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Thursday, August 4, 2011

World's most expensive iPad2

Want something special to treasure for your entire life? Are you a millionaire looking for something glossy and unique to fill up your hunger for luxurious things? Maybe this one will finally end your hunt for expensive gadget – introducing the iPad 2 Gold History Edition.

The first question that comes into our mind about this very expensive gadget is what’s the difference of it from the normal one? Is playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja much enjoyable on this one? Will it be much easier to get 3 stars on this gadget? Obviously, the answer is no but having this gadget will definitely going to complement to the status of your life.

Anyway, here is an overview of why it is so expensive and luxurious. First, it has diamonds encrusted on it. There are flawless diamonds which formed the logo at the back of the iPad 2. Plus, it has gold to perfectly craft the most expensive back casing of a gadget in history.

Next is the front frame which surrounds the gadget’s LCD has been revamped into something really unexpected. They put Ammolite to make this one much more extravagant and super special. The rarest gemstone on Earth can now be found on this gadget. How elegant and grand can that be to have an iPad 2 which has the presence of the oldest rock our world has.

Finally, the most shocking ingredient of this elite gadget is the 65-million year old T-REX thigh bone which they crash into bits and shaped as part of the iPad. Look, no doubt this thing is very rare and there is no way to acquire such a device without forking over a large sum money.

To have a gadget with a slice or even dust of this T-REX is truly amazing.

This iPad 2 is so extraordinary and apparently, only a few people have the ability to purchase this one. It would cost you £5,000,000.00 or $8,000,000.00 in order for you to have this very exclusive iPad 2. Imagine that, you could buy a great house plus great cars for this huge amount but of course if already have that both why not purchase this limited edition iPad 2 by Stuart Hughes.

Picture and news source: thetechscoop.net


  1. harharharhar... boleh beli beribu kereta second hand....

  2. ipad 2 mampu lah.. tapi kalau yang ini.. baik beli rumah