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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hong Kong couple caught having sex in park

A young couple were caught having sex at a public park in Hong Kong, receiving heavy criticisms from the netizens.

The couple had a rendezvous in the park to engage in their lustful act. The first photo shows that the young man lied on top of the young woman lying on her back on the stone bench. The woman has stripped off her pants and shoes, and spread her legs wide open.

The second photo shows that the young woman sat astride the man who supported himself with hands on the stone bench, and kissed passionately.

The third photo looks as if the man was using his right hand to help enter the woman from top when she was lying on stone bench with legs open.

Gotcha! Your act has gone viral. Next time, go get a room!

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  1. Lepas tgk gambar diatas rasa stim pulak.