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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jilted girlfriend set herself ablaze at boyfriend's house

A 24-year-old woman suffered 80% burns after she set herself on fire at her boyfriend's doorstep at Kandivli on Wednesday. Zarina Shaikh, the victim, was fed up with her boyfriend constantly delaying their wedding plan. She is fighting for her life at V N Desai Hospital.

Police officials said Zarina was in a relationship with Yasin Yusuf Shaikh (25), who stays at Khajuria Tank Road in Kandivli (west). "Zarina had learnt that Yasin had tied the knot with another woman. She did not mind it as long as he married her as well. But Yasin kept postponing their wedding plan, claiming that he was going through a financial crunch," an investigating police official said.

The Kandivli police are awaiting the opinion of the magistrate court before lodging a case of 'attempt to commit suicide' against Zarina. "We have recorded the statements of Zarina and Yasin," the official said.

Zarina, a resident of Asha Nagar in
Santa Cruz (east), is unemployed at present. Yasin works with an insurance firm and is a part-time MBA student. The two got acquainted in 2007 when they used to work together. Later, they changed jobs. Eventually, they joined different departments of the same insurance firm, where they grew close.

"For the past two years, Zarina and Yasin have been in a relationship. When Yasin told her that he planned to get engaged to another woman, the two had a fight. Later, Yasin even revealed to her that he had tied the knot with another woman at his hometown in UP. Zarina did not mind as long as he was willing to marry her as well. Yasin promised he would, but kept postponing the date. A month ago, he fetched his wife from UP to live with him at Kandivli," the official said.

Around 11pm on Tuesday, Zarina called up Yasin but he did not answer. When she kept trying repeatedly, he responded and only said that he was out with friends.

An enraged Zarina landed up at Yasin's doorstep on Wednesday at 8am, while he was asleep. She brought a can of kerosene with her. When Yasin's wife opened the door, Zarina stepped inside and set herself ablaze. Yasin's wife wasn't unaware of Zarina's relationship with her husband till the incident. The shocked woman woke up her husband, who rushed Zarina to the Suchak Hospital.

Zarina was moved to Cooper Hospital and then to V N Desai Hospital. Doctors informed the cops around 11am.

According to the police, Zarina Shaikh told her boyfriend Yasin Shaikh that she was okay with him marrying another woman, as long as he married her too. But when Yunus brought his wife to Mumbai, Zarina landed up at his home and set herself on fire.

Is it really necessary to commit suicide when one get spurned by their lover? Breaking up or broken relationship is part and puzzle of life. She should have moved on and find someone better. Like the saying goes, there are many fishes out there. No point dying for someone who doesn't even appreciate or love you because the person's heart is far away. Think of your family and friends who will be in anguish if you took your own life away.

News source: timesofindia