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Friday, October 28, 2011

Woman cares for ex-husband and brought him into her new marriage

A woman has brought along her ex-husband into her new marriage in China.
Wang Yuxiang, 36, still takes care of her paralysed ex-husband Wang Huafu, 34, even though she has re-married.
The farmer couple got married in 1996, but their happy moments did not last long.
Two years later, Huafu fell from the roof while helping a neighbour to build a house and became paralysed.
Since then, Yuxiang has to take over the responsibility of feeding the whole family, including Huafu's aged parents and one-year-old son.
Sympathised with her situation, neighbours and friends have asked her to marry another man and introduced a villager, Jin Boxing to her.
Yuxiang rejected at the beginning but after numerous persuasions, she finally agreed to marry Jin.
Yuxiang and Huafu divorced in 2002, but she promised to take care of him forever.
Some 10 years have past and Yuxiang is still keeping her words.

Yuxiang's act has touched the hearts of many villagers, who said she is the kindest woman in the world.
Truly agree that this woman is the kindest woman in the world and her current husband is the most understanding man in the world too!
Source: whatsonxiamen.com


  1. most kind and most understanding!!! wow

  2. Inilah cinta sejati...bukan semua org ada! terharu...

  3. bukan semua org mcm ni..susah kot nak jmpe...1 dalam sejuta....

  4. baik btul pompuan tu. Laki baru dia pun very understanding fuh ...

  5. bgos gla.. hsband dy yg bru ni pn sgt bgos.