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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snake growing inside woman's abdomen

A woman from Pakistan is appealing to authorities to assist her in getting surgery to remove a massive snake which is growing inside her abdomen.

According to Pakistani press 50-year-old Rasheedan Bibi from Saggar, north of Lahore, accidentally swallowed a small snake which was in her drinking water several months ago.

However after a few weeks Rasheedan began to expand, and she believed she was simply pregnant. But Rasheedan continued to grow and grow, and became very ill. After seven months of swelling up Rasheedan eventually sought medical help and went to a hospital.

According to Rasheedan the hospital staff used ultrasound to see what was growing inside her and it revealed a gigantic snake coiled around her innards.

Rasheedan, who comes from a poor rural background, is appealing to the local authorities to help her get the treatment to have the huge serpent removed.