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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Women prefer odour of men's shaved armpit

Men’s shaved armpits smell better to women as compared to wildly grown ones, a new study has found.

For the study, a group of scientists from Czech Republic had male participants shave one armpit and let the other grow wild.

The researchers then collected odour samples from each of the men’s pits and passed them under the noses of a group of females, who then rated how attractive they found each odour.

They found that the women preferred the smell of the shaved pits, but just barely.

“Altogether, the effect of shaving is not quite large,” Livescience quoted Jan Havlicek, the lead researcher from Charles University in Prague as saying.

According to Havlicek, the effect of shaving was “transient”.

The researchers also found that the study’s female participants found the smell of freshly shaven pits more pleasant than pits that had been growing hair for six to 10 weeks, but they could not distinguish between the smell of armpits that had one week of growth and those that had six to 10 weeks of growth.

I can't validate that as I don't go around smelling men's armpit. If any weirdos do that, please share here.

News Source: indianexpress.com