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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Child hung and beaten for stealing parents money

FURIOUS parents hung their 12-year-old son on a pole by his hands and feet, lashed him with a whip and then beat him with a wooden club for 30 minutes in public after he stole 300 yuan from them to play video games.

A picture recording the scene in front of a crowd of people on Sunday in a complex in the Pudong New Area has been uploaded online and stirred public outcry against family violence.

Eyewitnesses report that the boy's mother pulled the rope to keep her son aloft and shouted, 'Whip him to death!', while the boy's father beat the child. The father reportedly first began with a whip before switching to a wooden club, for a re-education session that lasted 30 minutes in total, meaning he was beaten at a rate of one minute for every ten yuan he pilfered.

Neighbors who came forward trying to stop the beating were pushed away by the father, who shouted to them, "It's my son and my own way to educate him! That's none of your business!"

Neighbors said the family came from Anhui Province and led a poor life collecting electronic wastes.

When the parents were ready to pay the rent to their landlord on Sunday, they found the 300 yuan they locked in a drawer had been stolen by their son who spent it all on playing video games, which incited the parents into a fury, neighbors said.

The boy's suffering finally ended when police arrived after neighbors called them. The boy suffered several slight injures on his legs, the police said, and the father admitted beating him because he stole the rent.

But the parents, who likely violated the country's juvenile protection law, were not detained by the police but only given a warning that they should not beat their son again.

I completely understand how the boy’s parents felt when they found out that their money has been stolen by their son. It is difficult to make ends meet especially living in poverty and 300 yuan means a lot to them. The way the parents discipline their child is wrong but of course this is just one of the story. Probably the parents resorted to this method after their child failed to repent and pilfered numerous times. Are there any better methods to discipline a stubborn child?  


  1. blogtilldrop: yelha... betul jugak kan hehehe

  2. Cara mcm ni boleh mengajar anak ker?..kalau di negara kita dah masuk court tu..penderaan! huhu

  3. elih: betul tu mesti dah ada yang tolong buat report police