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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free clothes causes mad rush at Chinese metro station

A Chinese apparel firm carried out a promotional stunt on a metro train in Shanghai by giving out free clothes, resulting in a mad rush of passengers.

The train was transformed Tuesday into a clothes shop, with passengers helping themselves to garments hanging from hand rails, the Shanghai Daily reported.

On each item was a notice that said: "Not for selling, but you can take this away if you like it."

The promotional campaign by e-commerce giant Taobao attracted many passengers who caused chaos on the trains. Metro authorities had to call the police to control the situation.

A media official with Taobao admitted that the free clothes delivery got a bit out of control.

"We just wanted to promote women's clothes. We're sorry. Our plan was not thought through properly," she said.

A day earlier, in another stunt, young women wearing bikinis were spotted on another metro train putting on shirts and trousers.

It would be great if our Malaysian apparel firms have such marketing gimmicks here. I always see our Malaysian apparel marketing gimmicks are the same such as buy 2 apparels and get the 2nd at a discounted price. That's so boring, lame and unattractive. Come up with marketing gimmicks that are as attractive as the ones in China, will ya?

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