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Monday, August 22, 2011

Embarass to fart? Get Fart Silencer!

A guy in Wuhan, China invented the “Fart Silencer” that eliminates unwanted sound and foul odour.
The “Fart Silencer” is a small plastic tube with one end that is completely open and the other end having numerous smaller holes in it. The tube is made of soft and elastic plastic that has to be inserted in one’s anus.

Users are instructed to insert the open end into their anus when they feel a fart is coming. This should eliminate any unwanted sound farts tend to produce.

Users are also instructed to spray a cotton ball with their favorite perfume and put it into the “Fart Silencer” to eliminate any unwanted odor that might occur.

Anyone wants to give this a try? Happy farting, guys!