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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleeping beauty sleeps up to 2 months at a stretch.

Lily Clarke, a 21 years old British girl, suffers a strange and rare syndrome that makes her can sleeps for two months like a sleeping beauty.
She is suffering a Kleine-Levin Syndrome. She had missed the university exams, Christmas and New Year. And even she missed her birthday party, when she was 18 after falling asleep a few days earlier.
Her mother, Adele, 47 years old, said it started in 2007 when they had meal after playing ice skating.
“Before food was served, Lily had fallen asleep in her chair. We could not wake her and had to take her out of the restaurant”.
Lily could slept about 23 hours a day. But now Lily can sleep up to two months at a time every seven months. “She missed most crucial periods in her life,” said Adele.
There is no known cure for the syndrome but medics say it usually affects young people - so Lily may grow out of it.

Adele is now setting up a group that supports people with Kleine-Levin Syndrome in http://www.kls-support.org.uk/.

Now I'm going to bed but I'll definitely be up tomorrow to post another entry!

News Source: dailymail.co.uk


  1. Peliknya syndrome ni...lum pernah jumpa org mcm ni,kesian kat dia

  2. perghh style gile bole tido lame2 :D

  3. Elih:beryl tu.says pun rasa pelik...
    Syrpmasin:boleh relax takes soaps yang Akan marsh kan