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Monday, July 25, 2011

A cuckold fetishist forced wife to sleep with men online

Today’s local daily in Malaysia highlighted that a husband forced his wife to sleep with Caucasian men while he watch remotely through a laptop via Skype. The strangers that his wife slept with have no qualms about her husband watching and she had slept with dozens of men. Some of the men are repeated bed partners as her husband finds that the men are able to perform well in bed. Her husband forced his 38-year old Sabahan wife to do such despicable act because he finds more pleasure in watching his wife having sex with other men. According to source, the husband will source for caucasian males through social networking sites and arrange for a rendezvous at a hotel. On the other hand, his wife thinks that this is the only way to please her husband even though it is against her will. According to the wife, no money was exchanged for the sexual services. After 5 years of torment, the mother of 3 children decided to seek help from a local daily to highlight her plight to end this fetish.
I find her story fishy as she had remained quiet for the last 5 years and put up with her husband’s crazy demand. She must be so foolish to think that she is offering her body to strangers in return for nothing. She said she kept quiet and gave in to him because she has nowhere to turn to and love her husband so much. In the video, the wife is seen to enjoy the act and she said she was forced to pretend that she enjoyed it in order to keep her husband’s mouth shut. Now she decided to blow the whistle and does that mean she has a place to turn to now?
Yes, people are disgusted and angry of that her husband forces his wife to such immoral act for his own pleasure but I don’t know if Malaysians should sympathize her for the ordeal she went through. I had the feeling that there must be 2 sides of the story and some where during the course of the event, things must have turned awry that led her to voice out now. Or she might be seeking public sympathy for some hidden personal agenda. We don’t know what happened but things will not be as simple as 1, 2, 3. As the there is a saying “It takes 2 hands to clap” as the responsibility of the actions are bestowed on both parties. After all, if she can come to the media for help on her own accord, she would be well-aware off her situation during the past 5 years and gather the courage to walk out of her man and seek help much earlier.

Picture source: mmail.com.my


  1. huhhuhu.... 5 tahun tu lama sgt laaa.... ye dak? penyabar kot org itu...


  2. huh.. 5 thn 2 bleh wt diam jew??

  3. oh NOOOO..what kind of people they are?especially her husband!! sorry...

  4. Something wrong dengan this couple. pelik bin ajaib. husband tak kisah wife have sex dengan orang lain adn wife enjoy 5 years dulu before report.

  5. her husband is crazy,,haiyaaa,,macam ni punye olang pun ada ka?

  6. Tembirang bah tu perempuan, sudah 5 tahun baru lapor polis, bukan kah palui tu...

  7. i found it kinda sexy way to show our love to our partner.. asalkan mereka bahagia.. hahahahahahhaa.. bullshit ah.. laki dia mati pucuk ke hape xleh nak sodomi bini sendiri?

    kepuasan melihat isteri dikongkek orang lain.. what do u think? huhu