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Thursday, August 4, 2011

China men turn to pole dancing for fitness

Men in China strip away the stigma of pole dancing and embrace it as an alternative workout towards building a fitter and stronger physique.

Pole dancing is spinning a frenzy among Chinese men looking to stay fit.

Once the sport of strippers, pole dancing requires a growing number of male participants to use their abs, arms and upper body strength to scale the pole and maneuver a series of intricate spins, twists, and flips while suspended off the ground.

Beijing's Wuti studio, which holds weekly pole dancing courses, aims to attract men looking to build strength and gain muscle.

Instructor Yan Shaoxuan leads his class of about six men, said pole dancing is a good way to tone a person's physique, be it male or female.

Yan's classes have both men and women who pay from $620 to $1,240 dollars a year for classes ranging from beginner level up to teacher-in-training.

As more people are attracted by pole dancing's physical benefits, Yan hopes that they will associate it with health and fitness, and less with sex and scandal.

Despite this, pole dancing is still associated with seedy night clubs and scantily clad women in the minds of many China's conservative circles.

But as gym memberships and the desire to shape up are on the rise, many male pole dancers say it is a sign of the times that men are also taking it up.
In future, gone are the days where man hang out at the gym to build their body. Now pole dancing is the way to go!!

Pictures and news: Reuters


  1. It is a new populated sport(?)in China, favored not only by Chinese men but also Chinese women, it is good for excising and keep in good figure.

  2. Yes, there's nothing wrong with pole dancing. It's a discovery that it can enhance fitness. We should have it here in Malaysia too!!!

  3. penuh la gay gamaknye nengok mamat2 taf wat pole dancing...hehehe...