Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Skinnier woman loses weight to win back boyfriend

A woman holds up a sign near a subway station on East Third Ring Road in Beijing, August 23, 2011. The sign reads, "Jiang Guo, I weigh 500 grams less than yesterday. When are you going to marry me?" The woman said Jiang Guo was her ex-boyfriend, who works nearby and left her because he thought she was overweight, and that she now weighed 10 kilograms less than before. "I don't care if he can see me or not, it's helpful to lose some weight."

She doesn't look fat to me. I believe her boyfriend has a change of heart and has no intention to marry her and came up with a lame excuse to leave her. Woman, find a new boyfriend and move on!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brad Pitt saves woman in real life

It was in that instant that the hunky actor reportedly became a bona fide hero as Brad Pitt aided an injured woman. She was acting as background while the zombie movie shoots in Scotland when the incident happened and when Pitt came to the rescue just before this person was badly injured.

The scene in which this heroic rescue took place depicted an epic zombie invasion, one that obviously became not only chaotic, but also very dangerous. All of this action went down in George Square where the Glasgow landmark and immediate area had been transformed to stand in for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

So that's exactly where one extra slipped an Wednesday, thus needing the assistance of the featured thespian -- or anyone at all, for that matter.

But it was Brad Pitt who helped this helpless (ad, some say, lucky) woman as the World War Z zombies took over, she being one of them. After his chivalrous rescue, the actor continued to perform since the accident occurred while the cameras were rolling. If he stopped, the next take would have been even more difficult in all ways possible so Brad kept doing his job as any professional would.

Meanwhile, according to a UK source, Brad Pitt and director Peter Mullan were concerned about how many had been hurt while making the movie thriller. In fact, not only did the woman who Brad Pitt saved suffer a "badly grazed knee" but "loads of [other] extras suffered bumps and scrapes" as well as "broken bones." These actors were pushed and shoved in all directions, making unexpected contact with military personnel carrying machine guns, gargantuan film cameras, and even moving vehicles.

Allegedly, a safety pep talk was held prior to this activity, telling the hundreds of background players on World War Z to be careful. And that lesson was hopefully learned as Brad Pitt continues to film his World War Z zombie movie in which he plays UN staffer Gerry Lane, a man who travels great distances to try to stop the zombie population from taking over the world. That said, at least the male half of Brangelina helped stop one zombie in her tracks while saving her all at the same time. A happy ending after all.

News Source: BBC news

Young Indian girl stood up against child marriages

Sapna Meena
Her fate looked sealed when her family began organizing the nuptial celebrations. But the bride-to-be, a shy schoolgirl from a remote village in western India, wasn't ready to say "I do."

In a region where patriarchy and age-old customs dictate a woman's life from birth to death, 15-year-old Sapna Meena in April joined a small but growing number of girls who are standing up against the widespread practice of child marriage in India.

"My family was in the midst of planning my wedding," recalled Sapna, her black hair pinned in a bun and a gold stud in her nose, as she sat on a step outside her home in Badakakahera village in Rajasthan state.

"My grandfather had decided that while he was alive he wanted to see that I get married and settled. I was scared to say anything against it at first.

"I went to my mother and told her I wanted to study more and get a job, and only after that would I get married," added the girl, who is from a subsistence farming community that ekes out a living by growing crops like wheat and maize.

But Sapna didn't stop there. She went to local officials in the city of Bhilwara -- some three hours by bus -- to seek advice and press home the point to her family that the legal age for marriage in India is 18.

The authorities played a mediating role and her family suspended the wedding plans. What's more, Sapna was awarded a certificate of gallantry by the government for being an "agent of change" in her community.

Gender rights activists say Sapna is proof that, through education and exposure to the modern world, girls are beginning to take decisions over their own lives and are helping to lift the curse of early marriage that has plagued India for centuries.

News Source: Reuters

Monday, August 29, 2011

Woman to win back ex with surgery to look like Jessica Alba

A Chinese woman whose boyfriend insisted she wore her make-up like actress Jessica Alba is now planning the drastic step of changing her entire face to look like the Hollywood star.

Xiaoqing before her surgery
Desperate to win back her obsessed boyfriend, who had insisted she wore a blonde wig and copy Miss Alba in every way, the 21-year-old woman is prepared to spend a fortune on the very physical make-over.

Chinese surgeons say that changing the woman's face so she ends up looking like the Fantastic Four star can be done, but it will be extremely expensive.

The real Jessica Alba
However they have revealed that the woman is well off and that 'money is no object as long as the end result is to turn herself into a Jessica lookalike'.

Identifying herself only as Xiaoqing, the woman told the Shanghai Daily that her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend was so obsessed with Miss Alba that he hung photos of her on the walls of his home and carried her image on his mobile phone.

'He was always telling me to do my make-up like Jessica does, even when I'm asleep,' she said.

'At Christmas time he gave me a blonde wig to wear and asked me to keep it on all the time.'

But it was that wig that was to bring about the end of their relationship.

As she walked around Shanghai wearing the wig and Miss Alba-style eye-catching make-up she noticed people staring at her and laughing. She was so upset by the public's reaction that she tore off the wig and her false eyelashes and threw them to the ground.

Reverting to her Chinese looks, her boyfriend wanted no more of her.

Now Xiaoqing has said she wants him back - and is ready to change her appearance so that she will look like Miss Alba forever.

'I love him very much,' she said of her former lover. 'That's why I always followed his opinions. I don't want to lose him.'

Liu Qi, an official at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said Xiaoqing would need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like Miss Alba.

'There's no worry about the expense and it is technically practicable,' said Liu.

'But the face-lift is irreversible and we hope that she would take it seriously.'

Although surgeons at the hospital said they believed money was no object, Xiaoqing told the newspaper that finding enough money for the operations would be difficult - which was why she had gone public in the hope of getting help from a plastic surgery hospital.

Doctors at the Shanghai Hospital say they will help her, but won't go ahead with the operation in a hurry.

'We want to make sure she is prepared for the risks she might face in surgery and for life afterwards, including people's attitude towards her,' said a doctor.

But Xiaoqing insists she has made her decision and is ready to go ahead with the operation.

'I'm not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend but for myself,' she said. 'I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it.'

Even without the surgery, she does has look like Jessica Alba in certain ways; probably the style she carries herself.

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Boy cheats train track death

A dramatic footage of a 12 year old boy in between the train and the edge station platform in Sydney, Australia before he vanished from sight.

Wearing a white hooded tracksuit top, he is seen bolting across the tracks. A train swiftly approaches and the boy appears to be wedged between the train and the platform wall. There is no motion from the train or the boy for some time. Miraculously, the boy survived with a broken leg.

You can watch it here

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mentally ill son chained to a wall for 23 years

These pictures of a mentally ill man naked and chained to a wall in the most appalling conditions are enough to shock even the hardest amongst us.

But amazingly his mother, who has kept him locked in a ruined barn in Chongqing, southern China for 23 years, claims it is for 'his own good' and that she loves him dearly.

Xiao Anrong, 76, is now appealing for help to care for Tang Zuhua, 40, because she says she is worried about what will happen to him when she dies.

Since her two other children left home, Xiao has cared for him on her own and has to bathe him, trim his hair, clean out his barn and feed him while living on a pension of 166.57 yuan per month.

She claims her son has to be kept chained and naked because he tears up any clothes he is given and is a danger to himself.

After being chained to the wall for 23 years, Tang can no longer walk properly because his leg muscles have wasted away.

He sleeps on the bare ground as Xiao cannot afford straw for his bedding.

She said: 'I hope somebody can help me - I fear for the future for my poor boy when I am no longer here.

'I have three children but although his brother and sister are normal he was never normal, and when he was 17 he became violent and smashed things.

'We locked him in the barn and had to chain him to keep him there - and because he always ripped up his clothes we have to leave him naked.'

She said: 'Some kind neighbours donate food. Otherwise we wouldn't manage.'

Stuntman falls to his death

A wing walker plunged 200ft feet to his death when his air show stunt went disastrously wrong - but tragically many in the crowd thought his fall was part of the act.

As these terrifying pictures show, Todd Green, 48, had been attempting to grab on to a helicopter hovering above a bi-plane as part of a death-defying stunt.
But as he reached for the metal landing skid on the helicopter he slipped and fell to his death.
Many in the 75,000 crowd at the air show in Selfridge, near Detroit, Michigan, thought the fall was part of the show and that a dummy had been thrown to the ground.
It was only when emergency crews rushed out to the stricken wing walker that they realised it was an accident.
Officials said Green, a father of two, had tried to grab hold of the helicopter from a Stearman aircraft at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, in Harrison Township, on two occasions, and slipped as he made a third attempt.
An ambulance took him to Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center, but he died from his injuries.
Witnesses expressed surprise that Mr Green did not have a parachute, but even if he had it may not have opened in time as he was only 200ft above the ground.
Green had reportedly been performing aerial stunts for more than 25 years and is survived by his wife Dawn, son Tyler and stepson Derrick. You can watch his video here.

My condolences to Mr. Todd Green and his family.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

12 year old boy chained with dogs to prevent him running away

This 12-year-old Chinese boy has been chained up by his uncle for the past two years. It’s claimed that this is for his own safety because he’s mentally handicapped – but most people will find these images truly shocking.

Cai Changqing, from Erlongshan village in Harbin, north-east China’s Heilongjiang Province, is shackled each day to a shabby shelter outside his uncle’s home.

The uncle, Cai Quan comments: ‘The kid can’t speak at all. Originally his parents thought he would speak late, but later they found he is mentally handicapped.’

According to Quan he has to chain his nephew up because, otherwise, he runs away.

In 2009 Changqing ran out into the road in the city and was severely injured after being run over by a van.

Quan was left to care for Changqing after the boy’s mother died and his father was left paralysed from an accident.

Following the van accident Changqing started to chain his nephew up each day, using a 16ft-long length of iron chain wrapped around the youngster’s waist.

His treatment brings to mind other instances of cruelty to children in China.

Last December pictures emerged of 12-year-old twins Li Luqin and Li Shuangqin tied up by their father Li Wancheng in Yunnan Province.

He began binding them ten years ago for fear they would hurt themselves.

The family currently lives along the roadside in China’s Yunnan Province. The father is trying to save enough money to get medical treatment for the girls.

He is adamant his daughters are not safe to be allowed to roam and the pair have to make do with a life that involves being tied to a fence or a tree – or to each other – every day.

Passers-by often react angrily as they watch the young girls trapped in their confines, with the ropes cutting into their wrists as they try to wriggle free.

‘When they were two they were found to be not normal,’ says Wancheng. He hopes they can be “cured” once he pays for them to be seen by a doctor, but says: ‘We only have 1000 Yuan (£100) of savings. We don’t have extra.’

Another shocking case that came to light last year was that of a two-year-old boy, Cheng Jingdan, who was pictured chained to a lamp post to stop him getting away while his father worked as a rickshaw driver and his handicapped mother scavenged through rubbish.

Jingdan has since become a pupil at a nursery in the Chinese capital Beijing thanks to the generosity of those who read about his plight.

News source: dailymail

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleeping beauty sleeps up to 2 months at a stretch.

Lily Clarke, a 21 years old British girl, suffers a strange and rare syndrome that makes her can sleeps for two months like a sleeping beauty.
She is suffering a Kleine-Levin Syndrome. She had missed the university exams, Christmas and New Year. And even she missed her birthday party, when she was 18 after falling asleep a few days earlier.
Her mother, Adele, 47 years old, said it started in 2007 when they had meal after playing ice skating.
“Before food was served, Lily had fallen asleep in her chair. We could not wake her and had to take her out of the restaurant”.
Lily could slept about 23 hours a day. But now Lily can sleep up to two months at a time every seven months. “She missed most crucial periods in her life,” said Adele.
There is no known cure for the syndrome but medics say it usually affects young people - so Lily may grow out of it.

Adele is now setting up a group that supports people with Kleine-Levin Syndrome in

Now I'm going to bed but I'll definitely be up tomorrow to post another entry!

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Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs on Wednesday resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc in a stunning move that ended his 14-year reign at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage.

Apple shares dived as much as 7 percent in after-hours trade after the pancreatic cancer survivor and industry icon, who has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since January 17, announced he will be replaced by COO and longtime heir apparent Tim Cook.

Analysts do not expect Jobs' resignation -- which had long been foreseen -- to derail the company's fabled product-launch roadmap, including possibly a new iPhone in September and a third iteration of the iPad tablet in 2012.

"I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come," he said in a brief letter announcing his resignation.

The 55-year-old CEO had briefly emerged from his medical leave in March to unveil the latest version of the iPad and later to attend a dinner hosted by President Barack Obama for technology leaders in Silicon Valley.

Jobs' often-gaunt appearance has sparked questions about his health and his ability to continue at Apple.
"I will say to investors: don't panic and remain calm, it's the right thing to do. Steve will be chairman and Cook is CEO," said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis.

Apple shares slid to $357.40 in extended trading after a brief halt. They had gained 0.7 percent to close at $376.18 on the Nasdaq.

Analysts again expressed confidence in the Apple bench, headed by longtime company No. 2 and supply-chain maven Cook.

"Investors are very comfortable with Tim Cook even though Jobs has been a driver of innovation and clearly an Apple success. Tim has shown Apple can still outperform extremely well when he's been acting as CEO," said Cross Research analyst Shannon Cross.

"I don't know if it's a health issue. I don't know if it is a shock. Most likely it was going to happen at some point. Why today versus another day? I don't know."

News source: yahoo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free clothes causes mad rush at Chinese metro station

A Chinese apparel firm carried out a promotional stunt on a metro train in Shanghai by giving out free clothes, resulting in a mad rush of passengers.

The train was transformed Tuesday into a clothes shop, with passengers helping themselves to garments hanging from hand rails, the Shanghai Daily reported.

On each item was a notice that said: "Not for selling, but you can take this away if you like it."

The promotional campaign by e-commerce giant Taobao attracted many passengers who caused chaos on the trains. Metro authorities had to call the police to control the situation.

A media official with Taobao admitted that the free clothes delivery got a bit out of control.

"We just wanted to promote women's clothes. We're sorry. Our plan was not thought through properly," she said.

A day earlier, in another stunt, young women wearing bikinis were spotted on another metro train putting on shirts and trousers.

It would be great if our Malaysian apparel firms have such marketing gimmicks here. I always see our Malaysian apparel marketing gimmicks are the same such as buy 2 apparels and get the 2nd at a discounted price. That's so boring, lame and unattractive. Come up with marketing gimmicks that are as attractive as the ones in China, will ya?

Man caught speeding while touching woman's breast

A photo captured by traffic surveillance camera showing a man speed-driving while putting his hand on a woman's breast in southwest China has triggered a massive online search to reveal his identity.

The photo showed the man was driving over the speed limit on a highway in Sichuan Province on July 29. He appeared in his 40s and was holding the wheel with one hand and his other hand was touching the breast of a young woman sitting next to him, local news website,, reported today.

The photo circulated rapidly over the Internet and bloggers scrambled to reveal the identity of the pair. Some said the man was a senior official of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd, surnamed Deng, but the home appliance maker issued a statement to reject the allegation.

Liu Hai, a spokesperson for Changhong, said in his microblog that they have no such employee. A former employee with the same name had been fired back in 2004.

Meanwhile, the photo also sparked heated discussion whether traffic police have violated a citizen's privacy by posting it online.

An unnamed traffic police said it wasn't necessarily the police who leaked the picture as the surveillance system was outsourced to a company which also has access to the pictures.

Photos taken by the surveillance camera are used as evidences to fine violators. No company or individual has the right to use the pictures for purpose other than convicting the offender.

But a lawyer said the police is partially responsible for not managing the photo database properly.   

That's one horny man that has high sex drive and cannot get his hands off the lady even when he is driving. Now I wonder how his wife will react when she sees this photo.

News Source: Shanghaidaily

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Female prison officer fired for beating up old woman

A female prison officer in Shandong Province's Jinan City was fired yesterday after she - while wearing her guard's uniform - and her husband beat up an elderly woman.

The pair were surrounded by thousands of angry Jinan residents demanding an explanation.
The officer, surnamed Lin, and her husband, surnamed Zhu, have been placed under detention for 15 days by police for slightly injuring the old lady.
According to witnesses, Lin visited a technician's store on a street to repair her electronic moped at 5pm on Wednesday, but started arguing with the technician's wife, surnamed Mu, who is in her 60s, because someone jumped the queue.
As the dispute became heated Lin began beating the older woman and called her husband to join the fight in front of a crowd of people.
Lin, in her officer's uniform, is alleged to have shouted at the woman: "If I don't want you to live in the city, you can barely find a place to beg for coins!"
This alleged threat aroused public anger and thousands of Jinan residents took the street, surrounded the couple and demanded an explanation for their behavior, witnesses said on the microblog
The couple tried to lock themselves in a police car which came to pick them up, but the angry residents blocked the car's path, with some trying to overturn it.
The couple finally emerged from the car and knelt before the residents, begging them to let them go.
Mu's husband, surnamed Xie, stepped forward and asked the crowd to forgive the couple, while his wife was lying injured on the ground, witnesses said.
Angry residents beat the couple, poured dirty water on them and photographed them, before police bundled the couple away, according to witnesses.

Natural Health Boosters

Boost your immunity to fight nasty bugs by loading up your diet with all the natural help you can get :

CITRUS FRUIT is packed with vitamin C.

WHOLEGRAIN is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as zinc, and can help boost your immune function.

BLACK TEA may help the tiny hair like cells in your nose expel germs.

YOGHURT is a rich source of calcium and helps to boost your immune system.

CHICKEN SOUP reduces inflammation.

BITTER GREENS such as watercress and rocket are known for their antiviral effects.

GARLIC helps fight diseases.

Monkey statues used by Chinese police to deter speeding

Police officers in China have come up with an unusual measure to deter speeding drivers - by dressing stone monkey statues in fluorescent jackets.
Clearly not content with the outcomes of speed cameras and sleeping policemen, traffic enforcers have turned to the novel idea of playing dress-up with animal statues.
Wearing police issue high-vis vests, the monkeys have been positioned along the roadside in the city of Changsha.

One installation shows a collection of stone primates huddled around a tree, glaring out at the oncoming traffic, one is carved swinging from a branch as another sits mesmerised by his feet.
The law enforcers in the capital city of southern China’s Hunan Province hope that the strange statues will remind drivers to not break the law.

Quite how well the monkeys will reduce traffic offences remains to be seen.

And there's also the chance the eye-catching figures may actually cause accidents by distracting drivers due to their bizarre appearance.

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7 Tricks to drop pounds

Chew Gum
Volunteers who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between lunch and a snack consumed 60 fewer calories from sweets than when they went gum-free.
According to two new studies (both funded by the Wrigley Science Institute but well designed), a little sugar-free chomping may also bring better performance in school. Eighth grad ers who chewed gum during class, homework, and tests increased their math test scores by 3 percent and had better final math grades than nonchewing kids. Researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine say gum may help sustain attention by easing stress and anxiety.
Vegetable Juice
Here's a surprising way to supercharge any diet--and your health: Chug a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice every day. In a study of 81 overweight adults at risk for heart disease and diabetes, those who drank at least a cup of low-sodium V8 daily lost four pounds over 12 weeks, while those on the same reduced-fat diet who drank no juice lost one pound.
When ground beef was swapped out for mushrooms in lasagna, sloppy joes, and chili, adults consumed 400 fewer calories per day, according to a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study. Researchers estimate that if you sub mushrooms for ground meat in one meal every week, you can lose five pounds in a year.
Drop Sugary Drinks
Calories from solid foods and liquids both add up, of course. But in a recent multicenter study, the only menu change that had a significant payoff for dieters was cutting back on sugary beverages, says lead author Benjamin Caballero, MD. Reducing intake by just one serving a day took a pound off after six months, enough to add up for people with a soda or fruit-drink habit.
More Sleep
A study of 32 summer students at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas over three weeks showed that those who slept an extra two hours ate nearly 300 calories less.
Simple 'Till Six
That's what author Mark Bittman named his diet plan of eating in a mostly vegan fashion during the day--no animal products and no simple carbs--and then eating a reasonable dinner. His focus on consuming plants 'as close to their natural state as possible' will lead to a natural reduction in calories.
Green Tea
Overweight or obese exercisers burned off three more pounds and 7 percent more belly fat when they drank green tea instead of another beverage with the same calories, according to a new multicenter study.
Picture Source: Google

Monday, August 22, 2011

Man bought a luxury house for $16!

If someone you knew claimed to have bought a new house for $16, you’d probably expect it to be a rundown hut.

But for Kenneth Robinson, that princely sum could see him as the new owner of a $300,000 home in a well-manicured part of Flower Mound, Texas.

Robinson took advantage of a little known Texas law to move into the abandoned home.
The house had been in foreclosure for more than a year and its owner walked away.

Then, the mortgage company went bust.

After months of research, Robinson used the obscure law ‘adverse possession’, filled out some paperwork costing just $16, and moved some of his belongings into the home.

Under the law, if someone moves into an abandoned home they have exclusive negotiating rights with the original owner.

If the owner wants them to leave, they have to pay off the mortgage debt on the home and the bank has to file a complicated lawsuit to get them evicted.

Robinson believes that because of the cost required to move him out, he will be able to stay in the house. Under occupancy laws, if he remains there for three years he can ask the court for the title.

He told ‘I want to be owner of record. At this point, because I possess it, I am the owner.
‘This is not a normal process, but it is not a process that is not known. It’s just not known to everybody.’

Robinson printed out an online form at the Denton County courthouse which states that he is claiming ownership of the abandoned property.

The house has just a few pieces of furniture inside and has no running water or electricity.

Robinson has put ‘no trespassing’ signs outside the house after neighbors called police to arrest him for breaking in.

But he claimed to have found a key and said he gained access to the property legally.

Police have said they can’t remove him from the property because home ownership is a civil matter.
But neighbors have accused him of being nothing more than a squatter.

Leigh Lowrie, who lives nearby, said: ‘What paperwork is it and how is it legally binding if he doesn’t legally own the house? He just squats there.

‘If he wants the house, buy the house like everyone else had to. Get the money, buy the house.’

To me, it sounds like the neighbors are jealous that this dude bought a house for a song!

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Embarass to fart? Get Fart Silencer!

A guy in Wuhan, China invented the “Fart Silencer” that eliminates unwanted sound and foul odour.
The “Fart Silencer” is a small plastic tube with one end that is completely open and the other end having numerous smaller holes in it. The tube is made of soft and elastic plastic that has to be inserted in one’s anus.

Users are instructed to insert the open end into their anus when they feel a fart is coming. This should eliminate any unwanted sound farts tend to produce.

Users are also instructed to spray a cotton ball with their favorite perfume and put it into the “Fart Silencer” to eliminate any unwanted odor that might occur.

Anyone wants to give this a try? Happy farting, guys!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Egyptian man "fights" a boring match with a lion

Al-Sayed al-Essawy, an Egyptian self-proclaimed world strongest man  challenged a six year old male lion in a cage in a rural wheat field in the village of Saba’a Al Thabit. Despite vows he would be unarmed, Mr. Al Essawy brought with him a double-pronged spear, the satellite-dish “shield’ spiked with nails, a machete on his belt and a dagger strapped to his ankle. Too scared to go in unarmed?
However, if you're expecting something that looks like a scene from "Gladiator" you’ll be disappointed. After 20 minutes of watching the swaggering and speech-making, the lion briefly roused itself for a short roar when Mr. Al Essawy thrust his spear a little too close. But when Mr. Al Essawy hardened his jaw and grinned aggressively, the lion sat down, apparently unmoved even when Mr. Al Essawy called it a coward. That was enough for Mr. Al Essawy to declare victory. He emerged from the cage, and friends and relatives lifted him onto their shoulders.

This man vs. ferocious feline cage match is all hype and no delivery. In fact, the whole thing sounded like a giant disaster. According to one of the spectators, the beast ate a whole donkey before the “strongman” gets in the cage. Most in attendance for the spectacle were disappointed.

Jilted girlfriend set herself ablaze at boyfriend's house

A 24-year-old woman suffered 80% burns after she set herself on fire at her boyfriend's doorstep at Kandivli on Wednesday. Zarina Shaikh, the victim, was fed up with her boyfriend constantly delaying their wedding plan. She is fighting for her life at V N Desai Hospital.

Police officials said Zarina was in a relationship with Yasin Yusuf Shaikh (25), who stays at Khajuria Tank Road in Kandivli (west). "Zarina had learnt that Yasin had tied the knot with another woman. She did not mind it as long as he married her as well. But Yasin kept postponing their wedding plan, claiming that he was going through a financial crunch," an investigating police official said.

The Kandivli police are awaiting the opinion of the magistrate court before lodging a case of 'attempt to commit suicide' against Zarina. "We have recorded the statements of Zarina and Yasin," the official said.

Zarina, a resident of Asha Nagar in
Santa Cruz (east), is unemployed at present. Yasin works with an insurance firm and is a part-time MBA student. The two got acquainted in 2007 when they used to work together. Later, they changed jobs. Eventually, they joined different departments of the same insurance firm, where they grew close.

"For the past two years, Zarina and Yasin have been in a relationship. When Yasin told her that he planned to get engaged to another woman, the two had a fight. Later, Yasin even revealed to her that he had tied the knot with another woman at his hometown in UP. Zarina did not mind as long as he was willing to marry her as well. Yasin promised he would, but kept postponing the date. A month ago, he fetched his wife from UP to live with him at Kandivli," the official said.

Around 11pm on Tuesday, Zarina called up Yasin but he did not answer. When she kept trying repeatedly, he responded and only said that he was out with friends.

An enraged Zarina landed up at Yasin's doorstep on Wednesday at 8am, while he was asleep. She brought a can of kerosene with her. When Yasin's wife opened the door, Zarina stepped inside and set herself ablaze. Yasin's wife wasn't unaware of Zarina's relationship with her husband till the incident. The shocked woman woke up her husband, who rushed Zarina to the Suchak Hospital.

Zarina was moved to Cooper Hospital and then to V N Desai Hospital. Doctors informed the cops around 11am.

According to the police, Zarina Shaikh told her boyfriend Yasin Shaikh that she was okay with him marrying another woman, as long as he married her too. But when Yunus brought his wife to Mumbai, Zarina landed up at his home and set herself on fire.

Is it really necessary to commit suicide when one get spurned by their lover? Breaking up or broken relationship is part and puzzle of life. She should have moved on and find someone better. Like the saying goes, there are many fishes out there. No point dying for someone who doesn't even appreciate or love you because the person's heart is far away. Think of your family and friends who will be in anguish if you took your own life away.

News source: timesofindia

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Woman thief stripped naked and molested by male students

Authorities of the University of Ghana are yet to react to the molestation of a suspected female thief at one of the halls of residence by male students on the dawn of Thursday March 31.

Some male Students of the Mensah Sarbah Hall annex B arrested Amina at about 3:00am for allegedly stealing a laptop and other gadgets belonging to a female student of the mixed hall.

Instead of handing her over to the University police, the students many of whom are males stripped her naked and physically abused her and recorded the act.

In the 'nasty video' obtained by, Amina could be seen weeping severely as she pleaded with the students to forgive her. But the men without mercy tore her into pieces to expose her naked body.

They opened her legs wide and some of the guys could be seen inserting their fingers into her vagina.

The students, after molesting the victim, handed her over to the police who are investigating the incident.

Citi News understands the University authorities are investigating the situation and will come public in the coming days.

The Crimes Officer at the Legon Police command, ASP Basim, who confirmed the incident to Citi News, said the suspect has been on the police wanted list before Thursday’s alleged thievery.

He however condemned the molestation of Amina.

“She was apprehended and brought to Legon and handed over to the police for investigation so she is in custody. About two months ago, she committed a similar offence and she was arrested and cautioned but because of her circumstance she was granted Court bail to report at the Court. Unfortunately she failed, and the case was presented in her absence and a bench warrant was obtained. So we were looking for her when she committed this recent theft”.

“But if you suspect anybody for committing any offense, the best is to apprehend the person and hand him or her over to the police but not to molest or beat the person up. That will mean taking the law into your own hands” the Crimes Officer lamented.

The lady has not been confirmed to be a student of the University.

Last month I posted an entry about 2 Kenyans are burned alive for stealing potatoes. Both sickening acts are just opportunist trying to take law into their hands. Has the police done anything yet? Or they don't even care because it seems quite rampant for public to do these in Africa. If the country has its law, don't allow those lawless people get away with it.

Source: Citifm - Ghana

Chinese woman adopts 1,500 dogs and 200 cats

Ha Wenjin from China quit her job and sold almost everything she owned to open the largest animal shelter in China. She has adopted more than 1,500 dogs and 200 cats live there right now. The shelter has 10 workers who look after the dogs and 2 workers who take care of the cats. It costs around $37,500 a year to run the shelter.

But now Ha Wenjin is facing even more problems. The Chinese official reclaimed the land the shelter is built on. So the woman is looking for a new place. It has to be far away enough from people’s houses, because 1,500 dogs are not quiet. 

That's a lady that seriously loves animals that she would give up all she have to take care of the animals. Hopefully the government can look into this matter to help out this good samaritan. A toast to this animal lover!

Friday, August 19, 2011

German Engineer fired for marrying Chinese woman

An engineer in northern Germany was sacked because his marriage to a Chinese woman was considered by his employer a security risk, according to an article on the BBC website on Aug 17, 2011.

The 47-year-old German engineer had been working for a company that provides supplies for the German armed forces since May 2006, said the article.

But after his marriage to the woman in December 2009, the engineer was suspended for what was described as security concerns. In June last year, he was fired out of concern about "possible industrial espionage" due to his new family ties.

The man's dismissal was arbitrary, said the employment tribunal in Kiel in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, as the employer had violated his right to marry whomever he chose.

Under a settlement, said the article, the man was awarded compensation equivalent to seven months' salary.

When I read this piece of news, I knew that the company is at fault as it is a violation of human rights. The engineer can marry whoever he wants and the company has no right to "choose" which the bride for him, not to mention racial discrimination too!

News source: Chinadaily

Underwear that hides your beer belly

Spanx, the brand best known for its women's "tummy tightening" pants, has launched a new range in the UK - for men.

The men's undergarments are designed to "firm and flatten", keeping beer bellies in check, according to the company.

The American founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, said: "We applied our 10 years of knowledge and expertise in compression fabrics and transforming the body to this first-of-its-kind collection for men."

Department store Selfridges, which is selling the £55 Cotton Compression Undershirt, £69 Zoned Performance Undershirt and Cotton Comfort briefs (£37) and boxer briefs (£47), said there was already an extensive waiting list.

Ms Blakely added: "The men in my life, and in Hollywood, have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks.

"It's your favourite T-shirt without your least favourite part... love handles."

The cotton undershirt promises to "comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture and eliminate bulk under clothes", while the £69 version claims to provide "maximum shaping with instant transformation".

And Spanx said of the briefs: "There's no chance of a sagging bum with this range as the long-lasting high-gauge Cotton Compression fabric contours to the body for a close fit."

Women have been wearing deceiving accessories like padded bras and body-sculpting undergarments for years, and it’s time boys started playing dirty as well.

News source:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grandmother gave her life to save 4 children

The 69 year old Cai Xiaonu might seem old and slow to most of her fellow villagers in an isolated village in southern China, but when four children were drowning in a river, she jumped into the water even faster than her 12-year-old grandson.

Cai Xiaonu drowned as she tried to save four drowning children in central Henan Province last Friday, and her selfless act touched thousands of netizens.

The heroic grandmother jumped into the Tuanhe River without hesitation and rescued three kids but failed to save the fourth as she lost her strength and went under.

Her funeral early Monday morning attracted hundreds of villagers to mourn and pay their respects in Neixiang County in the city of Nanyang.

Word of her noble act traveled well beyond the city and county, as nearly 20,000 netizens expressed their condolences to her on Sina Weibo, a twitter-like service. They praised her as "the most beautiful grandma."

"Cai is the most beautiful old woman I have ever met. We will never forget her," said Weibo member "Xia Feng," who has written a poem in Cai's honor.

The accident happened around a broken bridge over the river. Four children fell into the water when Cai was about to leave after washing clothes on the river's bank.

"We were playing games while Grandma Cai was washing her clothes beside us. Suddenly, one of us fell into the water. We tried to pull her out, but we fell into the river too," said Pang Yanzhao, one of the surviving children. "We would have died if not for Grandma Cai," she sighed.

The local government pronounced Grandma Cai a "hero," an honor shared mostly by soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. The local government has also sent Cai's family a pension of 3,000 yuan (470 U.S. dollars).

This was not the first accident that occurred around the broken bridge. Several children have fallen into the river here in recent years. Things have become worse after the bridge was destroyed by floods last year.

"The government should be responsible for the accident," another Weibo user said.h A spokesman with the local government said they had made a plan to rebuild the bridge last year. The construction work is set to be launched after this year's flood season.

It is very touching to read about this good samaritan's selfless act. Not many people are willing to give up their lives or risk their lives to save other souls. May Cai Xiaonu rest in peace and your good deed will always be remembered.

Shopping Spree 2

I just love grand sales during public holidays. A few months ago, Robinsons departmental store had its sales and it drew my attention to go for a shopping spree (you can read the post here). Again, The Robinsons Sale, slashing its price as much as 70%.

What I got from this sale? I bought a Nine West handbag for RM180 after 50% discount which retails at RM360. That’s a deal that’s too good to be missed. My friend that accompanied me to the sales bought 2 pairs of Ashworth collar T-shirt that him RM39 each after 70% from its retail price of RM139 each.

For you shopping freaks that don’t know where Robinsons departmental store is, it’s situated in The Gardens Mid Valley and it is easily accessible via train or taxi. If you want to drive there, be sure to be there before 10am or you’ll having a difficult time getting a parking spot. Oh ya, Robinsons usually hold its sales for 3 hours from 9am – 12 noon. If you don’t want to miss the boat, be there early!

I’m a shopaholic and after the sales, my addiction continues to run though veins and I headed down to Berjaya Times Square in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to look for dresses with vintage styling and managed to grab myself 3 dresses for a tad below RM30 each. The quality is average for the price I paid and you need to look hard to get some decent quality apparels in Berjaya Times Square as the place is saturated with an array of apparels which some are of sub-par quality.

Now I’m gonna head to bed beaming with smile after a very rewarding shopping spree!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shocking video of London rioters stealing man's scooter

As the government outlines new curfew laws in attempt to avoid any repeat of last week's violence, new footage has 
emerged showing a man being violently pulled from his scooter by rioters in in south London.

A scooter rider was kicked and dragged from his vehicle by looters during the London riots - and could only look on helplessly as another thief made off with his bike.

In footage posted on YouTube, the helmet-wearing rider can be seen making his way through a crowd of looters in Croydon, South London, before a hooded man gives chase.

Within seconds, other rioters descend on him and his vehicle is stolen.

In the clip, which lasts less than a minute, the rider can be seen trying in vain to get his vehicle back after the looter loses control of it.

But the rider's efforts to reclaim his scooter are met with a swift kick to the back, dealt to him by another mob.

You can watch the video here.

Child hung and beaten for stealing parents money

FURIOUS parents hung their 12-year-old son on a pole by his hands and feet, lashed him with a whip and then beat him with a wooden club for 30 minutes in public after he stole 300 yuan from them to play video games.

A picture recording the scene in front of a crowd of people on Sunday in a complex in the Pudong New Area has been uploaded online and stirred public outcry against family violence.

Eyewitnesses report that the boy's mother pulled the rope to keep her son aloft and shouted, 'Whip him to death!', while the boy's father beat the child. The father reportedly first began with a whip before switching to a wooden club, for a re-education session that lasted 30 minutes in total, meaning he was beaten at a rate of one minute for every ten yuan he pilfered.

Neighbors who came forward trying to stop the beating were pushed away by the father, who shouted to them, "It's my son and my own way to educate him! That's none of your business!"

Neighbors said the family came from Anhui Province and led a poor life collecting electronic wastes.

When the parents were ready to pay the rent to their landlord on Sunday, they found the 300 yuan they locked in a drawer had been stolen by their son who spent it all on playing video games, which incited the parents into a fury, neighbors said.

The boy's suffering finally ended when police arrived after neighbors called them. The boy suffered several slight injures on his legs, the police said, and the father admitted beating him because he stole the rent.

But the parents, who likely violated the country's juvenile protection law, were not detained by the police but only given a warning that they should not beat their son again.

I completely understand how the boy’s parents felt when they found out that their money has been stolen by their son. It is difficult to make ends meet especially living in poverty and 300 yuan means a lot to them. The way the parents discipline their child is wrong but of course this is just one of the story. Probably the parents resorted to this method after their child failed to repent and pilfered numerous times. Are there any better methods to discipline a stubborn child?