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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lesbian marriage in Batu Pahat, Malaysia

A lesbian couple in Batu Pahat, who had been dating for the past two years have taken their relationship to a new level by undergoing a traditional wedding ceremony.

Thomas, 29, and Apple, 27, both property brokers underwent a traditional Chinese tea ceremony at their home here at about 10am on Saturday.

It is learnt Thomas had proposed to Apple about two months ago. They also set up a Facebook page as a testament of their love.

However, both declined to be interviewed when requested by reporters.

Checks on their Facebook fanpage showed revealed many messages posted in Chinese with over 656 "likes".

One friend identified as Wong Shally said she wished she would be lucky enough to experience a love like that of Thomas and Apple and congratulated the "newly weds".
Another Facebook friend, Winny Chin, congratulated the two and said that they were an example to other similar couples.

Thomas and Apple's Facebook page features a pre-wedding wedding photo shoot album entitled "The happiest lesbians" with several pictures of their wedding ceremony.

Malaysia, predominantly a Muslim country forbids same-gender marriage. Therefore the marriage between Apple and Thomas is not recognised as legal by the Malaysian law. 

Picture and news souce: dailychilli.com


  1. No matter lesbian or gay have the same right with normal people to marry and live a happy life, I think, we should not deprive this right from them. Best wishes for this couple and have a nice day.

    1. No,can not ! This is malaysia,please respect or else do it at another country,no one will disturb you

  2. Sejarah ketamadunan manusia yang terdahulu sudah jelas membuktikan bahana hubungan songsang seperti ini.

    Apakah ini benar sebuah perkahwinan?

  3. samizul: betul tu. ia tak sepatutnya berlaku.

  4. ingtkan kat lua negara je..rupanya kat MALAYSIA pun da ade...

  5. salam..

    semakin pelik dah skrg ni..mcm2 hal berlaku..

  6. hmm...entah pa nak jd..heran ek..rasanya haiwan pun tau nak pilih jantan betina.,..hmm...manusia nh x tau lah..

  7. takde masa depan kawen/couple pasangan sejenis ni..

  8. ohh bole ke buat dekat mlaysia??

  9. macam2 ada.... huhuhuhu...

    cinta itu buta... atau... cinta itu gila...

  10. tak pernah suka pada pengkid... over acting. suka cari pasal

  11. Everybody got the right to live a happier life no matter what their gender is...color of their skin...religion.This Gay or Lesbian people just don't get attracted to the opposite sex...maybe is because of their hormones...just like Mr.Elton John...he can have almost everything money can buy but he put on a wedding dress and like to be a she...i personally don't encouraged on same sex marriage but i do hope everybody stays happy.

  12. Setiap orang mempunyai hak untuk dapat hidup bahagia dan 'menikah'. Namun term 'menikah' (marriage) itu sendiri adalah penyatuan (lawan jenis) antara wanita dan pria dalam suatu ikatan yg suci untuk meneruskan keturunan.
    Apakah penyatuan antara wanita dengan wanita atau pria-pria bisa disebut marriage hanya karena mrk mengucapkan janji seperti halnya orang yg menikah???

    Dalam Islam, Nasrani ataupun umat beragama lain yg dimaksud dengan menikah adalah antara lelaki & wanita. Apakah modernisasi telah merubah persepsi manusia akan artinya menikah ('marriage')

  13. Ye . memang kita semua ada hak untuk berkahwin dengan siapa yang kita suka tapi, sudah terang terangan perkahwinan ini melampaui batas. bagi saya, sepatutnya kita halang perkara sebegini dari berlaku di malaysia. kita semua cina, melayu dan india masih orang asia yang mempunya adat dan tatasusila yang tinggi. saya bangga dengan itu . jangan sesekali kita cuba untuk berubah menjadi lebih terbuka. lagi kita hidup terbuka, lagi kualiti hidup itu hilang. hanya pendapat.

  14. Everybody got the right to live a happier life no matter if it is forbbided or restricted by religion ,and im not courage-ing people to commit the sins , but all people should know tht we are not pray to have feeling towards the same gender as i am going throught it now .and im malay !!!plus muslim !!!!! ,im trying so hard to escape this situation nor feeling and yet ,my love grows deeper towards d same gender .im wishing dis couple to have a nice love/life journey with each other

  15. en español
    quisiera saber si han leido una obra sobre la homofobia,que narra la historia de una princesa española lesbiana de la Edad Media,titulada usmena y urraca

  16. Eduardo, i'm not sure if they've read about the play but it's unusual for same gender marriage in Malaysia.

  17. Dear Anissa.... one word.. SEMBAHYANG

  18. George, you are so right. The problem is that genetically, there are 4 sexes.
    Male body, male mind
    Male body, female mind
    Female body, male mind
    Female body, female mind

    To me this is god's problem - because obviously EVEN god doesn't recognize this problem in all the "holy" books. But then almost everybody believes in a god. The stronger they believe in god, the stronger they will oppose the idea of same sex partnership.

    What these people should do is see the cross-gender people. All of them are so human - so affectionate people in their own ways. The problem is there is such a small minority of them. If they were in much larger numbers then Man who like Women and Women who like Man would be scorned and having babies could have been left to "undesirable" heterosexual relations.

    Christians are pathetic at this. If you had a brother or sister who was not straight - get the entire papal congregation and PRAY over them - see if your almighty god can make a change. That is, now that the world has already been saved by the Saviour. (Did I hear some one say I much believe first?)

    Anyway, then we would have not just 4 combinations of relations but many more. Damn God for creating such messy relations.

    That leads me on to another problem, why wouldn't any two religion agree with each other? Each thinks the other is outright stupid. And these are the people "who know so much" about their gods.

    Having said that; what can we say about Indian caste system that prevents two perfectly normal heterosexual couple from marrying?
    What about inter-racial marriages? What about young man - much older women marriages? Even, young women - much older man? Suppose a 18 yr old female married a 58 yr old man - even those who agree to same sex relations might disagree on this!! So the problem is really one of "them versus us" forever.

  19. This gay or lesbian people are born attracted to the same sex...not so lucky...I think...we are not wearing the same shoes like them...so we don't know much on this...about this is a creation from god...for me I don't think so...their born that way.Most people are convinced that god is watching on the above on every move we made on this planet...for whatever reason...just do nice things while on this planet will be most appropriate...most religions teaches us good things...for me we must help ourself first before others can help you...good day everybody.

  20. Some says gay and lesbian are god problems...for me i don't think so...the human are always putting the blame on to god...nobody have seen a god before i should says...there're many religions in this world...mostly preaching good things and to control the human race as a main priority...on inter-racial marriage...one religion is selfish on this...younger women marrying a older man...i consider...this is her choice...you want to be happy on a bicycle or sad in a Mercedes...good day.