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Monday, October 31, 2011

Man hangs dog to death as protest in a relocation dispute

In the morning of October 11th, people in Shenzhen Buji road near Shenhui road were stunned to see two dogs were hung from windows in a building and alongside were banners that said, "If cornered, even a dead dogs will jump off the building (“死狗急也跳楼”, adapted from a Chinese idiom "狗急会跳墙", literally means that a cornered dog will leap over the wall. The idiom means a man driven to desperation can do anything.) The incident seemed to be another relocation dispute.

While the banner claimed the dogs were dead dogs, witness said the dogs were still alive when hung in the air, " They were still struggling a bit". Netizen O nePiece-D _M an said in his Weibo page, "The dogs were hung to death. I was at the scene. Dead dogs? No. The dogs were strangled and I could tell they were still struggling…I was at the scene today and it was me who called the police."

The dogs were hung in mid-air between the third floor and fourth floor in this 5-floor building. The banners and the dogs had attracted quite the crowd. Later a few officers in the community workstation came. They removed the banners and released the dogs. The dogs were dead by the time.

Mr. Zeng is the one who hang the dogs and the banners. He’s the contractor of this five-floor building. "I was left with no choice. The tenants refused to pay the rent. Now I still owe my landlord 11 months’ rent. The tenants have made an agreement with the Community Residential Committee that they can stop paying the rent, because the transformation of this area was up in the air for a long time." The transformation might involve relocation and demolition of the building. It has caused the traffic difficulty and affected the commercial tenants’ business in the building. "The tenants complained and the Community Residential Committee told the tenants, because the project was not settled yet, the tenants didn’t have to pay the rent for the time being. For that reason, I haven’t received the rent for 11 months. I had no other option." Now the transformation project was completed and no demolition was required. As to the contractor’s 11-month tent lost, reporters contacted the Community Residential Committee but so far they gave no reply yet.

Mr. Zeng explained the dogs were beaten to death by the security guards for fear that they would bite the passerby. He claimed, "Dogs won’t die from this kind of hanging." However, dog lovers condemned Mr.Zeng as being cruel and he should protest in a humane way. "If people have a problem, they go on protest. But if a dog’s right was violated, who will protest for them? Don’t impose your problems onto the innocent people or animals." Ms. Her, a dog lover said.

News Source: chinahush.com


  1. phewwwww... people going crazy..!!

  2. Gila! eh, macam2 hal lah skrg ni..

  3. gila wehhhh....anjing pun hamba Allah jugak...kejam kejam

  4. gila wehhhh....anjing pun hamba Allah jugak...kejam kejam