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Friday, July 29, 2011

Vampire man drinks wife's blood

Deepa Ahirwar, a 22-year old woman, who lives in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, was married to Mahesh Ahirwar, an agricultural laborer in 2007 in a Shikarpura village. He started drinking her blood a few months later, claiming it made him strong. Her husband would use a syringe to draw blood from her arms, then empty it in a glass and drink it. For three years he did this on a regular basis, threatening her of dire consequences if she revealed this to anyone.
Deepa’s husband even did it while she was pregnant, though she didn’t start protesting until after she gave birth to her son. Her health started deteriorating for she started to feel nausea after repeated blood removal.  Any attempt to resist will result her being violently attack by her husband.
Deepa quietly ran to her parents’ house along with her infant to complain about her husband.

Her father then took her to the Patera police station to lodge a complaint. But the police refused to register a case saying it was not under their jurisdiction.

So they moved to Hindoriya police station (the area where her husband lived).

But even Hindoriya refused to register a case against Mahesh, who was by then absconding. However, when the local residents of Shikarpura learnt of Mahesh’s gross habit, they decided to take up the cause.

Due to their efforts, an FIR has been lodged at the Hindoriya police station stating that Deepa was physically tormented by her husband.

If my spouse tries to drink my blood, I've to show him this:

Now, do you have the guts to drink, Mr. Mosquito?


  1. Baru bace je dh ikut Nausea skali.. jijik n kejam..huhuu~

  2. Bangang.. Cuba bagi 'ansuran bulanan' yang orang perempuan ada tiap2 bulan tu.. Mana tau kot2 jadi SuperMan, kan.. Rasa dulu, baru tahu.. LOL

  3. wafa:memang jijik. dia mental kot

    najiha: maybelah kot. hehehe

    samizul: hahahah... good idea tu..