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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man caught speeding while touching woman's breast

A photo captured by traffic surveillance camera showing a man speed-driving while putting his hand on a woman's breast in southwest China has triggered a massive online search to reveal his identity.

The photo showed the man was driving over the speed limit on a highway in Sichuan Province on July 29. He appeared in his 40s and was holding the wheel with one hand and his other hand was touching the breast of a young woman sitting next to him, local news website, newssc.org, reported today.

The photo circulated rapidly over the Internet and bloggers scrambled to reveal the identity of the pair. Some said the man was a senior official of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd, surnamed Deng, but the home appliance maker issued a statement to reject the allegation.

Liu Hai, a spokesperson for Changhong, said in his microblog that they have no such employee. A former employee with the same name had been fired back in 2004.

Meanwhile, the photo also sparked heated discussion whether traffic police have violated a citizen's privacy by posting it online.

An unnamed traffic police said it wasn't necessarily the police who leaked the picture as the surveillance system was outsourced to a company which also has access to the pictures.

Photos taken by the surveillance camera are used as evidences to fine violators. No company or individual has the right to use the pictures for purpose other than convicting the offender.

But a lawyer said the police is partially responsible for not managing the photo database properly.   

That's one horny man that has high sex drive and cannot get his hands off the lady even when he is driving. Now I wonder how his wife will react when she sees this photo.

News Source: Shanghaidaily


  1. hahahaha while touching woman breast????aiyaaaaa...

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