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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boy has 34 fingers and toes

Ten fingers. Ten toes. And another 14 tossed in for good measure. A one-year old boy in India is now a record holder as Guinness has recognized his 34 fingers and toes as the most belonging to anyone in the world

Young Akshat Saxena, from Uttar Pradesh in northern India, has a condition known as polydactylism, a congenital anomaly that litterally means “many fingers.” In the case of Akshat, it involves his fingers and toes.

Upon seeing her child, the boy’s mother Amrita was “shocked and surprised.” The doctor revealed that her son had broken the world record, beating out a Chinese boy with a combined 31 digits. This was confirmed when they hopped online and registered the data.

Doctors have performed a number of surgeries to remove the extra digits, though a distinct lack of thumbs have required them to construct them from scratch out of the removed fingers.

News source: weirdasianews.com


  1. syukur kaki kite cmplte..alhmdllillah

  2. Perlu ke buat operation utk membuang lebihan jari tu?..inilah kebesaran kuasa Allah...

  3. ya Allah..tuhan jadi kan manusia pelbagai rupa.pelbagai ragam dan juga pelbagai rupa.moga kita sama sama terus lakukan amal yang baik di dunia untuk di bawa ke akhirat kelak.amin,,

  4. susah nak maen batu seremban ni

  5. KekuasaanNya.... tapi kalau cikgu nak ajar math ni sensitif juga kalau nak murid kira jari...