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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Woman spends 902 days in the toilet

A woman who refused to leave her toilet for two-and-a-half years has spoken about why she refused to leave.

Mee Yan Leong sat down on the bowl in her bathroom on March 25, 2009. The 58-year-old woman claimed that she ‘felt a force holding her down’ and said she did not understand why she felt compelled to stay in the tiled bathroom.

She also told hospital staff she was scared of leaving the loo in case neighbours sprayed water at her or threw stones.

During her stay in the bathroom Leong lived on porridge, bread and biscuits prepared by her husband. Leong only leavs her seat 18 times to shower, after almost 1000 days her husband finally gave in, calling up the emergency services before she was forcibly removed from the bathroom.

They had to come into my flat, hold her down, then wrap her in a towel before using a wheelchair to take her to the hospital," said Kian.

Mee Yan Leong is now receiving treatment in a nearby mental institute.


  1. kelakar pun ada.. memang ada mental prob ni

  2. ini mesti dh terkena ngn jin toilet ni hehehe

  3. hahahaha. xtau nak kesian ke nak gelak ni. tapi dh gelak pun, tapi kesian pun ada. haha

  4. salam..

    hehehe saya pun gelak juga yayah..:)