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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cathay Pacific investigating on oral sex scandal

Airline Cathay Pacific is conducting an investigation related to the photographs which allegedly showed a stewardess performing oral sex on a pilot on the plane’s passengers from Hong Kong.

Several pixellated photos of the act have been published in local Chinese-language media, showing the woman in a red outfit resembling Cathay’s cabin crew uniform giving oral sex to a man who the reports said was a pilot.

“We are conducting a full investigation into the matter and there are some indications that the female shown in the photos may be a member of our cabin crew,” a Cathay spokeswoman said.

“Our investigations are continuing and we have nothing further to add at this stage,” she said, without commenting on the identity of the man, whose clothing in the published photo did not appear to be a Cathay pilot uniform.

“There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the act took place in-flight, and there are no reasons to believe that any safety breaches have occurred,” the spokeswoman said.

Reports in Hong Kong media said the pictures had been widely circulated on an online forum for pilots, and added that the duo in the photos were a couple.
According to the Chinese-language Apple Daily, the pilot — a foreigner — has issued a legal letter to the newspaper saying the photos had been stolen from his personal computer and that he had lodged a police report.
Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s top airline, has 13,000 staff around the world, including more than 8000 cabin crew and 4000 working in airports, according to its website.


  1. perempuan cina memang sial

  2. Anon: tak baik cakap macam tu. semua bangsa sama je. ada yang baik ada yang buruk. tak baik kita menyumpah di bulan puasa

  3. perempuan cina gak kena kutuk. ahak.. sorry lah walaupun u ada darah cina ain, honestly i tak suka perempuan cina. lelaki cina i ok kawan dengan diorang but perempuan i tak suka. diorang ego, baru putih sikit perasan cantik padahal mata sepet. lebih lebih lagi bos i ... kalau jumpa dia tengah jalan langgar je pastu lari.

  4. tiba2 plak main bangsa.. adehh... kalau cina tu bertaqwa, ALlah pandang.. kalau melayu tu x bertaqwa, Allah x pandang

  5. jangan menuding jari ke satu kaum saja..mulut bercakap tapi 'tulah' datang balik tau...en. anon ni mungkin ada 'perkauman' sikit..

  6. Diorang terkenal dengan pelacuran.. faham faham je lah.

  7. eh..baru naik cathay pacific dr HK...tp pramugari dia mmg lawa2