my brain is still clear, I realized that the car was crashing onto those steel rods, so I threw myself on the passenger seat.” Yang recalled. As soon as he bent down, the rods have already pierced through the car with a deafening blow.

“When the car stopped, steel rods were all over my head with one only a few centimeters away from my face.” Yang was then sent to the hospital. After checkup, he was only slightly scratched.

Fortunately he managed to escape death unhurt, good for him, but his irresponsible driving has definitely cost mental and financial damage for others. It's his lucky day to stay alive!

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Man hangs dog to death as protest in a relocation dispute

In the morning of October 11th, people in Shenzhen Buji road near Shenhui road were stunned to see two dogs were hung from windows in a building and alongside were banners that said, "If cornered, even a dead dogs will jump off the building (“死狗急也跳楼”, adapted from a Chinese idiom "狗急会跳墙", literally means that a cornered dog will leap over the wall. The idiom means a man driven to desperation can do anything.) The incident seemed to be another relocation dispute.

While the banner claimed the dogs were dead dogs, witness said the dogs were still alive when hung in the air, " They were still struggling a bit". Netizen O nePiece-D _M an said in his Weibo page, "The dogs were hung to death. I was at the scene. Dead dogs? No. The dogs were strangled and I could tell they were still struggling…I was at the scene today and it was me who called the police."

The dogs were hung in mid-air between the third floor and fourth floor in this 5-floor building. The banners and the dogs had attracted quite the crowd. Later a few officers in the community workstation came. They removed the banners and released the dogs. The dogs were dead by the time.

Mr. Zeng is the one who hang the dogs and the banners. He’s the contractor of this five-floor building. "I was left with no choice. The tenants refused to pay the rent. Now I still owe my landlord 11 months’ rent. The tenants have made an agreement with the Community Residential Committee that they can stop paying the rent, because the transformation of this area was up in the air for a long time." The transformation might involve relocation and demolition of the building. It has caused the traffic difficulty and affected the commercial tenants’ business in the building. "The tenants complained and the Community Residential Committee told the tenants, because the project was not settled yet, the tenants didn’t have to pay the rent for the time being. For that reason, I haven’t received the rent for 11 months. I had no other option." Now the transformation project was completed and no demolition was required. As to the contractor’s 11-month tent lost, reporters contacted the Community Residential Committee but so far they gave no reply yet.

Mr. Zeng explained the dogs were beaten to death by the security guards for fear that they would bite the passerby. He claimed, "Dogs won’t die from this kind of hanging." However, dog lovers condemned Mr.Zeng as being cruel and he should protest in a humane way. "If people have a problem, they go on protest. But if a dog’s right was violated, who will protest for them? Don’t impose your problems onto the innocent people or animals." Ms. Her, a dog lover said.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Woman cares for ex-husband and brought him into her new marriage

A woman has brought along her ex-husband into her new marriage in China.
Wang Yuxiang, 36, still takes care of her paralysed ex-husband Wang Huafu, 34, even though she has re-married.
The farmer couple got married in 1996, but their happy moments did not last long.
Two years later, Huafu fell from the roof while helping a neighbour to build a house and became paralysed.
Since then, Yuxiang has to take over the responsibility of feeding the whole family, including Huafu's aged parents and one-year-old son.
Sympathised with her situation, neighbours and friends have asked her to marry another man and introduced a villager, Jin Boxing to her.
Yuxiang rejected at the beginning but after numerous persuasions, she finally agreed to marry Jin.
Yuxiang and Huafu divorced in 2002, but she promised to take care of him forever.
Some 10 years have past and Yuxiang is still keeping her words.

Yuxiang's act has touched the hearts of many villagers, who said she is the kindest woman in the world.
Truly agree that this woman is the kindest woman in the world and her current husband is the most understanding man in the world too!

Young schoolgirl cares for baby brother at school gowa viral, parents questioned

A series of photos entitled Little Brother Goes to Sleep have become an internet sensation in mainland China, but have also raised questions over the role parents should play in children's lives.

The pictures show a schoolgirl rushing out of class to help put her crying baby brother sleep. After the child falls asleep, the girl returns to her studies. The girl's parents had gone to work, and her grandparents were minding the farm, leaving her to carry her little brother to school and take care of him while studying.

Many Chinese netizens were moved by the pictures, with some even trying to offer financial support, according to the Xiaoxiang Morning Post.

The series' photographer, Lu Qixing, said he took the series of pictures on July 29 at Good Friend elementary school in Shanjiang town, Hunan province. According Wu Jianhui, a teacher at the school, the girl is in the second grade and situations like hers are common in Shanjiang.

The website of the Guang Ming Daily commented on photo series in an article titled Brother Has Gone to Sleep, Parents Please Wake Up, asking whether the girl's parents went out to make money for themselves or for their children. With the premium put on knowledge growing in China, the article said, money cannot substitute a child's education.

One of the girl's parents should stay at home to care for the family, allowing her to dedicate herself to her studies, the newspaper said.
This piece of news is truly heart-warming. At such a young age, this girl has to bear a heavy responsibility that many adults may not be able to go through.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trucker runs over boy to make sure he is dead to avoid hospital bills

A lorry driver ran over a five-year-old boy – and then reversed over him to make sure he was dead in an apparent attempt to avoid footing hospital bills for the child.

The sickening incident happened in Luzhou, western China, when driver Ao Yong hit Xiong Maoke as he left home to walk to school.

Witness Zhang Shifen said: ‘I saw the truck move back a little and then move forward again. Xiong became wrapped up in the wheel and the truck continued forward another ten yards.’

The tragedy comes just a week after two-year-old Yue Yue was knocked down by two vehicles on a busy market street. The child was ignored by 18 passers-by before someone came to her aid. She died in hospital a few days later.

In this latest incident passers-by said the lorry driver jumped from his cab after hitting the boy. They claimed Yong then asked: ‘How much shall I pay?’

Police said Yong, a 35-year-old lorry driver from Luxian, argued with the boy’s family about the size of the damages for seven hours.

After the latest incident, Yong denied reversing over the boy to kill him. Last night, police and government staff insisted Xiong died on impact.

Their investigation ruled that Yong was the first person to call the police after his truck hit the boy in the village of Yunfeng, in Luzhou, Sichuan province.

They said his body was not removed immediately because angry villagers were demanding instant compensation from the driver.

In heartrending scenes, the boy's mother sat shocked next to the covered body of her five-year-old son.

A string of such horrific cases have led to soul-searching in China, where the economic boom has been blamed for fuelling materialism at the cost of compassion.

Handing over compensation if an accident victim dies is seen by many Chinese as cheaper than paying for lengthy hospital treatment. The Communist regime does not provide free healthcare for its 1.3billion citizens.

The fear of high medical bills is also thought to be behind a second accident in China in which toddler Yue Yue was knocked down by two vehicles on a busy market street.

The gruesome ordeal, captured by security cameras, showed the bleeding child was ignored by 18 passers-by before she was picked up by a scrap picker and given to her mother, who rushed to the street looking for her.
A week after the accident, she died in hospital.
Two drivers suspected of running over the Chinese toddler were arrested on Sunday.

The Beijing News and other outlets reported that police in the city of Foshan concluded their initial investigation and ordered the two men formally arrested, a step that almost always leads to a trial.

Running over an innocent boy and not helping is bad enough. Running over him twice to make sure he is dead is sick, really sick! Where's your heart, pea brain?!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chinese man swindled £600,000 off parents to study abroad - stayed in Beijing

For traditionally minded Chinese parents, keen to encourage their son's ambitions, spending 6m hard-earned yuan (£595,000) on prestigious postgraduate studies at Oxford University must have seemed a sound investment.

But six years later they learned that the young man had never left China – instead living in Beijing and blowing a third of the money on his girlfriend, Chinese media reported. She dumped him when his cash ran out.

It is unclear how the Dalian University graduate, who has not been named, managed to convince his parents that he was in the UK for all that time, or how he persuaded them it was costing him 1m yuan a year.

The 31-year-old, from Jiangsu province, appears to have planned to study at a foreign university. According to the Beijing Morning Post, he had spent some of the money on agencies that promised to find him a place abroad and had given more to people who claimed they could help him through their personal connections.

When his parents ran out of money to fund him, he borrowed 400,000 yuan more from loan sharks, but could not pay it back.

He was finally forced to confess to his parents after saying he would kill himself over his unpaid debts. They called police and firefighters to stop him.

His parents said they ran a small silk-making factory and had struggled to make the money they sent to their son.

They were furious on learning the truth, but forgave him because they believed he too had suffered a blow and because of their fears he might attempt suicide.

This really reminds me of a parable, The Prodigal Son. His parents love him so much that they willing to forgive him even though he swindle. There are some incidences here in Malaysia where children owed loan sharks so much money and their parents paid their debt. Many do not learn their lesson and I hope that this man in China will learn his lesson.

News Source: the guardian

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gay African man beaten and burned alive

A man who reportedly was gay was badly beaten then burned alive after his murderers poured gasoline or another accelerant onto him and chased him through the streets. Warning: after hours of research, there are few details to report. What we do know is that this video seems to have first appeared on World Star Uncut, titled, “Its Sad This Is The World We Live: They Did This To Him Because He Was Gay! (*Warning* Graphic),” and watermarked “World Star Hiphop,”.

Some netizens say that this man was killed because he was gay, (with the exception of one comment that claimed he was a thief.) There is no confirmation that he was gay, nor can we confirm where this murder took place, though, again, all reports state either Africa broadly, or Uganda or Nigeria. It would be unfair to point the finger at a nation without being certain which one it was.

Additionally, though it appears the man is dead at the end of the video.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Woman asking for money to go back to the past

A Chinese woman has been asking for money on the street, insisting that she has to go back to the past where she comes from, local media reported.

The woman has sold flowers in Kaifeng, Hunan Province located in the central part of the country. What she sells are potted chrysanthemums, which have high price tags as much as 10,000 yuan, almost 1.8 million won, each.

She has insisted that she comes from the Sung Dynasty, the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279, noted for art, literature and philosophy. To prove she really comes from that time, she performs a traditional dance of the era, wearing its costume. She has a panel that contains a poem of the Sung dynasty, which she recites sadly.

“The flower does not wither although it was planted in the Sung Dynasty,” she said, explaining the reason why it was so expensive. “I have no choice but to sell the flower because I am too poor to go back to the past.”

Meanwhile, there was a similar case in China last July. A woman in a celestial robe of a fairy asked for money at a subway station in Shanghai, saying that she wanted to go back 500 years.
“She may have read too many novels or watched a lot of dramas,” “That’s so pathetic!” and “Don’t mention Sung Dynasty. Just ask for some money” are a few of the comments from netizens.

Giving this lady the benefit of the doubt, probably she needs some money to buy a time machine just exactly like the movie, Back To The Future to return to her era. What do you think?

News Source: Koreatimes

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Drunkard man halts train service for 3 hours

In Chengdu, China, a drunkard man climbed on top a 100 foot high train post used to guide electric wires throughout the city.

A Chinese drunk sits high on top a train post

Once on top the post the man had no intentions of coming down any time soon and accompanied by a one liter bottle of alcohol the person sat on the post for three hours.

All the while Chinese authorities were forced to cut down the electricity to ensure the man’s safety, halting all train traffic in the city.

Eventually two friends of the man showed up and tried to talk him into coming down from his throne, without success.

That’s when the fire brigade finally stepped in and rather forcefully dragged the man down from the tower. All the while the individual continue to drink from his bottle and tried his best to resist being removed from his post.

The man was first spotted at 9:00 AM by someone on route to work:
“I first thought he was a worker but got suspicious when he didn’t move for quite a while.”

The man was given a full medical evaluation which concluded he had plenty to drink. Afterwards he was arrested.

The individual has refused to tell authorities why he climbed the post. A suicide attempt has been ruled out.

Man resists being pulled down from the electrical post

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Man practicing yoga in the middle of a busy road

A Chinese man brought a city centre to near gridlock by practising yoga in the middle of a busy road.

Traffic was reduced to a crawl after the man got out his mat in the middle of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in the middle of the morning rush hour.

Horns blasted out around the city as the congestion spread to neighbouring roads, reports the Nanfang Daily.

Traffic officers were drafted in to direct vehicles and the man was eventually arrested and taken to a police station. Despite being arrested, this weird fellow always returns to execute his stunt.

A police spokesman said: "Luckily he only practised for an hour, otherwise the whole city's transportation system would have ground to a halt."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Base jumper survives 880ft fall

27 year old Christopher Brewer survived a death jump of 880 feet from the Fayette Ville bridge in Virginia. 

The young man wore a specially designed wing suit and a parachute for the extreme height jump during the annual Bridge Day Festivities, attended by more than 100,000 spectators.

Everything seemed OK, until Brewer pulled the tug cord to open his chute that failed to open at the right height causing the jumper to smack into the river at 80 miles per hour.

The man survived the fall in part because of the wing suit he wore, although he didn’t come off it completely uninjured.

Brewer sustained a hip fracture and damage to his spine and lungs from the impact on the water. He is listed in stable condition.

Brewer was the second jumper whose jump didn’t go as planned on Bridge Day Celebration. Earlier another jumper had been carted off to the hospital with serious injuries when his parachute failed to open as well.

Base jumping is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: buildings, antennas, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs).

To be considered a base jumper, a person must have made at least one jump from each of the four categories.

BASE jumping is one of the world’s most dangerous recreational activities, with overall fatalities in 2002 estimated at about one death per sixty participants.

You can watch the video here.

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Man eats roadkill animals for the past 30 years

Jonathan McGowan, an English taxidermist from Bournemouth, Dorset doesn’t like the way farm animals are being treated and has led him to eat roadkill instead of supermarket meat for the last 30 years.

44-year-old Jonathan McGowan first tasted roadkill at the age of 14, when he cooked a dead adder. It didn’t taste very good, but it did make him curious about how other dead animals might taste like. ‘From a young age I was always interested in natural history and being brought up amongst the farming, hunting and shooting communities of the Dorset countryside meant I was right in the middle of everything. Everywhere I looked there were dead animals; fish that had been caught, pheasants that had been shot and animals that had been run over in the road so naturally I became drawn to nature and how it worked.” He remembers he used to cut up dead animals to see their insides and all he could see was fresh organic meat better than what he saw in any meat shops. That’s why he didn’t see any problem with cooking and eating it. His parents knew he was bringing animals home to stuff, but he didn’t tell them he sometimes ate them too, because he knew they wouldn’t approve.

Although he admits he first started eating roadkill out of his teenage desire to be different, Jonathan McGowan says that even at 14 he realized what he was doing was better than eating supermarket meat because of the ways animals are treated. He remembers growing up close to a broiler production unit where there were always three layers of chickens. The dead, rotting birds at the bottom, the squashed ones in the middle and the chicken who could barely move, at the top. ’I saw how dirty farm animals were and how unhealthy they were. I was also used to going to the cattle market where the treatment of the animals by the farmers was grotesque. I wasn’t happy about what I saw at all,’ he says.

McGowan, who has been eating roadkill for the last 30 years, has been giving presentations at schools and colleges and throwing roadkill dinner parties for his friends. What’s on the menu, you ask? Rat stir fries and owl curry are very popular, but pigeon au vin and other recipes containing meats like fox, hedgehog, squirrel or wild cat are also said to be very tasty. The taxidermist never kills the animals, he only picks those that have died accidentally on the road and in the surrounding woodland. When they hear about his eating habits, most people believe it’s a brilliant idea, but there are those who think it’s cruel, unhygienic and macabre. Jonathan says his choice “is rooted in respect for the environment” and says that if there was no more roadkill available he would be a vegetarian rather than eating shop meat pumped full of hormones.

I couldn't imagine myself having the appetite like McGowan to eat smashed up animals ran over by cars. Eewww...

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Monday, October 17, 2011

2 year old girl ran over by van twice and no one cared.

On Thursday afternoon in Foshan, Guangdong province, a two-year-old toddler was run over by a van outside a hardware market. The first passerby, who is very likely to have witnessed what happened, walked around the girl, without even looking down to see what happened to her. Behind him was another man, who apparently also witnessed the accident, but decided to make a u-turn so he wouldn't have to come up close to the girl lying on the road. One cyclist took a brief look at the girl, but decided to cycle away as if nothing happened, and a fourth passerby also walked around the toddler.

At this moment, another van appeared in the scene, and the driver rolled over the girl for a second time, apparently not realising that there was a body on the ground. Within the next five minutes, a dozen or so bystanders would walk by the girl, who by this time was a bloody mess. They would maybe take a glance or two at her, then walk away. One woman, with her daughter in hand, walked briskly away when she realised there was another little girl lying on the ground.

A few precious minutes ticked by one after the other before someone decided to do something. A female trash collector saw the injured toddler, laid aside her day's collection, carried the girl to the side of the road to prevent her from getting run over by the next vehicle, and asked around to see who the girl belonged to. At this time, the girl's mother appeared, and rushed her to the hospital.

All of this was captured on a CCTV camera, and the girl's parents were inconsolable when they saw with their own eyes what had happened to their daughter. The driver of the second vehicle has since been apprehended by Foshan police, but the first driver who knocked down the girl remains at large. The vehicle plate number of the first van was, unfortunately, not visible from the footage because of the reflection. The girl remains in critical condition under intensive care, and her parents are now appealing to the eye-witnesses to step forward.

Seven minutes, 18 passersby, and not one person decided to lift a finger. Most likely they think it wasn't their loved ones and it's none of their business. The only Good Samaritan, as it turned out, was a trash collector.

The video containg graphic images not suitable for all viewers. If you're not absolutely sure you want to watch this, it is advisable that you don't. Video link is here.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woman bedecked car with notices to find suitor

In Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan in south-central China, a Porsche recently gave chase to a Citroen, starting from the city's Xiaoshan South Road through Yuhuating, eventually forcing the Citroen to pull over by a road near the Central South University of Forestry and Technology.

The local Xiaoxiang Chengbao reported that the female driver who was pursued was named Shi Qian, whose Citroen was bedecked with notices with the words "husband wanted" on them. The man chasing her in the Porsche was a potential suitor and wanted to stop her for the address of her personal website.

The woman's notice read: "Husband wanted. Must have a car and a house and treat me like a queen." Shi also specified a number of criteria, including: "no children of senior officials, no nouveau riche, must not have been married before." Providing some details about herself, Shi advertised that she was a 27-year-old, 167 cm in height, and assigned herself an "appearance score" of 87 out of 100.

The car drew attention wherever she went. One man who saw the notice on Shi's car prodded the friend sitting by his side, saying, "Court her... ask for her phone number and her website address!"

"It is crazy," said one female college student, who nonetheless admitted she admired Shi's courage. "The girl looks pretty but I wouldn't like a sister-in-law like her; it's too blatant a way of seeking a spouse."

Shi Qian said she wrote the notes herself, as she really hopes to get married. Since she began driving her newly decorated Citroen around Changsha from Oct. 5, she attracted more than one thousand visitors to her website. Pictures of her and her car have appeared on many other internet forums and have been viewed by over 100,000 visitors.

At 27, Shi said she was being pushed by her parents to find a husband. Shi's mother supported her unususla approach, saying, "The end justifies the means. As long as it brings my daughter a good husband, whatever steps she takes are fine."

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry citizens stripped woman thief to street

Chinese citizens nabbed a woman when she was burgling, hit her and forcibly took her to the street. Did this violate human rights? Chinese netizens argued pro and con over the case.

Chinese media reported Tuesday that citizens in Taizhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province, caught the woman suspect, hit her, stripped her and took her to the street.

A picture, which was made public on a Chinese community site, shows the woman is being taken away by police.

Witnesses said the woman was arrested while she was burgling, and hit by citizens with her underwear being torn.

Citizens wrote four Chinese characters on her back which read “I’m a thief,” before taking her to the streets, according to the report.

The human rights abuse allegedly committed by citizens triggered controversy among netizens.

Some people said some may tolerate the violence, but it is unthinkable that the stripped woman was taken to the street, noting that a suspect has human rights. He said it’s like being tried in a people’s court

But some others defended the citizens, claiming that the suspect received “due” penalties.

As the controversy grew, the authorities of Taizhou City said, “To date, no police box has received any report on the case. Now, we are doing our best to identify the suspect and secure witnesses.”

A similar incident occurred in China in April. Citizens caught a man when he intruded into a store, wrote Chinese characters on his face, which read a "thief,” and took him to the street.

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Woman uses sanitary pad to avoid speeding tickets

There is a revolutionary way to avoid being captured by speeding camera. The most eccentric and innovative way is to use a sanitary pad. Yeah, you read it right; a sanitary pad!

A Zhejiang woman allegedly tried to avoid speeding tickets by covering her license plate with a menstrual pad, the police said.

"I have been pulling over thousands of speeding drivers over the past five years but this is the first time for me to meet a driver who would cover her plate with a pad," said Zheng Yanhua, the police officer who pulled over the driver, who was identified as Ms Jiang.

Jiang drove her white BMW 5-series sedan and was traveling on a highway in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. She was speeding, and though her front license plate was covered by the menstrual pad, she was pulled over by Zheng at a toll station. The police officer later retrieved a picture from a speeding camera, which took a snapshot of Jiang.

"I was afraid of being caught speeding by the cameras so I decided to stick a pad on the plate," Jiang told Zheng.

Jiang was fined 400 yuan (US$62.70) for speeding and was given nine points on her license for covering her plate. By law, motorists in China are forced to go through a traffic course if 12 points are given within a year.

If a lady were to use her sanitary pad to cover her license plate, will a man use his condom instead? I wonder....

News Source: Zheng Yanhua

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mentally ill Chinese man chained up for 12 years in a duck pen

A Chinese man has been chained up in his uncle's house - and a filthy duck pen on the outside of the building - for 12 years.
His skin bloodied and bruise, Jiang Chun, who is believed to have mental health problems, has had only feathered friends for company for the past year, in Xiangqian town, in southern China's Fujian Province.

Mr Jiang, now 31, was taken in by Jiang Bintang after his parents died.

His 68-year-old relative claims he became sick from the shock of losing his parents at such a young age.

He said: 'Since then he started to have mental problems, and we spent a lot of money on him but he didn't show signs of getting better.'

However, neighbours claim that before Mr Jiang was a normal person who worked as a porter at the local docks.

Bintang said he used to chain his nephew within the house, but one year a typhoon blew over the building.
Since then Jiang Chun has been chained to a post in the duck pen, and has been shackled there for 12 years.
Jiang Chun also has a younger brother, who does manual labour in another city and also struggles to make a living.

'I am the only one who has taken care of him all these years,' said the uncle.
Bintang said he wanted to set his nephew free, but as the village is very small and surrounded by water, 'It's better to chain him'.

A director from the township civil affairs office said the village can't afford to bring him to a doctor.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chef dies after eel was put up through his arse

A Chef has died after an eel was put up through his arse.

Shocked doctors in Sichuan, China, found the sea creature in the 59-year-old man's rectum after his death, it has been reported.

The 50cm long Asian swamp eel was allegedly inserted into the unnamed man's bottom, after he passed out drunk, by pals playing a prank on him.

Medics said the eel had devoured his bowels.

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Sales Of Human Organs

Sell A Kidney To Buy An Engagement Ring

Sale of Human Organs-Willing to die for love. Apparently that’s what makes a man from Ukraine desperate to do sale of human organs. He sell his kidney to buy an engagement ring worth £ 12,300, as quoted by

The man may think his girlfriend will more love him when he spoken in love with a expensive beautiful ring . Instead of making her lover happy, she had severed her lover. The lover was angry with the decision that endanger health.

Trend of Human Organs Selling

Street Journal said that the sales of human organs has become a lucrative business in some countries, since the global economic recession.

In England for example, it is not surprising if we find a kidney selling advertising on the internet. Some even determine the prospective buyer must be prepared to pay at least £ 1,000 for travel expenses abroad, plus plane tickets and £ 1,200 extra cost because many surgeons are reluctant to do so for legal reasons and risk factors ..

Some investigation revealed that kidney sales have exceeded £ 25,000. Most of the players desperate to sell a kidney due to economic factors. Although not denying the economic factors become the primary motivation, but they also argued to contribute to save the patients who need an organ transplant.

Another Case, Lose Kidney To Get iPad2

In June, cases sales of human organs could also make a scene. A teenager of 17 years from China was willing to sell his kidney for £ 2,000 to buy a tablet computer iPad 2. He does kidney removal surgery at a hospital in the northern city of Chenzhou, Hunan Province.

Organ trade in China is still plural, even though the local government repeatedly tried to eradicate the practice. Last year, a Japanese television station revealed that a group of ‘transplant tourist’ managed to get a new kidney in China for £ 5,000.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chinese man fined for marking routes on walls.

A Chinese man visiting relatives in Taiwan was fined NT$6,000 (US$196) for contravening the Waste Disposal Act (廢物清理法) after using a marker pen to scribble on walls so that he would be able to find his way back home, local media reported yesterday.

According to the police, Wu Daotian (吳道天), aged 61, from Fujian Province was visiting his sister who is married to a Taiwanese. Staying at his sister’s home on Xiyuan Road in Taipei City, Wu visited the Ximending (西門町) area on the evening of Sept. 27, which is about 2km from his sister’s residence.

Afraid he would get lost, Wu bought several magic markers which he then used to make marks on walls and posts along the route, the Chinese-language Apple Daily reported yesterday, adding that the markings were visible along Guiyang Road Sec 2 and at the intersection of Xichang Road.
“I didn’t know it was against the law,” The Apple Daily quoted Wu as saying.

According to the police, Wu continued to make the marks until he reached the Wanhua police station on Changsha Road Sec 2. Not knowing what the building was he proceeded to scribble on the wall and was detained for questioning by precinct chief Chan Te-yang (詹德陽).

The Apple Daily quoted Wu as saying that he was not familiar with Taipei and only wanted to go to Ximending to see first-hand the prosperity of the city, adding that he made marks along his way because he was afraid of getting lost.

The police decided that Wu had broken the law and called the Bureau of Environmental Protection, which determined that the marks constituted polluting the environment and fined Wu NT$6,000, the report said.

Upon learning that the still-visible markings were made by a Chinese tourist worried about getting lost, one member of the public was quoted by the Apple Daily as saying: “That’s pretty funny, he could’ve just asked.”

If he goes jungle trekking and he marks on the trees, I can understand but if he marks on walls in the concrete jungle (the city) I'm very puzzled. Come on, get a map or a GPS Navigator!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spider woman scales 70ft wall to dodge entrance fee.

Nimble Ma Jei astonished tourists when she scrambled 70ft up a virtually sheer castle wall in eastern China - just to dodge the £2.50 admission fee.
Thrifty Jei - who had no rope or safety equipment - told fellow visitors she'd grown up in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, climbing the walls of Zhonghau Castle since childhood and had never once paid to get in.
But unfortunately her stunt encouraged other visitors to follow her example - with two falling and breaking their legs and three others having to be rescued by police.
'She ran up the wall like a goat and made it look easy. But when people tried it for themselves they saw it wasn't quite as simple as they thought,' explained one tourist.
I bet she has superb rock climbing skills and must be extremely fit to scale a wall. Anyone dare to challenge her? I wouldn't be so stingy and prefers to pay that entrance fee.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Young woman mysteriously turns to an old woman overnight

Nguyen Thi Phuong from Thailand is only 26, but you would be forgiven for mistaking her as an old woman.

After suffering an allergic reaction in 2008 and taking a variety of medications prescribed for it, Phuong's skin on her face, neck and hands rapidly wrinkled and became saggy, giving her the appearance of a 70-year-old granny.
It all began when the young lady from Giong Trom district of Ben Tre province ate some seafood.
It made her face break out into an itchy rash so bad, that she used to scratch her face even in sleep, Phuong told Tuoi Tre, a major Vietnamese daily newspaper where the news first broke.
To alleviate the symptoms, she ate some medication her husband, Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, 34, bought her.
The medications did not work. She then visited a local doctor, who prescribed her pills for dermatitis.

However, the pills made her face swell up and hives erupt on her skin. She stopped taking them after a week, and turned to some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in town.
She was given some medication that reduced the swelling, but also made her put on weight. However, the medication was expensive, costing VND30,000 (S$1.88) a day, and did not do much to improve her condition.

Phuong soon began wearing a face mask whenever she went out. After her husband quit his job in 2009 to take care of her, they ran out of money and she stopped taking all medications.
She then decided it as a fate decreed by God and the couple stopped trying to cure her condition, Phuong told local news outlets.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Migrant worker goes to hospital for help, has toe attached to his hand

Li Zicheng arrived in Huiyang District of Huizhou in 2009 to work for a local factory, and had a work accident in April 2010 where an electric saw injured his right thumb. He was promptly sent to Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital. Li Zicheng explained to this reporter: “After the accident, the factory sent me to the hospital. The hospital doctor tried repeatedly to persuade me to do transplant surgery. The doctor wanted to cut one of my toes off and transplant it onto my hand where my finger was lost, having it become my thumb. At the time, I asked the doctor if my original injured thumb could still be used. The doctor said there were two options. However, in the end, he adopted transplant surgery.
At present, the [new] finger has not yet completely recovered, while the foot from which a toe was cut often aches very much. Nobody in this hospital has expressed any concern. To find out the reason, I’ve gone to many other hospitals, and found many medical professors. What I don’t understand the most is that many experts in other hospitals are all saying that there will be grave consequences for my thumb. Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital on the other hand insists that the thumb has recovered. I believe the hospital’s actions and behavior towards patients like me are irresponsible.”
Li Zicheng’s fellow-townsman said: “It’s been more than a year and a half since the accident, and I haven’t seen Li happy since. Everyday he has a long face, and has gone to a lot of places over this medical accident, including hundreds of governmental departments and large hospitals, as well as of course the very hospital that treated his injury. He’s even gone to the Health Bureau over a hundred times. For us migrant workers, we don’t know much about legal and other relevant procedures, but we are humans, humans with blood and muscle. This is clearly a medical mistake/malpractice, so why doesn’t the hospital admit it?”
During the interview, this reporter saw in the Forensic Opinion by The Judicial Expertise Center of Guangdong Province (license number: 4410101) that any lingering problems with Li Zicheng’s thumb reconstruction is directly related to the surgery, constituting Medical Malpractices (level 4), because the problem is fundamentally caused by the medical factors in the surgery. According to the hospital: “We have connections and will only compensate 20,000 [RMB], [the patient] can file a lawsuit in court.”

News Source: chinasmack

Friday, October 7, 2011

Insensitive London Weight Management ad slammed for degrading women

Viewers are in an outcry over London Weight Management's new television commercial, which appears to portray weight loss as the solution to all of a woman's problems.

The commercial begins with a scene of a woman standing at a balcony of a high-rise building looking down, with a baby in a pram nearby.

The scene zooms in to show her pained expression, accompanied by Chinese subtitles that translate to: "Women, what do they live for?"

The next scene is of the woman being violently scolded by her boss and served a letter of termination for having a 'poor image.'

"You know that image is very important to our work! In this current state you are in, you are not fit to work here!" the boss shouts at her.

She later weighs herself in the bathroom, with the weighing scale needle hitting 70kg. Frustrated, she throws an object at the mirror and cracks it. In another scene, she is shown struggling to put on a dress and later on unsuccessfully zipping up a pair of pants.

She is depicted being harshly treated by her husband. She later faints while shopping and upon consultation with a doctor, is told she is too fat. The doctor explains to her that obesity leads to a host of health problems and is advised to consider the impact this has on her family.

She finally decides to go to London Weight Management and loses 20kg.

The commercial closes with scenes of her happy in a sexy dress. She is shown laughing and in the loving arms of her husband.

The accompanying voice over says in Mandarin: "Women, what do they live for?"

Which is followed by: "For those you love, and those who love you."

Viewers have taken to blogs and online forums such as Stomp to voice their displeasure, with some labelling it as 'myopic,' 'derogatory' and 'sexist.'

Deputy Editor of The Online Citizen Kristen Han wrote in a blog post titled "There are worse things to be than fat" that while marketing and advertising campaigns exploit the public's obsession with physical appearances, the television commercial "has taken it way too far."

TV host Anita Kapoor blogged that the ad portrays "women as pathetic, unworthy individuals. Losers on every level if they are overweight; winners at every level if they are slim."

A check revealed that the online video, which was first uploaded to YouTube, has since been removed.

The ad comes at an especially inopportune moment, drawing unfavourable comparisons with the recent suicide of Ms Tan Sze Sze - who killed herself along with her 3-year-old son after suffering a broken marriage and a stressful custody battle.

Some say that the ad trivialises post partum depression and suicide.

London Weight Management has defended itself by saying the ad is based on a true story, and that they are not discriminating or 'nauseating' obese women in doing so.

The company has also stressed that they "have not breached any regulation in accordance to the local regulation."

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore has not yet taken action to suspend the advertisement, but said they are looking into the matter.

It has been reported that the authorities would be writing to London Weight Management to highlight some of the concerns aired.

I would like to urge consumers to boycott slimming companies that disrespects women. Companies should at least show some respect to women by not degrading them. Instead they should highlight that weight management is good for health and leads a healthy lifestyle rather than potraying that fat women are being rejected by society.

Since the video has been taken down from Youtube, you can watch the video here while it is still available.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ecoya's naked horse rider banned from Australian billboards

A billboard for bodycare brand Ecoya, which features a naked woman straddling a horse, has been blocked from running on outdoor sites in Australia. The Outdoor Media Association deemed that the ad – which was permitted to run in New Zealand – breached its code of ethics and did not treat sex and nudity with due sensitivity, and would be seen by children as well as its target audience of adult women.

The image is running on Ecoya’s website, with a number of others of naked women with animals. Ecoya’s New Zealand-based chairman Geoff Ross said he had also tried to run an image of a woman posing with an owl on Australian billboards. But that was also refused by the OMA.

Ross added that he hadn’t tried to seek permission to run an ad featuring a woman with an iguana. “That’s the safest of the three, but it’s not my favourite,” he said. The blocked horse riding woman ad was covered in The Sun-Herald over the weekend. Ross said he was “thrilled” with the press coverage, as it took the debate beyond the OMA, but would have preferred the ad to have run out of home.
“We would have generated more awareness for the brand if the ad had run outdoors. A story in a newspaper was the second best outcome,” he said.

Ross said Ecoya had a legitimate reason to run the content in the ad. “We want to show lots of skin and interaction with nature, because we are a natural bodycare brand.”

He added that he found that the Bulgari ads featuring a naked Julianne Moore with lion cubs and a cockatoo – which appeared only in magazines – were more provactive.

“Once the OMA had refused the horse image, they became sensitised to our campaign and wouldn’t let us run anything,” said Ross. “I think they’re out of touch with consumers and our demographic in particular.”

While there was less opportunity for the wrong target group to see his ads in glossy women’s magazines, Ross argued that catalogues sent through the mail – such as the Rivers ‘deadly deals’ catalogue that came under fire from the Ad Standards Bureau in April – gave children the opportunity to view inappropriate content.

He has yet to attempt to run the ads in magazines.

“I’m always wary when an industry body makes a call on what does, and what does not, fit in with popular culture. It’s draconian and Big Brother-like for these people to sensor our lives. We know what’s tasteful and appropriate, and what’s not. We’ve got families and kids. The market – and consumers – should decide.”

OMA chair Charmaine Moldrich said the campaign was out of kilter with prevailing community standards, and called the naked horse rider image “incredibly provocative.”

“We don’t want to be the arbiters of taste. That’s the ASB’s role,” she said. “I agree with Geoff that the market should decide on what should and what shouldn’t run in principle. But in practice, we need to put regulations in place because there is a lot of sensitivity around the issue at the moment.”

Since the beginning of the year, the outdoor ad industry has been facing increasing scrutiny from the government about inappropriate content. Moldrich added that most of the breaches of the outdoor advertising code had been due to the objectification of women.

I bet if our Malaysian government approve ads that contains nudity on billboards, we are bound to see accidents rates going up because of wondering eyes.

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