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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scottish woman woke up with Italian accent.

How would it be if you are a Malay and one day you woke up in a Chinese accent or a you a Chinese with a Indian accent? Foreign Accent Syndrome sounds like the title of the next Will Ferrell movie, but it's actually a real medical condition.

Debbie McCann
 It's why Debbie McCann, of Glasgow, Scotland, woke up with an Italian accent after she suffered a stroke.
"When my voice came back, I sounded Chinese. I couldn't believe it. Now people say I sound more like I'm from Italy, yet I've never been to either of those countries," the 48-year-old grandmother told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.
Foreign Accent Syndrome is so rare, it's known to affect just 60 people in the world and usually occurs as a result of a brain injury, stroke or migraine.
McCann said she is embarrassed to speak to people and often gets asked where she's from even though Glasgow is her hometown.
A medical expert told the paper there is no cure for Foreign Accent Syndrome. Sometimes it just disappears; others are afflicted with it for life.


  1. serius meh? x pernah tau pun ujudnye sindrom mcm ni kat dunia nih..huhuhu

  2. Sindrom ni jarang berlaku agaknya...serius 1st time dngar :)