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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High school girls in southern China are being kept as mistresses

High school girls in a small city in southern China are being kept as mistresses.

Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) reported on Sept. 25 that some female students of Wugang Second High School (WSHS) in Wugang City, Hunan Province were being kept as mistresses by the local Party officials and the rich.

CHRD reports
that these girls sell themselves cheaply for 500 yuan (approximately US$78.2) a month. They sleep with the men for a day and a night, every weekend. Most of these girls are from poor families. Reports say that farmers in the rural areas worry their daughters could be lured astray. Many personally take their daughters home on weekends.

Locals interviewed by The Epoch Times confirmed the CHRD report.

“It’s a fact that female students in WSHS are taken to be mistresses, but it’s on a small scale,” said Mr. Feng, a relative of a real estate agent in Wugang City.

“My relative raises a few mistresses. All of them are freshmen, who are just graduated from high school. They need money and living places. At present, China is an economic society. Human flesh can be traded. Men are proud to have young mistresses. The society has become like this,” Feng said.

“Luxury cars gather at the gates of those universities in the evening. Officials and rich men arrive to fetch their mistresses. It’s a busy place then. Those young girls in high school, they are mostly seduced by money. And they only need to be paid 500 yuan for a month!” said Ye, a citizen of Wugang City.

A woman working at an office in Wugang City told The Epoch Times, “There are thousands of students in WSHS. It is possible that some girls are taken to be mistresses. It is very common in colleges. Society should pay attention to this so as to put pressure on those immoral people.”

The report from CHRD says that because the high school students are not mature adults, laws to protect the youth, including relevant international conventions aiming to protect women and children, are being violated. The management of WSHS and the local government are to be blamed, according to the CHRD.

Someone who works in the musical instruments business told the Epoch Times, “It’s common in China, especially in big cities. Of course, the small cities will learn from the big cities. It’s the overall environment.”

“Buying young students as mistresses for the bigwigs is common in many schools everywhere. Young female students don’t know the evilness of the society. On the other hand, those who buy students are immoral men, and even old men,” said Xie, employed in the educational field in Shaoyang City, a major city in Hunan Province 80 miles from Wugang.”

“They have become bored of sleeping with female adults, so they turn their dirty hands to high school students. It’s a damn shame! It’s heinous! It is an evil result of the moral ruin of the entire society,” said Xie.

News Source: www.theepochtimes.com


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  3. semua org boleh dikatakan bgitu...

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