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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inhumane torture of pigs in the name of experiment

Netizens are outraged by the pictures published in Chinasmack where youths in Nanning, China is seen abusing and beating pigs with poles. The pigs are tied, hung up and are beaten and kicked. In one of the picture, the youths tried to drown a pig in a pail of water. The pigs are seen bleeding from the torture.
What happen to humanity these days? Even though pigs are generally considered “unclean” food or animal to certain religion and culture, it is still God’s creation. Pigs shouldn’t (even other animals) be degraded to this manner.
The school involved in the incident claimed “Pig Abuse Gate” was just a forensics class experiment undertaken by criminal investigation and special police students at the police school. What a bunch of nonsense excuse is that!

Picture Source: Chinasmack


  1. Yes, it is true that these youths from Nanning, China have done sth. badly wrong, or even can be called cruel, they must be punished or blamed, while they are only few among Chinese, please don't regard all the Chinese are the same with them. Greetings from China.

  2. Hi Chinatours! Yes, not all Chinese are the same. It's because of these boys action, tarnishes the country. You can read one of my post on racial stigma in which i had the same thoughts as you.

  3. alahai..babi pun kena dera ke..kesian la pulak..

  4. Tulah .. kesian kan... walaupun babi tapi kesian tengok...

  5. kejam btol kan....

  6. tak pernah seumur hidup makan babi sebab ianya haram dalam Islam. Dan Agama Islam tidak pernah menyuruh kita menganiaya atau bebrbuat jahat sesama insan samada mereka Islam atau Kristian mahupun agama lain, binatang yang halal atau haram di makan .. mereka makhluk Allah....