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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Female superhero Chinese Redbud Woman appears in Beijing

This May, a female “superhero” appeared in Hong Kong, wearing low-cut black tights and blue mask, called herself “Zijing Woman” (紫荆侠) or “Chinese Redbud Woman”. She handed out food and cash to some Hong Kong residents. The mysterious masked female vigilante received great attention in Hong Kong.
However, on December 24, a “female superhero” also appeared in Beijing, wearing exactly the same outfit as the “Chinese Redbud Woman” of Hong Kong.

“Today is my first day as the Chinese Redbud Woman, feeling a little nervous. Already prepared the military coats and food for the elderlies, also many thanks to the hand warner friend gave me.” She called herself Chinese Redbud Woman in her microblog, mysteriously appeared on the cold streets of Beijing on Christmas Eve, in front of the Wangfujing Bookstore, at the Xidan subway station and other places, distributed clothing and gifts to beggars and homeless. Beijing residents and netizens also started to talk about her.
Who is this beautiful woman? Why is she doing that? Reporter contacted the “Beijing Chinese Redbud Woman” via private message on microblog. She said that it does not matter who she is and also stated that what she did was not a publicity stunt, “just wanted to help these people who are in need.”
According to Sichuan Online:
Recently, since the female superhero “Chinese Redbud Woman” appeared in Hong Kong, another “Chinese Redbud Woman” also appeared in Beijing, also wearing low-cut black tights and blue mask, claimed on her microblog that she will continue to spread the warmth. Only a dozen of tweets, she already had over 7,000 fans. “Beijing Chinese Redbud Woman’s” first activity was on Christmas Eve: first gave the military coat to the old man on Xiushui Street, then sent food and coats to the elders in from of the Wangfujing Bookstore. Because Beijing Chinese Redbud Woman was only wearing a black veil, the old lady kept asking her if she is cold…
After reading Beijing Zijing Woman’s microblog, netizens both praised and criticized her, however there is only one consensus, her attire is not so suitable for the winter.
Some comments:
“What a body ~~”
“This is another kind of charity, sexy charity.”
“For sure her motivation is to become famous. Is it necessary to dress like this when doing good?”
“Her breasts are really big.”

News Source: Chinahush.com

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