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Friday, October 14, 2011

Woman uses sanitary pad to avoid speeding tickets

There is a revolutionary way to avoid being captured by speeding camera. The most eccentric and innovative way is to use a sanitary pad. Yeah, you read it right; a sanitary pad!

A Zhejiang woman allegedly tried to avoid speeding tickets by covering her license plate with a menstrual pad, the police said.

"I have been pulling over thousands of speeding drivers over the past five years but this is the first time for me to meet a driver who would cover her plate with a pad," said Zheng Yanhua, the police officer who pulled over the driver, who was identified as Ms Jiang.

Jiang drove her white BMW 5-series sedan and was traveling on a highway in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. She was speeding, and though her front license plate was covered by the menstrual pad, she was pulled over by Zheng at a toll station. The police officer later retrieved a picture from a speeding camera, which took a snapshot of Jiang.

"I was afraid of being caught speeding by the cameras so I decided to stick a pad on the plate," Jiang told Zheng.

Jiang was fined 400 yuan (US$62.70) for speeding and was given nine points on her license for covering her plate. By law, motorists in China are forced to go through a traffic course if 12 points are given within a year.

If a lady were to use her sanitary pad to cover her license plate, will a man use his condom instead? I wonder....

News Source: Zheng Yanhua


  1. wonder no more.... plate is too big for the condom...ahaks

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