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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Migrant worker goes to hospital for help, has toe attached to his hand

Li Zicheng arrived in Huiyang District of Huizhou in 2009 to work for a local factory, and had a work accident in April 2010 where an electric saw injured his right thumb. He was promptly sent to Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital. Li Zicheng explained to this reporter: “After the accident, the factory sent me to the hospital. The hospital doctor tried repeatedly to persuade me to do transplant surgery. The doctor wanted to cut one of my toes off and transplant it onto my hand where my finger was lost, having it become my thumb. At the time, I asked the doctor if my original injured thumb could still be used. The doctor said there were two options. However, in the end, he adopted transplant surgery.
At present, the [new] finger has not yet completely recovered, while the foot from which a toe was cut often aches very much. Nobody in this hospital has expressed any concern. To find out the reason, I’ve gone to many other hospitals, and found many medical professors. What I don’t understand the most is that many experts in other hospitals are all saying that there will be grave consequences for my thumb. Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital on the other hand insists that the thumb has recovered. I believe the hospital’s actions and behavior towards patients like me are irresponsible.”
Li Zicheng’s fellow-townsman said: “It’s been more than a year and a half since the accident, and I haven’t seen Li happy since. Everyday he has a long face, and has gone to a lot of places over this medical accident, including hundreds of governmental departments and large hospitals, as well as of course the very hospital that treated his injury. He’s even gone to the Health Bureau over a hundred times. For us migrant workers, we don’t know much about legal and other relevant procedures, but we are humans, humans with blood and muscle. This is clearly a medical mistake/malpractice, so why doesn’t the hospital admit it?”
During the interview, this reporter saw in the Forensic Opinion by The Judicial Expertise Center of Guangdong Province (license number: 4410101) that any lingering problems with Li Zicheng’s thumb reconstruction is directly related to the surgery, constituting Medical Malpractices (level 4), because the problem is fundamentally caused by the medical factors in the surgery. According to the hospital: “We have connections and will only compensate 20,000 [RMB], [the patient] can file a lawsuit in court.”

News Source: chinasmack

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