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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Angry boyfriend tore girlfriend's bikini top at bikini contest

A Chinese boyfriend stormed into a bikini contest show and he was furious that his girlfriend entered the contest without his permission. A quarrel ensured and in the rage of anger, he tore his girlfriend’s bikini top and almost got into a brawl when other male contestants interfere to stop the fight. At the end of the scene, he threw a book to the floor to demonstrate his frustrations.

The guy should be charged for outraging the modesty of his girlfriend and be put behind bars. If he really loves her, he shouldn’t try to expose his girlfriend’s modesty. If she still carries on, well, just dump her if he cannot accept it. In a rage of anger, he has made himself guilty and didn’t think of the consequences. You can see clearly that he has the element of violence in him.

The video has gone viral and you can watch the crazy guy in action on youtube. You can watch it here if the video hasn’t been brought down.


  1. silap cara nak 'pertahankan' gf..huhu

  2. kejam ke BF dia? atau tak malukah GF dia memperdagangkan body. Tak tau Chinese, but for malay... i think GF macam tu tak patut jadikan isteri. sekurang kurangnya BF dia mahu mempertahankan maruah GF dia.

  3. Not sure nak mempertahankan maruah or not. The whole thing is just... WRONG.

  4. Not worth it? Yes…i'm white man and i find majority of Chinese girls are ugly even if you took the hottest chinese girl in china,Singapore, malaysia or Indonesia they still wouldn't be as hot as a white girl. not saying only white girls are hot, i just not to be attracted to Chinese or black girls. most other races are fine .I think its probably their noses and eyes. Not racist, but the only attractive asian’s I’ve seen are mixed. I prefer exotic face like Philiphines or Thai.

  5. Agreed with you Jack. Not pretty. Very bad in bed, but good in looking rich man. They have very bad attitude and no manners. Experienced it before during my visit to Hong Kong and Malaysia. To tell the truth , they are not good lover and always ask for divorce.