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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old man in China memorizes lottery numbers hits jackpot

Being eccentric does pays off to certain extend. Well, at least to a elderly man in China.

A 90-year old man from Chengdu, the capital of southwest China's Sichuan province, who was perpetually afraid he would develop senile dementia and constantly bought lottery tickets in order to memorize the numbers, recently won 8.6 million yuan (US$1.3 million) on a sports lottery.

According to a local newspaper, the man surnamed Wang said, "I don't play mahjong but I do like to do other things to protect myself from senile dementia. It costs very little to buy lottery tickets, so I read and memorize the numbers everyday to train my brain."

Wang went to receive his reward with his son on Sep 30. He said he will use the money to rebuild his house. The money will also be used for his children's tuition and in payment for another new house. "I'm ill and need to preserve my health. It's good to have more money," he said.