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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mentally ill son chained to a wall for 23 years

These pictures of a mentally ill man naked and chained to a wall in the most appalling conditions are enough to shock even the hardest amongst us.

But amazingly his mother, who has kept him locked in a ruined barn in Chongqing, southern China for 23 years, claims it is for 'his own good' and that she loves him dearly.

Xiao Anrong, 76, is now appealing for help to care for Tang Zuhua, 40, because she says she is worried about what will happen to him when she dies.

Since her two other children left home, Xiao has cared for him on her own and has to bathe him, trim his hair, clean out his barn and feed him while living on a pension of 166.57 yuan per month.

She claims her son has to be kept chained and naked because he tears up any clothes he is given and is a danger to himself.

After being chained to the wall for 23 years, Tang can no longer walk properly because his leg muscles have wasted away.

He sleeps on the bare ground as Xiao cannot afford straw for his bedding.

She said: 'I hope somebody can help me - I fear for the future for my poor boy when I am no longer here.

'I have three children but although his brother and sister are normal he was never normal, and when he was 17 he became violent and smashed things.

'We locked him in the barn and had to chain him to keep him there - and because he always ripped up his clothes we have to leave him naked.'

She said: 'Some kind neighbours donate food. Otherwise we wouldn't manage.'

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