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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy killed ex-girlfriend for a free breakfast

A schoolboy in Britain faces a life term in jail for murdering his ex-girlfriend after a friend promised him free breakfast if he did away with her.

The brutality of the crime moved the Judge, who in an unprecedented step allowed Joshua Davies, 16, to be named despite being a juvenile, saying it was in public interest to expose the brute.

The jury at Swansea Crown Court heard how Davies, a year ago lured Rebecca Aylward, 15, to a secluded wood and then used a rock, the size of a rugby ball to smash her skull with at least six brutal blows.

He allegedly bragged about the killing, telling friends “Do you know how hard it is to break someone’s neck? She was facing away from me and I thought ‘This is it, I’m going to go for it. I’m going to break her neck’. She was screaming so I picked up a rock and started to hit her. The worst part was feeling and seeing her skull give way.”

Afterwards, the teen tried to cover his tracks by posting status updates reading “I’m just chilling with two friends”, and later “I enjoyed a rather good day with a lovely breakfast”.

The schoolboy, just 15 when he turned killer, wept as he was remanded in custody by Justice Lloyd Jones to be sentenced later but was told to expect an "indefinite" term.

The jury convicted him of murder by a majority verdict after hearing that Davies texted a friend to ask, "What would you do if I actually did kill her?"

His friend mistook it for the latest in a long line of jokes about murdering Rebecca and replied, "Oh, I would buy you breakfast."

The girl's body was found face down in the rain, after the day of the murder after one of Davies's friends contacted police and led them to the scene.


  1. Makan percuma puas2 di penjara lah ya.. Kalau begini undang2 Juvana di Barat, kemungkinan besar pembunuh upahan = bawah umur. Paling2 pun, penjara seumur hidup ja kan.. Habeskan bajet negara ja..

  2. sekamar rindu: budak lagi tu.. gila kan
    samizul: padan muka dia.. ingat senang ke bunuh orang.

  3. masuk penjara ada free breakfast. diorang ni suka tiru filem yang diorang sendiri buat lah