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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Indian girl commit suicide to donate organs to family

A twelve-year-old Indian girl ended her own life in an attempt to donate organs to her father and brother, but was cremated before her suicide note detailing her wishes was found.

Mumpy Sarkar, from a village in West Bengal, India, took her life June 27 in the hope of providing organs for her father and brother. Both of her brother’s kidneys were not fully functioning with one damaged and the other growing weaker while her father was slowly losing his eyesight. Her father is a day laborer in an agricultural district and the family was unable to afford medical treatment, The Times of India said.

The pre-teen told her older sister about her plan and urged her to join her for the "cause," but her sister "laughed it off" and left for school. Mumpy poisoned herself with the pesticide Thiodan, leaving behind a suicide note explaining her wishes. However, the note was only discovered the day after the girl was cremated.


  1. wow! her love for her family is really admirable!

  2. Shall we say she is brave or she is innocent? There must be some other ways to save her family, she is too young, you know, is it worth to ...?

  3. Some people can go to great lengths for their family and willing to sacrifice their marriage/relationships/friendships/career/money and even their life for their family. At times rationale failed when their minds are clouded.