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Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you marrying the right person?

Waiting until marriage to consummate a relationship is all fine and dandy if that’s your thing, but you should always be aware of the gender of your mate-to-be before tying the knot.

Groom 500x333 Indonesian Bride Discovers Groom to be a Woman picture

Such is the sad tale of a woman in the Banten province of Indonesia, who discovered her soon-to-be husband was actually a man. During the exchanging of the vows, the “groom” let escape a female voice. This caused the congregation to grow a bit suspicious.

The cleric started asking questions, and according to a police office, his voice “turned soft, like that of a woman.” Even the cop was surprised, as he later stated that “she looked very much like a man and her voice was heavy.”

The woman is now being investigated by the local police for fraud.

You’d think the lack of an Adam’s apple would be a giveaway, but maybe she wore lots of turtlenecks. This is clearly not a unique case, either. A woman in India recently discovered her “husband” was actually a woman after the actual marriage took place.


  1. nak buat macam mana.. dia pun tak minta jadi mcm tu kan???

  2. Macam-macam lah dunia sekarang ni..lelaki nak jadi pompuan, pompuan nak jadi lelaki..!hurmm..