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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dad cheers as little boy and girl fights

HEBEI, CHINA - The video was shot by the girl's father, Lan Jianguo, in Cangzhou city, North China's Hebei province, the local news portal hebnews.cn reported.

In the video, after a fierce fight, the boy was taken to the ground and kicked by the girl, while Lan just stood aside and encouraged the two children to fight. Lan assured a woman who came to stop the fighting, saying that it was fine and the children often fought in this manner.

It is heard from the video that the man asked the boy to get up and retaliate by hitting the girl back. The man repeatedly praised the girl for being fierce while shouting to the boy to attack.

Lan told the hebnews.cn reporter that the boy was his nephew and he wanted to teach him how to defend his dignity from childhood. Lan said he applied the rule of "natural selection and survival of the fittest" to educate the children, to ensure they understood they must dare to fight back against bullies in their lives, as he used to be bullied by others during his childhood and later experienced hardships in his career.

Lan said he uploaded the video to the Internet in order to initiate discussion among netizens and he was surprised people were just focusing on its brutality.

Surprisingly, the boy's mother, Lan's elder sister, had no objection to the fight. She agreed with Lan's education method and believed that the fight changed her son's cowardly personality and now his classmates showed him more respect.
This is one of the most craziest way of training children to fight. Well, if there is really a need for self-defence classes, why not just enroll the children in Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido or Silat (an indigenous martial arts of the Malay Archipelago and Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia). This man is a total no-brainer. Probably he should teach the children how to fight like this comic strip. Duh!

Source: China Daily/Asia News Network


  1. kecik-kecik lagi dah nak jadi gengster..

  2. memang gila.. alasan pun tak munasabah. Setuju dengan pendapat kamu.. lbh bagus masukkan kt kelas mempertahankan diri

  3. Intan: memang melampau

    Sekamar rindu: pelik pelik negara diorang

    Lekat lekit: tulah silekit. tak faham kenapa ayah dia berfikiran macam tu.. harap harap kat Malaysia takdelah

  4. ain, teringat masa u sibuk nak belajar karate dulu... last last kena ngorat ngan mat salleh tua. u maki dia ingat tak? last last dia tau cakap malay, u terus berhenti..u ni suka buat lawak.but, i think u sekarang agak serius lah. ayat ayat u semua power.

  5. zacha,

    letihlah u ni.. suka suka je nak ungkit... tapi lawak kan masa tu.. i memang cuak gila bila tau dia faham cakap melayu. yelah master suruh pegang lain, dia pergi pegang lain... bengong tol

  6. ntah hape2. mendidik dengan cara salah. kan banyak lagi cara nak didik anak2 tapi bukan dengan cara macam ni. *sighh*