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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Drunkard man halts train service for 3 hours

In Chengdu, China, a drunkard man climbed on top a 100 foot high train post used to guide electric wires throughout the city.

A Chinese drunk sits high on top a train post

Once on top the post the man had no intentions of coming down any time soon and accompanied by a one liter bottle of alcohol the person sat on the post for three hours.

All the while Chinese authorities were forced to cut down the electricity to ensure the man’s safety, halting all train traffic in the city.

Eventually two friends of the man showed up and tried to talk him into coming down from his throne, without success.

That’s when the fire brigade finally stepped in and rather forcefully dragged the man down from the tower. All the while the individual continue to drink from his bottle and tried his best to resist being removed from his post.

The man was first spotted at 9:00 AM by someone on route to work:
“I first thought he was a worker but got suspicious when he didn’t move for quite a while.”

The man was given a full medical evaluation which concluded he had plenty to drink. Afterwards he was arrested.

The individual has refused to tell authorities why he climbed the post. A suicide attempt has been ruled out.

Man resists being pulled down from the electrical post

News Source: nodeju.com

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