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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mexican man claims he found a fairy

An unemployed 22-year-old bricklayer claims he has found a fairy in this western Mexican metropolis.

Jose Maldonado, who charges a monetary “donation” in exchange for displaying what appears to be a simple plastic figure kept in a container of formaldehyde, says he has already received 3,000 visits from people eager to see the so-called fairy at his home in Lomas Verdes, one of Guadalajara’s poorest and most dangerous neighbourhoods.

 “I was picking guavas and I saw a twinkling. I thought it was a firefly. I picked it up and felt that it was moving; when I looked at it I knew that it was a fairy godmother,” Maldonado told EFE.

The tale of Maldonado’s discovery has run like wildfire through the area and his home is now besieged by the curious, some of whom wait for up to an hour to enter.

What Maldonado shows the paying public is a small container filled with formaldehyde containing a humanlike figure about 2 centimeters tall.

To be allowed to examine the “fairy” for a few seconds and take a photograph of it, the curious must make a donation to financially help out Maldonado who recently lost his job.

From the picture I see, the fairy looks fake to me. Now I’m heading down to the beach and probably I will find a mermaid there and charge a small “donation” if you want to come and see it!


  1. Asma: tu lah. entah betul ke tidak

    Jiji :tu lah.. mana lah fairy ni wujud kan

  2. kumbang jingga: memang confirm tipu

  3. Nak tengok jugak kalau betul...:)

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