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Monday, July 18, 2011

Foreign woman walked stark naked in Miri, Sarawak

People from Miri, Sarawak had a shock when a 25-year old foreign girl walked down naked on the streets.

The woman took off her clothes in front of a nightclub before walking naked on the streets at 8am on Saturday, 16 July 2011. The woman walked slowly as though she was parading on the catwalk and also danced in front of a car. Some people took pictures of her with their mobile phones. The woman became emotional when a group of men apprehended her and tried to put clothing on her. She was later taken to the Miri police station, where the police asked her relatives to take her home.

A picture of the woman parading
I think this lady is mentally ill as she has no shame. If she is mentally sane, she is in the wrong country. In Malaysia, there is no nudist colony, as far as I know of unless it’s underground, and nudity is taboo here. Majority of Malaysians are Muslims and generally it is still a conservative country.


  1. mengandaikan bila peristiwa itu tejadi depan mata..
    mata sara sure terbeliak


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    tapi rakyat kita pon x hormt negara sendiri,mcm mana nak org luar repek negara kita..hm....sedih ye adik2.. :P

  3. adoii... b'agk r sket. hahaha...

  4. mana gambar beb

  5. dunia semakin aneh la katakan...

  6. jika terserempak bulan poser, comfirm batal poser aku.. hahaha

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