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Monday, October 10, 2011

Spider woman scales 70ft wall to dodge entrance fee.

Nimble Ma Jei astonished tourists when she scrambled 70ft up a virtually sheer castle wall in eastern China - just to dodge the £2.50 admission fee.
Thrifty Jei - who had no rope or safety equipment - told fellow visitors she'd grown up in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, climbing the walls of Zhonghau Castle since childhood and had never once paid to get in.
But unfortunately her stunt encouraged other visitors to follow her example - with two falling and breaking their legs and three others having to be rescued by police.
'She ran up the wall like a goat and made it look easy. But when people tried it for themselves they saw it wasn't quite as simple as they thought,' explained one tourist.
I bet she has superb rock climbing skills and must be extremely fit to scale a wall. Anyone dare to challenge her? I wouldn't be so stingy and prefers to pay that entrance fee.


  1. gile ke ape...sanggup tu...huhu

  2. gile ke ape...sanggup tu...huhu

  3. ni bukan pasal duit nie..dia buat sbb minat nk nk exercise kot hehehe

  4. perbuatan yg jarang2 dapat dilihat..heheh

  5. Berjimat pun tak yah lah menggadai nyawa mcm ni...gayatnya ! huhu