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Monday, August 15, 2011

1 killed, 29 injured in escalator accident in China

A 13-year-old boy was killed and 28 other people injured when an escalator at a Beijing subway station suddenly malfunctioned.
The accident occurred just after the morning rush hour, when witnesses heard a rising escalator grinding loudly and then saw it suddenly change direction.

The sudden tumult caused passengers standing on the escalator to lose their balance, with those at the top falling on the people behind them.

The accident happened on one of the Chinese capital's newest lines, but officials were quick to point the finger at the manufacturers of the escalator and to deny that the country's rush to build new public transport infrastructure had caused safety standards to decline.

The escalator was built by Otis and was still in its guarantee period, said Yang Ling, a spokesman with the Beijing Metro corporation. She added that it had undergone routine maintenance at the end of last month.

"People fell into a pile, and the boy and his father were buried under others," said an injured witness, a father going with his child to the zoo. The dead boy has not been named, and his father is in the intensive care unit of the Peking University People's Hospital. The boy's sister is also being treated for head injuries at another hospital.


  1. bahaya ni.. itulah malang tak berbau kan? dr kecuaian org lain blh mengundang padah pada org lain

  2. Sang lekit: tu lah.. malang memang tak berbau.. kena hati hati sellau

    Nizam:ada.. kat China

    Mizz_nizz: Insyallah doa kanlah kita semua selamat dari bahaya macam ni

  3. sian kat mangsa yang tak bersalah kan..

  4. hamzah: Insyallah

    Kumbang jingga: takut kan?? tadi naik kat putra lrt pun teringat ringat

    wa: memang kesian... budak lagi yang meninggal tu